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48w ago - Following up on his previous update, today PlayStation 3 homebrew developer Quake of SubZero Dezigns has updated his PS3 homebrew application called Simple PS3Updates to version 1.6 Build 6 with the changes outlined below.

Download: SimplePS3Updates_Installer.exe / SimplePS3Updates.rar / GameDB.rar / SKIN Pack - Simple PS3Updates.exe

To quote via e-mail: After rebuilding my Mini Sub (Media player) and finished, I decided to continue enhancing and debugging Simple PS3Updates. This is what I came up with. I found a lot of bugs maybe some of you might have come across, then again, maybe not.

What's NEW? v1.6.6

  • Fixed: Closing Handle - Unloading of all forms
  • Redid: Importing - Update/ID Game List
    Note: Now handles either PS3Games or PS3Personal with out the settings selection.
  • Added: Game ID Update Check - By file Bytes - Settings - DB
    Note: Grabs the byte size from ID Update(Settings/DB) Url. Compares it with an existing file.
    --If update available - Visible Button
  • Redid: DB Update - Menu
    Note: Grabs the byte size from ID Update(Settings/DB) Url. Compares it with an existing file.
    --If update available - MsgBox confirmation.
  • Fixed: Comma splitters - Auto insert Comma if not present on trailing ends
  • Fixed: Copy to Personal - Games to PS3Games
  • Added: New form: ReNamer - Location: Menu - Listview right click menu - Semi Skinned
  • Added: Double Spaces and Colon options - Settings/UnWanted
  • Added: OLEDragDrop to Fetch button
    Note: Drag and Drop a text url on Fetch button to download. .pkg Supported only!
  • Fixed: Various Download bugs.
  • Added: Menu - Delete Link - Link Search form
  • Redid: ReadValue of Unwanted strings. Before: 255 characters - Now: 1500 characters
  • Fixed: Pre System Version 02.00 XML Lay out.
    Note: Cause - Missing ps3_system_ver in XML
    Known Games: (Heavenly Sword, Assassin's Creed, LOST PLANET: EXTREME CONDITION, etc)

Simple PS3Updates v1.6 Build 6 PS3 Homebrew App Update Arrives

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#66 - HiRo01 - 15w ago
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good job waiting for next step and full launching game

#65 - davidking - 15w ago
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thanks man

#64 - PS4 News - 15w ago
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Following up on his previous release, today PlayStation 3 homebrew developer Quake (aka Quakes69) of SubZero DeZigns has released a PC application dubbed FFXIV Solar Nexus for PS3 and PS4 users with details below.


To quote via e-mail: Hello out there. Do some of you play FFXIV and are on a PS3 or PS4? Tired of writing your progress down for the Nexus Light?

This little handy app will let you keep track of your Nexus light progress. Keep in mind that you the user has to input what

you the user has done and then save the progress. Keep track of multiple Relics.


SubZero DeZigns

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#63 - styx2007 - 22w ago
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hmm, will it work for my intentions....

#62 - 3d1 - 24w ago
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Thanks a lot!

#61 - superdevgirl - 25w ago
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Thank you!

#60 - 777777 - 26w ago
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thanx man

#59 - imhotev - 26w ago
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#58 - Master of disas - 27w ago
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good job.

#57 - skonafid - 28w ago
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