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August 23, 2010 // 4:33 pm - Yesterday we reported on news of the first x3JailBreak PS JailBreak PS3 USB ModChip clone, and today it is being labeled as a possible fake with a second clone dubbed the PS3Key Mod surfacing.

Similar to the x3JailBreak site, the Dutch Web site lacks specific details on the alleged clone, so only time will tell if it is legitimate or not.

They do state, however, to quote: "Good news everyone! Our mad scientist has confirmed that getting into the console is as simple as pretending to be a USB hub! It doesn't look like this is going to take any more than a few weeks!"

According to (linked above), x3JailBreak is nothing more than the internals of a generic or branded-clone USB flash drive when compared to PS JailBreak which they say likely utilizes an Alcor AU6984 flash storage controller.

To quote: "Both devices follow a similar layout with a bank of SMT's leading to a crystal oscillator then a flash controller and lastly the SMD (Activity light). On the lower device, the flash memory itself is located on the underside of the PCB, as the many vias present in the PCB around the flash controller indicate.

A similar arrangement of vias are present on the purported x3Jailbreak, leading me to believe that there is actually a flash chip present on the rear of "their PCB" too."

Rumor: x3JailBreak PS JailBreak Clone Fake, PS3Key Mod Arrives

Rumor: x3JailBreak PS JailBreak Clone Fake, PS3Key Mod Arrives

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#85 - Kiriller - August 25, 2010 // 11:53 pm
Kiriller's Avatar
Or they are just stalling to receive their psjb so they can start working on reverse engineering the jig. If i was them i'd at least make some kind of video to show the proof, not send out 10's of jigs around and wait for people to make post videos.

But, this is all speculation, so who knows what's going on.

ps, they could of at least made a blog site, its not that hard, a 10 year old can set one up, instead of creating a website with bunch of pictures and a email entry slot =/

#84 - Yngwiedis - August 25, 2010 // 11:10 pm
Yngwiedis's Avatar
Why you see anyone from PS Jailbreak make a video ?

X3 Jailbreak want others to make the video so they can be more reliable and truthful.

#83 - highcol1911 - August 25, 2010 // 10:55 pm
highcol1911's Avatar
guys doesn't it seem strange that the people who made this x3jailbreak can't make a video of them using it to prove that it does indeed work.

#82 - dondolo - August 25, 2010 // 10:36 pm
dondolo's Avatar
well is technically possible, no matter for the site, we are all talking about them...

#81 - whinis - August 25, 2010 // 10:36 pm
whinis's Avatar
C++ and reverse engineer do not coincide with php java and html. I can programs in c++ and many other languages and make a functional website, however don't make me look good.

#80 - BwE - August 25, 2010 // 10:22 pm
BwE's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Yngwiedis View Post
X3 Jailbreak updated their message about the samples.

they can "make" a jailbreak clone, but they can't make a website... COME ON.

i'm not interested

#79 - Mbb - August 25, 2010 // 6:32 pm
Mbb's Avatar
Hope the news will arrive soon..

#78 - Yngwiedis - August 25, 2010 // 6:21 pm
Yngwiedis's Avatar
X3 Jailbreak updated their message about the samples.

#77 - PSGamer24 - August 25, 2010 // 4:13 pm
PSGamer24's Avatar
I might be getting one.

#76 - Kiriller - August 25, 2010 // 2:43 pm
Kiriller's Avatar
Hey Boss, is there eta on the arrival of the package?