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155w ago - Following up on the Showtime PS3 Media Player 3.6.4 Stable Build comes Showtime PS3 Media Player Testing Build 3.99.23 today from PlayStation 3 developer Andreas Oman with the changes outlined below.

Download: Showtime 3.99.23 g6404f60 PKG / Showtime GH 3.99.23 g6404f60 PKG / Showtime 3.99.23 g6404f60 SELF / GIT

Showtime Mediacenter - Official Testing Build 3.99.23 Changelog:

93fd5b7a Rename downloadcache - .downloadcache
6404f604 autobuild: Fix a typo
15928b98 Fix missing switch
fbb7c586 Fix typo
d6c26e53 deb builds: Set correct arch
badaa974 Fix invalid format again
f5e43f20 Fix invalid format
98280328 Autobuild: Add support for versioned artifacts
eca5d672 ps3: Don't build twice
728949fe More autobuild fixes
7812aacf Add support for building on ubuntu precise
0e2e94b5 Fix incorrect Build-Depends:
3e6b3f1b Add build deps

Showtime PS3 Media Player Testing Build 3.99.23 Update Arrives

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good info

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great job!

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nice updates.

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Thanks a lot

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Thanks brother...

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sweet update

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