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October 4, 2010 // 4:41 pm - Update: Zouzz has now released SmallLoader Configuratatator as an auto PKG creator alternative with more details HERE and a video below.

Download: SmallLoader v0.2 / XMBoot v1.0 / XMBoot v1.1 (PL3 update by n4ru)

To quote, roughly translated, on SmallLoader: "TheTool offers a loader used shortcuts in the XMB to rip up a game in the drive without going through virtual BR open the backup manager or manager.


• Edit file game.ini located in the folder PS3_GAME/USRDIR:
• In the path variable, specify the path of your games (Ex: path = / dev_usb000/gamez/BLES12345). You can also delete the line path, smallLoader use the GAME folder which is in USRDIR (just copy your games in that folder).
• In variable autolaunch, enter 1 if you want smallLoader start the game automatically switches to "No AB" and 0 if you want to go back to XMB after the game is installed.
• In the folder PS3_GAME, copy the file ICON0.PNG, PIC1.PNG .....
• Using PS3SFOEdit , edit the file located in PARAM.SFO PS3_GAME
• In "Basic Setting", change the value by that title id you want
• In alt-(default) specify the name of your game
• Click on save and overwrite the old file PARAM.SFO
• Open the file has smallloader.conf using notepad for example.
• In line Product_ID, replace BLES12345 by title id values you have filled in the file PARAM.SFO
• You can save and close this file.
• Now you can generate the PKG file using the command "make_package_npdrm smallloader.conf PS3_GAME /" (without the quotes and the command prompt windows).

v0.2 changelog:

• Added fix for the problem of controller.. to enable or disable it, change the line 'fix =' in file game.ini (untested, with no games involved in this problem)
• Added a function to restore the normal functioning of BR player, just run the shortcut by pressing the button [].

Note: Sources are also included in the archive.

Finally, from the XMBoot ReadMe file, to quote:

XMBoot is a stripped down backup app which will allow you to create the equivalent of a 360 QuickBoot container. This allows you to create a custom entry on your XMB with the original audio/video from your backup with which you can either boot DIRECTLY into your game (if supported), or mount it for launching via XMB.

To load the original XMB video/icon/sound/etc you will need to copy that content out of the /PS3_GAME/ directory of your backup and place it in the subdir of this package prior to compiling.

NOTE: If using the backups original .SFO file you will need to edit it to report itself as HG (Harddisk Game) rather than DG (Disc Game).

If not using the original SFO from a backup, be sure to edit the included SFO to specify your game title.

Also be sure to edit the package.conf and SFO so that your new package has a unique Title ID.

You will need to set three options in the main.ccp file prior to compiling your package:

game_path is the path to the backup you wish to use

ex: /dev_usb000/GAMEZ/BLUS-12345/

The app does NOT scan for usb device #'s, so you will have to hardcode it to the usb slot you use. direct_boot is the option to attempt launching the EBOOT without booting back into XMB. Does not work with all games, but will let you direct boot games on which it does! use_hermes is an option to apply the Hermes F1/SFIV/etc fix at runtime, doesn't work with every game.

Because these options are stored in main.cpp you MUST recompile in order to change your container setup. These options 'could' be moved to be stored in the SFO file instead, which would allow you to simply edit the SFO instead, bypassing any need for an SDK setup.

Greetings to PS3News. Do not support piracy, purchase the games you love. Winners don't use drugs.


SmallLoader and XMBoot - Create PS3 XMB QuickBoot Containers

SmallLoader and XMBoot - Create PS3 XMB QuickBoot Containers

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#43 - IndyColtsFan84 - October 6, 2010 // 8:14 pm
IndyColtsFan84's Avatar
tut on this would be really nice of you, i am very curious about it. I have the SDK setup properly now, so it would be nice to make some use of it.

#42 - cfwprophet - October 6, 2010 // 6:10 pm
cfwprophet's Avatar
Maybe im wrong.Not 100% sure about that.But the payload is a kind of what can be done and what not.

This doesnt mean that it is use able implementet.Like the peek and poke,app_home/ps3_game/,direct boot and the new hermes fix.You need to set up or use a tool to be able to profit from it.So you mean that the payload automaticly dumps the elf's and config?

When does it dump thoes files?To the start up?But how can it dump the game elf without being loaded into the ram?Does it every time dump a elf and permanently overwritte the allready dumped one?

Remember on LV2Dump.Only to have the peek/poke lv1 syscalls doesnt mean that it is dumped every time.

Sry dont have read about the xmb elf: But this is the LV2 not a game's elf !!!

#41 - Maniac2k - October 6, 2010 // 5:32 pm
Maniac2k's Avatar
Are you sure about this? Because as i understand him it already dumps the xmb elf and config files in an unencrypted form.

#40 - cfwprophet - October 6, 2010 // 4:20 pm
cfwprophet's Avatar
Maybe i will try to fully implement the tool into my app.So you dont need to have the whole sdk to be installed on your machine.

About the kakarotos dump_elf payload: This would also need a ELF Dumping HB app for the ps3.The payload itself cant dump files.It only gives the abbility to do. Is there any ELF dumping tool released yet?

#39 - revo75 - October 6, 2010 // 4:20 pm
revo75's Avatar
The easiest way is just to install the sdk and type in the command. The tool saves you from typing in the command and thats about it

#38 - cfwprophet - October 6, 2010 // 4:16 pm
cfwprophet's Avatar
You need to change the main.cpp to be able to use the make_package_npdrm tool in the same folder as your makedoit.bat.

But here are some other files described into the main.cpp that would also be need to put in the working dir and change the .cpp.

And additional he then would need to also share the sdk tools too.With this way he dont need to put in sce files.Because you need to have the sdk installed allready.

#37 - atlask2 - October 6, 2010 // 4:09 pm
atlask2's Avatar
Yes it's working with sdk install on your pc. Dont know why when you copy makepkg.exe in folder it doesnt work.
He will patch it on a future release.

#36 - Deviouz - October 6, 2010 // 2:03 pm
Deviouz's Avatar
I tired doing this inside an XP VM, but it doesn't make a .pkg file at all for me..!!

I installed MSYS environment and then added make_package_npdrm.exe to the same folder as the SmallLoaderConfiguratatator.exe, clicked the compile pkg button and it did everything except create a .pkg file.. what could I be doing wrong..?

do I need to have the PS3-SDK-1.92 installed in order for this to work, or can I just copy the make_package_npdrm.exe file into the folder for it to work..?

#35 - Maniac2k - October 6, 2010 // 4:34 am
Maniac2k's Avatar
To accomplish this you need an unencrypted eboot.bin for the game. Then it's possible to replace the path in it. I already converted 2 games to hdd games this way. I could write a short tutorial if you wish.

But you need a debug update for each game, since this is currently the only way to obtain the unencrypted eboot.bin.
This weekend i will give a try to kakarotos dump_elfs payload to see if ot dumps the eboot.bin too.

#34 - IndyColtsFan84 - October 6, 2010 // 2:13 am
IndyColtsFan84's Avatar
Instead of making a pkg with the required files needed for the forwarder, would it be possible to make a pkg of the full game & have it load?

like back when those with dev unit turned full retail games into hdd boot games