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January 20, 2011 // 2:03 am - Previously we reported on a PSN ban rumor which was followed by speculation on preventing bans, and today Dutch site PS3-Sense (linked above) claims that according to SKFU Sony plans to combat PS3 piracy with Blu-ray disc serial keys.

Similar to what's been done with PC games in the past, when you buy a PS3 or PSN game you'll get a serial key with it which you can use up to 5 times.

This gives Sony a signal that you are authorized to play the game and that you have a legal copy of the game, and the serial key only works with the same Blu-ray disc with the same serial number.

To quote, roughly translated: "From a very reliable source (SKFU) we have heard a striking new feature of the PS3. The feature would be present even at the PlayStation Network but is currently still hidden.

It is a serial system which Sony will soon start working on. Since the root keys are on the street you can see every homebrew tool (including backup management) make it sound like it was made by Sony. This makes it so hard for Sony to detect and block gamers with backup managers.

The idea is that soon every Blu-ray disc, with a unique number, comes with a serial key. These serial keys then work only with the Blu-ray disc with a matching number.

Therefore, if you have bought a game and put it into your PS3 you will enable it using your serial key, and thus a signal to Sony indicates that you are authorized to play the game on your PlayStation 3.

Reportedly, any serial key may be used only five times, as many PlayStation Store downloads. Given the implementation, according to our source has already been done in the PlayStation Network, and three unknown input fields on the PlayStation Network indicates the probability that this system will be introduced is enormous."

Rumor: Sony to Combat PS3 Piracy with Blu-ray Disc Serial Keys

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#79 - ssj33goku - January 20, 2011 // 8:38 pm
ssj33goku's Avatar
this is only a rumor but if it is true... then it's going huge hassle for everyone especially renting a game.

#78 - heartagram62 - January 20, 2011 // 8:16 pm
heartagram62's Avatar
How will this system work if you don't have an internet connection?

#77 - erschr - January 20, 2011 // 7:57 pm
erschr's Avatar
lmao, this can't be 100% true. i work at gamestop, and if it is true, there will be no more used ps3 games to sell. in that case gamestop would probably stop stocking all new ps3 games (just like they've done with pc games) because they cant be traded in because of the cd-key.

#76 - flashpc - January 20, 2011 // 7:12 pm
flashpc's Avatar
True, but keygens would arise, as well as the devs modifying EBOOTs so Sony in the end, would not know what is an original and what is a forgery. Backup Managers trick the PS3 in thinking the original disc is inside what is to say that by modifying a few files that the devs can make the PS3 think is has a certain version of a game which will match a serial created for it.

#75 - tilla - January 20, 2011 // 6:05 pm
tilla's Avatar
This one will never happen. I don't trust 'streetskaterfu' anyway as a legitimate news source.

#74 - System Repairs - January 20, 2011 // 6:03 pm
System Repairs's Avatar
I have bought many games that turned out to be garbage. At least you can test out a game before you buy, because the good games are worth owning.

This can negatively affect rental stores, which look like they're almost a thing of the past with Netflicks and DLC doing well.

Just like the law of physics: For every action Sony takes to prevent, there is always an equal and opposite reaction.

#73 - schma - January 20, 2011 // 5:54 pm
schma's Avatar
Oh well, we have all seen how good this has worked on PC.

Keygenerators will be made and if not then there will be the original keys everywhere...

#72 - metalheavy - January 20, 2011 // 5:42 pm
metalheavy's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by RobotMenace View Post
I personally think this will just make people who have legitimately bought games use pirated copies as it does on the PC.

The key generator's will be flying around like flies on shit.

#71 - RobotMenace - January 20, 2011 // 5:23 pm
RobotMenace's Avatar
I personally think this will just make people who have legitimately bought games use pirated copies as it does on the PC.

#70 - Zentsuken - January 20, 2011 // 5:20 pm
Zentsuken's Avatar
I for one applaud Sony on this one, I'm not sure if they will implement it. But I have bought over 20 new PS3 games in the past three years, and I always felt happy to supporting the devs and Sony because I knew I wasn't getting ripped off as bad as on the 360. Plus PSN being free really helped win me over.

After this whole mumbo jumbo about Sony being able to run copies, I kinda felt a little ticked off. I always wondered why companies didn't fight off piracy this way, sure it doesn't help much like for example on the PC if people only care about single player. But if you have to input a code simply to unlock "multiplayer" or whatever, hey, that's fine with me. Makes you want to support the games even more.

Funny I say this here, hey,. I'm wondering how this will hurt the game rentals/used game sales though. Hmmm...