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August 20, 2009 // 6:22 pm - Supposedly on August 18, the Belzar PS3 Modchip BETA 2 has been sent out to 50 testers for final bug testing.

Real or fake I'm not sure, but I'm not willing to sacrifice my PS3 account for a modchip.

To quote: can proudly say we have done what many other have failed to do, we have a fully working direct boot modchip at beta level, being tested right now.

The Belzar PS3 modchip, is the world's first modchip to direct boot Blueray back-ups, and is packed full of other useful features including, multi-region DVD, and Blueray movie playback.

Belzar PS3 Modchip Features:

•Works on all PS3 models
• Works on all PS3 regions (USA, JAP, PAL,)
• Direct Boot of PS3 original, import, and backup (copied) games
• Direct Boot of PS2 original, import, and backup (copied) games
• Supports multi-region Blueray Movie Playback
• Supports multi-region DVD Movie Playback
• No config disc needed - it just works!
• Transparent stealth operation
• Integrates proven belzar Intelligent Code Modifying System
• No awkward USB interface - just insert DVD and play!
• Supportsall upto date titles
• Ultra-low power consumption; does not interfere with normal PS3 operation
• Only 12 wires to solder
• No external PC/laptop needed
• Completely upgradeable firmware, via Belzars usb 2.0 interface

Rumor: Belzar - World's First PS3 Modchip Being Tested?

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#76 - SCE - August 26, 2009 // 12:19 pm
SCE's Avatar
Guess what?

Belzar has completed the beta testing of the ModChip today

Beta testing now complete, we have a fully working PS3 modchip, ready to manufacture

Yeah, I am sure it is ready to manufacture But something is missing...Like.... the chip itself

Ooops.. Look like the big day is tomorrow
Belzar has finished beta testing, we have now sent the info and working chip to our manufacturers, and should be receiving a sample of the final retail product tomorrow, at which time we will take pictures, and place them on our site.

The retail product will come in 2 different versions, the Belzar Modchip, and the Belzar modchip lite, the only difference is that the lite version does not come with the USB interface to upgrade the firmware in the future, although it will come fully functional straight out of the box. Pricing and pictures to be released soon,

Another news from

Infectus have said today that the worlds first modchip is soon to be be released

Yeah but which today?

#75 - CJPC - August 25, 2009 // 4:28 pm
CJPC's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by ultrachez View Post

Yeah, if you read the rest of the thread (its near the start I think), someone found that that video was stolen from another video.

#74 - ultrachez - August 25, 2009 // 4:26 pm
ultrachez's Avatar
did anyone find anything new about this?

found this on youtube.

#73 - ionbladez - August 24, 2009 // 2:37 pm
ionbladez's Avatar
Guys I don't think it's false, but I don't think it's true either.

I LOL'd pretty hard at this though:

Belzar public release delayed, due to a bug that seems to cause the console to crash when using the latest PS3 firmware

The Latest PS3 Firmware..
What version are they running, and what is the latest?

EDIT: oh and this

Maybe this is PHP driven and the PHP script writes random links or ads to the page, but I don't see a change when I refresh.
PHP can run inside an HTML file. Pretty simple stuff guys.

Sorry about it guys but I've been in Japan for a month now and I haven't seen my PS3 (Had to leave it at home because of customs...)

One more month here to go.
Also, For anyone that wants to come.
Seriously and honestly, Japan is trying to be America SOOOOOO BAD.
Plain and simple.
All of our cartoons are either on banners or t-shirts and crap like that.
Also, Most T-shirts have english stuff on them, but the GRAMMAR is TERRIBLE. I give it a -100/10.
And that is putting it mildly.

#72 - walidahmadi - August 23, 2009 // 7:11 pm
walidahmadi's Avatar

This is the ugliest prank I have ever had.

#71 - AKmania - August 23, 2009 // 2:57 pm
AKmania's Avatar
I hope this is true, I think the whole world is waiting for this news for years. Unlike the PS1 & PS2 in PS3 we still got no issue about direct boot mod chip until the slim type was release. So let just pray and wait about they confirm.

#70 - semitope - August 23, 2009 // 2:47 pm
semitope's Avatar
News isnt tied to the site. They can easily have done whatever before creating the site and then post a history of "belzar" and whats happening now. Just saying its not exactly damning.

#69 - Rahimamir786 - August 23, 2009 // 2:25 pm
Rahimamir786's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by semitope View Post
A little explanation on how this proves it is a fake would help... i dont get it

something like this isnt even funny... must have been some depraved fools who played pranks like this before. Not saying its fake, but if it is where is the fun? The site doesnt even have ads so he get ntn..

because the recent news claim to be from july which the site started in August. dont that smell like a scam and stunt??

#68 - ptrci - August 23, 2009 // 12:10 pm
ptrci's Avatar register = 1 Aphril

#67 - moshebe - August 23, 2009 // 6:26 am
moshebe's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Xplic1T View Post
Wow this is still going on lol ...

WTF would name their modchip the BELZAR ? WTF

You need to understand that those of us who still think that there is a chance for this to be true are dying for a ps3 hack and that`s why they are keeping there hopes so high.