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January 31, 2011 // 7:07 pm - Today Hideki has released what he calls Simple PS3 Proxy, a PSN Firmware version bypass application which functions similar to the other PSN bypass methods.

Download: Simple PS3 Proxy

From the ReadMe file: Set on your PS3 a web proxy of (PC IP) port 8080

IE: if the machine you are to be running this proxy on is then put that as the IP and 8080 as the port in the PS3 network configuration for your web proxy.

If 3.56 is still current, just run the app and click start. If 3.60 or later is now out, change the 3.5600 value in required PS3 version to 3.6000 or similar.

As long as the PS3 is correctly configured and this app is running, you will be signed in. This is licensed under version 2 of the GNU public licence, see license.txt for details. Source code is included in the archive in /src

This software may not be sold, this software may not be bundled with things being sold, this software (or any derivative works) may not be distributed without the license and its source.

Please do not cheat in online games, it makes you a lamer and aggravates Sony. Hi to the people of #Amiga, #Atheism, #Pharyngula, #PSGroove etc.

[Hideki] - hideki.adam @ - 31 Jan 2011

Possible errors

On PC:

If you get an error about mswinsck.ocx being missing, either run the proxy app as administrator or copy the included .ocx file (in \ocx) to \windows\system32. (or if you prefer, download and install the microsoft VB6 runtimes which include this required file but also a large number of other not required files...)

MS VB6 Runtime KB article link:

On PS3:

Error 8071053D - You are not running the proxy or the IP/Port are wrong.

Update request - You have not setup the proxy on PS3 side or Sony have worked around this workaround.

Simple PS3 Proxy - PSN Firmware Version Bypass is Released

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#62 - BryanNitro - February 9, 2011 // 2:31 am
BryanNitro's Avatar
yep, doesn't work anymore you are required to update 3.56

#61 - Alucard - February 9, 2011 // 1:46 am
Alucard's Avatar
well it is blocked now, it asks you to update!!

#60 - SplitMethod - February 4, 2011 // 9:35 pm
SplitMethod's Avatar
I agree, I used one of the older Proxies worked like a charm, had an issue with staying signed in, but worth it, as long as I can watch netflix, as per cant with out psn sign in.

#59 - DemonSeed - February 3, 2011 // 12:21 pm
DemonSeed's Avatar
That is fine as long as you understand the limitations that come along with this program. I hope you are aware that this app only lets you connect to the psn network, sync trophies, access the store (downloads may or may not work) and not much else.

By saying, "works just fine for now" I hope you don't mislead others into thinking that it works with games too so I'm not exactly sure what you are disagreeing with because I've stated in my earlier posts what can and can't be done. You can also check the src code itself if you need to know why it does not

#58 - Hyper Shinchan - February 3, 2011 // 12:03 pm
Hyper Shinchan's Avatar
Hi every one, my first post here but I wanted to say that I've to disagree with DemonSeed, this program works just fine for now (unlike the DNS server that I've tried before; I always had problems with DNS servers, maybe it's because of my ISP, it seems that they don't allow me to change server).

I'd suggest you to set static ip addresses inside your network so you won't have to change the settings in the case the IPs are changed (I use DHCP reservation).

#57 - DemonSeed - February 2, 2011 // 9:54 am
DemonSeed's Avatar
Just a reminder, I hope you guys read my earlier post so you don't waste your time.

#56 - tekken57 - February 2, 2011 // 9:42 am
tekken57's Avatar
Cool, going to try this this evening.

#55 - Sjano - February 2, 2011 // 9:41 am
Sjano's Avatar
If it works... it'll be pants creamingly awesome!!

#54 - Gringo - February 2, 2011 // 8:55 am
Gringo's Avatar
Someone have try on 3.15 fw ?

#53 - DemonSeed - February 2, 2011 // 5:58 am
DemonSeed's Avatar
This program functions only by making checks using Instr and Replace for changing certain strings (basically the version number). This alone is not enough, it will only grant PSN network connection. It does not forward additional data properly for it to function (and this is why you get the 80028ED5 error).

The src code is available so anyone can make changes to it easily. Just remember to forward packets to destination and act as middle man (since the app itself is acting as a simple tcp server). Like the user above has shown, there are really more variables that are best used as a comparison for replacing strings which are

[Register or Login to view code]

Of course it will work if you merely change just the version number, but I do recall at some points the firmware version checks also refer to the above (ImageVersion etc) so it may ocassionally fail.

For anyone that is considering to use this, don't bother if you want to play games with it. For now it literally only allows a connection to PSN network and that is all. You cannot use it with any games and perhaps some other services. You should at least be able to sync trophies at best but downloads from PSN store may or may not work. That said, just use one of the other many proxy programs available or the dns method.

You cannot, I repeat, you cannot play games with this online until the author fixes this program. Also all the proxy programs and dns method will all cease to work at the same time, this is normal and always happens. For every minor incremental update proxies are usually fine, sometimes even working for the whole duration between minor incremental updates until a major or mandatory update.

I hope that answers any upcoming questions that need answering. I am certain the author will fix it in time (as he is currently aware of this).