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May 14, 2014 // 8:03 pm - Following up on his previous update, today PlayStation 3 homebrew developer Quake of SubZero Dezigns has updated his PS3 homebrew application called Simple PS3Updates to version 1.6 Build 5 with the changes outlined below.

Download: SimplePS3Updates_Installer.exe / SimplePS3Updates.rar / GameDB.rar / SKIN Pack - Simple PS3Updates.exe / Beta-Mini-Sub-Installer.exe / Mini-Sub-Installer.exe

To quote via e-mail: I decided to go ahead and release the New Simple PS3Updates v1.6 Build #5.

On a un-related Game News: I've been on a conquest to Re-Make my Mini Sub Media player, and spent the last few days stripping (Yahoo Chat (YahElite) integration) and remaking the code.

DL Preview:

With that in mind: This is why I decided to release this build to the public. I hope you like this build. If you do, please show it with Likes, Questions, Bug Reports. I frequently check most sites. If you like it A LOT! Donations (Button in About) are always welcome.

Simple PS3Updates - v1.6 Build 5

  • Added: Auto Name change from Links to PS3Links - Why? Possible expandable Game format (Ps4)
  • Added: Auto Name change from Games to PS3Games - Why? Possible expandable Game format (Ps4)
  • Added: Auto Name change from Personal to PS3Personal - Why? Possible expandable Game format (Ps4)
  • Added: Database Table ReNamer - See Above
    Note: Database Table ReNamer is not needed as for the name change is auto generated
    Note: But, it was added incase one needs it.
  • Added: Compact and Repair ADODB (JetEngine OLEDB) Database - Microsoft Access 2000: 5
  • Redid: Viewing handle for Search/Import/Update - Menu/Button
  • Redid: PS3Link DB search load - Listview loaded with menu options
  • Fixed: A few minor bugs

P.S. If you decide you would like to contribute to this Software in VB6 Code I'm looking for DB to Treeview Code. Contact mail: quake2arena AT


Simple PS3Updates v1.6 Build 5 PS3 Homebrew App Update Arrives

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#96 - FIDOOO999 - December 20, 2015 // 12:17 pm
FIDOOO999's Avatar
Thaks for the good posts and help

#95 - Satomi - December 20, 2015 // 10:38 am
Satomi's Avatar
thank you guys, nice work

absolutely great.. cheers

#94 - samysan - December 18, 2015 // 3:32 pm
samysan's Avatar
That's like one of the most helpful articles i've read so far.

#93 - donatelo27 - December 18, 2015 // 9:12 am
donatelo27's Avatar
good tool admin

#92 - Kudo417 - December 18, 2015 // 8:06 am
Kudo417's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by xXArataDevilXx View Post
Will this help to jailbreak my ps3 ?

No, this will not help you jailbreak your PlayStation 3.

#91 - xXArataDevilXx - December 18, 2015 // 2:05 am
xXArataDevilXx's Avatar
Will this help to jailbreak my ps3 ?

#90 - 41781515 - December 18, 2015 // 1:28 am
41781515's Avatar
good tool..

works good, tool is amazing!

#89 - GeekGuyJC - December 18, 2015 // 12:09 am
GeekGuyJC's Avatar
This a good tool thanks for sharing m8

#88 - lazyolddawg - December 17, 2015 // 11:21 pm
lazyolddawg's Avatar
Thanks for the contribution!

#87 - Madzik7 - December 17, 2015 // 6:58 pm
Madzik7's Avatar
This is perfect! Good job!