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December 26, 2010 // 9:20 pm - While we know that PS3 Firmware 3.55 patches the ability to downgrade your PlayStation 3 console, this weekend Dukio reports that brand new 3.50 PS3 Consoles may also not be downgradable as well.

To quote: "Amid reports of new PS3 Slims owners who have no luck in downgrading their PS3 consoles, i would like to warn those people who like to buy a new PS3 console and Jailbreak it by looking at these suggestions below:

1. Beware of pre-installed 3.50 firmwares PS3 Slims, most people have no success in downgrading their console with any methods online on these consoles. The new batch of PS3 slims might have been given some kind of protection in order to prevent it from downgrading to an earlier version of firmware. So, please take note of it.

2. If you still want to buy a stocked 3.50 firmware console or that there are no other version of PS3s available in your area, i suggest buying on earlier CECH models, like CECH-25xx and clearly stay away with CECH-251x! You might also want to check the console with this sticker instead of this. Notice the bold part? dekoslav has confirmed that the bold one can be downgraded."

Guys, be careful before making a PS3 purchase from now-on... now watch a wave of returns to stores, and people postings of Sony blowing e-fuse, or other methods.

Also I've heard that the downgrade process works half way and then it bricks, but you can return it to 3.50... so for now those units can't be downgraded the usual way...

Rumor: New PS3 Slim 3.50 CECH-251x Models Not Downgradable?

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#16 - freeps3 - January 2, 2011 // 7:48 pm
freeps3's Avatar
Does this matter? Soon we will have custom firmware upgrades/downgrades without the usb dongle thanks to Sony's epic signing fail, just don't upgrade past 3.55 to be sure.

#15 - vulcan4d - January 2, 2011 // 9:48 am
vulcan4d's Avatar
I got a CECH-2501 from Costco in Canada that came with 3.50 and after spending the whole daying trying to downgrade it refuses to do so. It was built in October, but no downgrade firmware works tested every single one from 3.15 to 3.40, debug and of course the modified 3.41. The only file it will take is the 3.50 with file1 of course.

I heard rumours there were some that you could not upgrade but this is no rumour, it needs to put on all the news pages as everyone still claims 3.50 is downgradable.

#14 - PS4 News - January 1, 2011 // 2:09 am
PS4 News's Avatar
+Rep for sharing them budhambre.

#13 - budhambre - December 31, 2010 // 11:22 pm
budhambre's Avatar
I just picked up at gamestop a new 160 gig, with 2501, Netflix on front and move on back. It's 3.41.

Here are the pictures.

#12 - atlask2 - December 31, 2010 // 1:35 am
atlask2's Avatar
I think psmove bundle are on 3.42. Try yourself, if it's on 3.50 return the pack to your customer and change it.

#11 - moahmedkamal87 - December 30, 2010 // 12:58 pm
moahmedkamal87's Avatar
do the 320 gb with the move bundle also comes with software version 3.50 pre installed or it comes with 3.42 only pleaze help want to buy a new ps3 and want to jailbreak it but worring about the preinstalled software version number , is there going to be a downgrade for the new model with the cech 251x or it is the end and how much time it will take to jailbreak it?

#10 - FMAranda - December 27, 2010 // 11:54 pm
FMAranda's Avatar
Why don't you format that hdd and install the right fw?

#9 - zefie - December 27, 2010 // 11:53 pm
zefie's Avatar
my dumbass came across an old BC 80gb with 3.15 sitting on it and stupidly upgraded to 3.55 before reading that 3.55 blocked downgrading lol.

#8 - condorstrike - December 27, 2010 // 4:52 pm
condorstrike's Avatar
This might be the worst blow to the PS3 scene so far or ever, it's obvious that Sony has been working on a deterrent; a new board revision since they lately upgrade it every 2 to 6 months and the last one was release last July... Robot Santa has been naughty.

smells like the 360 summer dash update... no watch prices spike up, and people take advantage of those less unfurtate...

#7 - THCIV - December 27, 2010 // 1:43 pm
THCIV's Avatar
how sad what it is? non downgradable ps3's are a good thing, now a 3.42+ jailbreak just became more likely. Also anyone who thinks we will still be using dongles this time next year has no faith in the scene and any other exploit besides the usb stack overflow in 3.41 is still probibly in 3.55