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October 12, 2010 // 8:46 pm - Quite some time ago CJPC shared a video of SN Systems ProDG debugger for PlayStation 3 in action, and today version has leaked via IRC.

Download: ProDG for PlayStation 3 v310.3.0

The file weighs in at 39.5 MB (41,482,460 bytes), and below are some details from the official site (linked above) for those interested.

The Debugger for PlayStation 3 is an evolution of the SN Systems Debugger which is in use on current generation consoles. The Debugger allows you to view source code, disassembly, memory, registers, variables, processes/threads, TTY and the call stack.

A split-pane system allows unlimited configuration of pane layout. Projects allow persistence of settings specific to each ELF. The Debugger provides comprehensive support for PPU and SPU registers, memory, instructions and opcodes.

The Debugger includes the following features:

• Full support for the processor
Debugging multi-thread PPU applications
Debugging multiple SPU threads simultaneously
Dynamic SPU code loading schemes
Auto synchronization of SPU views as threads are created

• Process view
The process view lists all processes and threads that have been created on the target
Processes are shown at the root of a tree and each process shows one or more PPU threads and SPU threads/groups

• Improved Windowing system
Views can be docked/split/tabbed and locked/unlocked from the MDI for true multi-monitor support
Fully customizable menus, toolbars and keyboard shortcuts

• Improvements to the following views
Call stack

• Additional features
Workspace pane provides simplified project navigation through project, file and function views
Support for conditional and counted breakpoints
Mixed mode source/disassembly pane
Pop-up expression evaluator
Drag and drop between panes
User configurable pane layout, fonts and colors

SN Systems ProDG Debugger for PlayStation 3 v310.3.0 Leaked

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#14 - DeViL303 - October 13, 2010 // 11:46 pm
DeViL303's Avatar
I get the feeling there is more to come from the recent 3.41 sdk leak, This is probably another part of it as lots of files in it are same version number as this, probably more to come from the same source somehow. hopefully!

#13 - pasky - October 13, 2010 // 7:43 pm
pasky's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by mat989 View Post
still waiting for debug 3.41 dev_flash leak, then _we might be able_ to use this utility, great debugger btw...

Even then, it won't open port 1000 for the debugger to connect to if you use the usb loader, some modules present on debug firmware don't get loaded. Already been tried...

#12 - sonycantstopus - October 13, 2010 // 6:57 pm
sonycantstopus's Avatar
LOL, after that dev ps3 was posted up on ebay (again due to bidders not payin) i was resarching and came across the SN site.

I was like oh i wonder if that will ever get leaked , and sure enough next day it is.

#11 - solrac1974 - October 13, 2010 // 10:36 am
solrac1974's Avatar
Great news, will be a lot useful in the future. PS3 related softwares are leaking everywhere these last days! Thank God!

#10 - mat989 - October 13, 2010 // 6:52 am
mat989's Avatar
still waiting for debug 3.41 dev_flash leak, then _we might be able_ to use this utility, great debugger btw...

#9 - Warrorar - October 13, 2010 // 5:47 am
Warrorar's Avatar
awsome work.

i hope this will help in understanding the process in the system better. lets see what the pro programmers can do with this nice little thing


#8 - twitch - October 13, 2010 // 5:26 am
twitch's Avatar
So who is gonna leak the program for the ps3 now? But good news and 1 more thing for $ony to be pissed about.

#7 - Tatsh2DX - October 13, 2010 // 5:10 am
Tatsh2DX's Avatar
Need a target. I installed it also to integrate with VS but that obviously won't be useful till I can supply a valid target system here.

#6 - CJPC - October 13, 2010 // 4:37 am
CJPC's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by vish24 View Post
So, no use unless you are running debug firmware?

Yeah for now, you can't , unless your running a debug firmware. Even if you are, there locked down by default, so it would take some modding to be able to dump whatever you want.

#5 - vish24 - October 13, 2010 // 4:13 am
vish24's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Tatsh2DX View Post
For right now I'm not sure there is a way to have this talk to our exploited PS3s. Need a debugging app to run an ELF a particular way, probably with a network connection and everything seen the way the debug machine puts it so this debugger can see memory, registers, etc, unless of course, it has such an app.

So, no use unless you are running debug firmware?