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April 11, 2011 // 5:04 pm - Today Sony's Senior Director of Corporate Communications & Social Media Patrick Seybold has announced a settlement in the GeoHot PS3 hacking case, with the ruling issuing a permanent injunction against George Hotz barring him from hacking or collaborating with efforts to hack any Sony product moving forward.

To quote: Joint Statement

Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) and George Hotz (Hotz) today announced the settlement of the lawsuit filed by SCEA against Hotz in federal court in San Francisco, California. The parties reached an agreement in principle on March 31, 2011. As part of the settlement, Hotz consented to a permanent injunction.

Both parties expressed satisfaction that litigation had been quickly resolved. Sony is glad to put this litigation behind us, said Riley Russell, General Counsel for SCEA. Our motivation for bringing this litigation was to protect our intellectual property and our consumers. We believe this settlement and the permanent injunction achieve this goal.

It was never my intention to cause any users trouble or to make piracy easier, said Hotz, Im happy to have the litigation behind me. Hotz was not involved in the recent attacks on Sonys internet services and websites.

In the action, SCEA accused Hotz of violating federal law by posting online information about the security system in the PlayStation 3 videogame console and software that SCEA claimed could be used to circumvent the security system in the console and allow the playing of pirated videogames. Hotz denies any wrongdoing on his part. Hotzs motion to dismiss for lack of personal jurisdiction was still pending before the federal court in San Francisco but a preliminary injunction was issued requiring Hotz to take down the postings challenged by SCEA.

We want our consumers to be able to enjoy our devices and products in a safe and fun environment and we want to protect the hard work of the talented engineers, artists, musicians and game designers who make PlayStation games and support the PlayStation Network, added Russell. We appreciate Mr. Hotzs willingness to address the legal issues involved in this case and work with us to quickly bring this matter to an early resolution.

From the PDF file: IT IS HEREBY ORDERED AND ADJUDGED by consent of the Parties that Hotz, whether as an individual or as a principal, officer, director or employee of any business entity, and his agents, servants, employees, distributors, suppliers, representatives and all other persons or entities acting in concert or participation with Hotz who receive notice of this Judgment, shall be and hereby are permanently enjoined and restrained from:

A. Engaging in any unauthorized access to any SONY PRODUCT under the law;

B. Engaging in any unauthorized access to any SONY PRODUCT under the terms of any SCEA or SCEA AFFILIATES license agreement or terms of use applicable to that SONY PRODUCT, whether or not Hotz has accepted such agreement or terms of use, including without limitation:

(i) reverse engineering, decompiling, or disassembling any portion of the

Sony Product;

(ii) using any tools to bypass, disable, or circumvent any encryption, security, or authentication mechanism in the Sony Product;

(iii) using any hardware or softare to cause the Sony Product to accept or use unauthorized, illegal or pirated softare or hardware; and

(iv) exploiting any Sony Product to design, develop, update or distribute unauthorized softare or hardware for use with the Sony Product.

Sony Announces Settlement in GeoHot PS3 Hacking Case

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#27 - PS4 News - April 16, 2011 // 1:09 am
PS4 News's Avatar
At least GeoHot kept his word and sent the remainder of what was given to him to the EFF:

As promised, all left over legal defense money, plus a little to bump it to a nice number, has been sent to the EFF. Thank you all so much for your support, without it, things could have been much worse.

This money goes to the EFF in hopes that America can one day again be a shining example of freedom, free of the DMCA and ACTA, and that private interest will never trump the ideas laid out in the constitution of privacy, ownership, and free speech.

At the end of the day, something I take comfort in. The PS3 got OWNED.
"Once the code works they'll never be able to take it away from us."

Will you be continuing your work on Sony products anonymously?
Nah. As much as I don't respect the goons at Sony, I do respect the court.

Will future research on Sony products be chilled?
Nah. If you piss them off enough for them to pull out the legal team and their million dollar checkbook, worst thing that happens is you have to super swear to never do it again.

Will Sony do a better job with security next time?
LOL, I think they'll do a lot worse. It wouldn't surprise me if the people who did PS3 security were fired. And I'm curious as to who Sony is hiring for NGP security. Lawyers? Get the code to sign a contract that it won't have exploits? You shouldn't piss off the community of people who are actually talented at this stuff. Hell, maybe you even pissed off your engineering employees enough to leave some nice backdoors?

#26 - NTA - April 12, 2011 // 3:51 pm
NTA's Avatar
Well when it comes down the life things don't go as planned lol, hope to find out what the settlement was though.

Famed Playstation 3 hacker Geohot may have settled his outstanding legal issues with Sony, but cyber activists associated with Anonymous remain unimpressed with the deal.

Nevertheless, the group recently decided to halt all DDoS attacks against the Japanese-based corporation, as the impact of such an operation has apparently "surpassed" its peak.

Anonymous unimpressed by Geohot settlement"In the eyes of the law, this case is over. We disagree. We believe Sony's actions in this case are unjust. We do not agree with Sony forcing social media sites like Youtube to hand over the IP addresses of people who viewed GeoHots videos. We view this as a severe violation of privacy rights," Anonymous explained in a communiqué.

"We disagree with Sony forcefully gathering personal information from other companies like PayPal. We find it unacceptable that Sony is even permitted to request this information in the first place. These acts are completely disrespectful and unforgivable."

According to Anonymous, Sony's actions have "far-reaching" implications for every individual who has purchased a piece of equipment - regardless of the manufacturer.

"The current solution will only embolden other greedy corporations to employ similar unfair tactics, so it is necessary to continue our protest to make our voices heard.

"Where the judicial system has failed, Anonymous will persevere, by standing up for the rights of everyone, not just those who dared to challenge these corporations. Geohots' belief was in the freedom of information dissemination. We will stand with him."

As such, Anonymous has designated April 16th as a day to protest against Sony "in the streets."

"We encourage anyone who is able to come to a nearby Sony Store to support the cause, even if you are not usually involved with Anonymous. This is not just about Anonymous - this is about your rights.

"If you wish to attend, be sure to check on your local laws and regulations regarding hiding your face during protests and, if allowed, cover your face, whether it is the usual Guy Fawkes masks or some other form of facial covering. Let us show Sony that all information is free and that we own the things we buy, now and forever. "


#25 - mrgreaper - April 12, 2011 // 2:06 pm
mrgreaper's Avatar
what a sell out, Geohots vowed he would never cave in to sony, asked for money to his legal fund to be able to fight sony, recieved a shed load (even i gave a tenner) and then he bends over.

his surrender has set a serously bad precedent and the right to use our property how we wish (you don't rent a ps3 you buy it) has been seriously put at risk. SHAME ON YOU GEOHOT SHAME!

#24 - mindfreak - April 12, 2011 // 10:09 am
mindfreak's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Wolverin0 View Post
i truly can't understand people HATING TO DEATH Sony because they "secure" or "protect" their interests.. "sony boycot" page, seriously, get a life, or at least something to do.

Well, this is how it goes. My console bought with my money. Sony can only do as much as cut off psn. I can mod this device in usb slots, hack it, break it or do whatever i want. And this is called customer's rights. And George Hotz was fighting and will be fighting for the rights.

#23 - FireLion - April 12, 2011 // 8:33 am
FireLion's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by beansta View Post
wait a min... i thought SCEA didn't exist anymore? isn't it SNEA now?


Why do you think they changed it in the first place? OtherOS = Sony COMPUTER Entertainment of America. PSN = Sony NETWORK Entertainment of America. Sony switched their legal attack around to screw geohot; badly too. Corporations ALWAYS get away; always. Look at BP...

#22 - Wolverin0 - April 12, 2011 // 8:16 am
Wolverin0's Avatar
i truly can't understand people HATING TO DEATH Sony because they "secure" or "protect" their interests.. "sony boycot" page, seriously, get a life, or at least something to do.

#21 - xrayglasses - April 12, 2011 // 4:20 am
xrayglasses's Avatar
I don't think most realize that the ones with the actual skills/talent needed for PS3 3.56+ hacking are neither working on it nor plan to in the future.

How people conjure up the idea that everyone is 'going back to work' when all the real talents are working on other projects now and boycotting anything SCE is beyond me..

#20 - elser1 - April 11, 2011 // 11:58 pm
elser1's Avatar
sony must have wasted a lot of money on this so i'm glad of that..

#19 - jarvis - April 11, 2011 // 10:51 pm
jarvis's Avatar
I don't blame Geohot for settling. A lot of people talk the big talk but if a corporation like Sony with endless amounts of money that can bend the law to their liking (they already paid for the laws in existence) came after you then you would want to settle also. He made an important contribution to the community and doesn't have anything to gain by financially bankrupting himself to prove his innocence.

It would have been nice to have set a legal precedence, but common folk like you and me cannot afford justice in this country (U.S.) anymore. If (and its a big if, since money always wins in this broken legal system) Sony lost this case, it would be extremely detrimental to them and they probably didn't want to take the chance.

The only way we could ever seek true justice would be for a massive Sony boycott, and American's are lazy and content with the way things are and would never follow through. Only when the well runs dry will Sony be forced to change their business practices.

#18 - boarder1042 - April 11, 2011 // 10:18 pm
boarder1042's Avatar
As far as im concerned everything leading to this settlement is complete speculation... i've gotta throw my 2 cents in though. Geohot was on the winning side until that gamertag was found... Maybe there was a connection who knows.

Needless to say there will be a lot of people disappointed about the outcome of this. If this does happen again with someone else, i'm sure this case will be a referance. It's a gloomy day for cfw users.