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167w ago - Following up on his previous release, this weekend PlayStation 3 homebrew developer Redsquirrel87 has updated Showtime PS3 Media Player Repack to version 3.5.19 with the changes outlined below.

Download: Showtime PS3 Media Player Repack v3.5.19

Showtime PS3 Media Player Repack v3.5.19 Changelog:

  • smb: Add support for domain name in authentication request
  • osx: Fix broken windows button close
  • Drop debug printf
  • spotify: Fix fallout from artist picture revamp
  • osx: Fix application exit bugs
  • Make albumart and artist picture less dependant on
  • htsbuf: Add htsbuf_to_rstr()
  • Fix bug in imageset decoding
  • http-client: Add support for gzip content encoding
  • Add rstr_spn() helper
  • Add datasource to audio item metadata and tables for storing album art, etc
  • Add prop event class
  • Remove unused/broken EVENT enum entry
  • js: Add plugin.onEvent() for handling global events
  • osx: Make Shift+F5 reload data model
  • js: Refactor the event handling code
  • fa_scanner: Make sure fde_stat.fs_mtime is correctly initialized before use
  • metadata: Correctly update stream list
  • rtmp: Fix crash on Lion 64bit
  • Empty commit
  • Bump (c) year
  • Merge pull request #63 from Daisho/master
  • maj lang fr

Showtime PS3 Media Player Repack v3.5.19 Update is Released

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#600 - PS4 News - 12w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
Resume discussion in this new Showtime (now Movian) ongoing thread:

#599 - wayde420 - 13w ago
wayde420's Avatar
If it freezes when you watching a movie, you could try to replace showtime.self. From a different working showtime, find the showtime.self.

Once you got that, go to dev_hdd0/game/bles80608/USRDIR and copy it over the non-working one. Or you could update to habib 4.66.

#598 - Tatuatu - 13w ago
Tatuatu's Avatar
goes well on both

#597 - smiler1983 - 13w ago
smiler1983's Avatar
is rogero or habib best for showtime and navi-x

#596 - hjs3 - 14w ago
hjs3's Avatar
Thanks, this is exactly what I was looking for.

#595 - tonyito - 14w ago
tonyito's Avatar
Best homebrew for ps3!!!

#594 - SnakeMAR - 14w ago
SnakeMAR's Avatar
That's cool, nice homebrew app!

#593 - antantros - 14w ago
antantros's Avatar
Cool! I hope my PS3 ever completely replace XBMC. 1080p, Dolby+DTS must have!

#592 - TORETE - 14w ago
TORETE's Avatar

#591 - ironsax - 15w ago
ironsax's Avatar

thank you very much