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June 15, 2011 // 6:32 pm - Today r04drunner has released a Debian-based Linux for the PlayStation 3 console.

Download: Red Ribbon GNU / Linux for PS3 Release Candidate 2 / Torrent

To quote, roughly translated: This is a release candidate, is a working version but not definitive, as they surely will have functionality not present and if they will be in the final version.

Also, although I have repeatedly tested and verified, certain utilities may not function properly and must be corrected.

Any problems you find will be added to a list at the end of the post and I'll go check all that solved.

This new distribution is based on the well-known Debian and has the following characteristics:


• Core system (Kernel) 6.2.38 with modifications Graf_chokolo. It also includes a specific modification to Asbestos and derivatives with patches of Marks.
• Swap (swap) main memory using the RSX.
• Swap (swap) using a secondary partition on the storage media.
• LXDE as the desktop.
• Blueman Bluetooth as manager. Once started, lets you use the device after you sync, such as a Bluetooth keyboard.
• WICD as network connection manager.
• Pcmanfm as a file manager.
• LXTerminal as a console interface.
• Galculator as a calculator.
• LXMusic as audio file player.
• Leafpad as a simple text editor.
• Xarchiver as manager of archives.
• GPicView as an image viewer.
• MtPaint as a drawing tool.
• ePDFView as PDF file viewer.
• MPlayer media player.
• Samba as a service for sharing files over a network. Lets you transfer files between the PC and the PS3 network using shared folders.
• Xrdp as remote access server for RDP and VNC. Connects to the desktop of the PS3 from the PC using "Remote Desktop Connection" in Windows or VNC client, such as "UltraVNC".
• Remmina as remote access client for RDP and VNC. Connects to the PC from the PS3 if you have enabled "Remote Desktop" in Windows or have a RDP server.
• SSH remote access server console.
• Iceweasel (fork of Firefox) and Internet browser.
• Synaptic package manager and installer in graphical mode.
• Apt and Aptitude as package managers install in console mode.

Today, it is possible to have some of the functionality of the console, either because the loader does not yet provide access to some devices on the PS3, either because they do not yet exist that allow drivers to use them:

• Wireless Network Connection for Slim models. Fat in the models depend if enabled using OtherOS utilities.
• Graphics acceleration. Today I have no knowledge that there are drivers for the RSX.

Operating Modes

The CD has two modes: Direct via LiveCD and installation in support of internal or external storage.


Allows execution directly from the CD provides a fully functional desktop without having an installation.

However, this has a drawback because it involves continually be accessing the CD which has an impact on performance, speed and course, the erosion of the lens.

Thus strongly discouraged if you are making a continued use or if you need to install more programs. Instead it is best to install on a storage medium.

Storage media installation

This procedure will install a copy of the system in the storage media that you specify, which can be:

• Reserved space on the internal hard drive for Sony's original OtherOS.
• Reserved space on the internal hard drive by Other + + of Graf_chokolo or derivatives.
• External USB HDD.
• USB Pen.

It is preferable to use any of the top three and not a USB pen, as the system performance decreases when using the latter.

Once downloaded, unzip it and obtain the CD ISO image.

The MD5 of the ISO image is cd9c55275bb86e517efa99e8197bfe60.

Now we can proceed to burn the ISO image to CD using the method of "Burn CD Image" of your recording software. This method saves the contents of the ISO file on the CD does not serve to save the file as it is within the CD.

After the recording, the CD should appear in multiple folders and files. If only a file name of the file you downloaded is not recorded with the method of "Burn CD Image."

Install internal hard disk or USB storage media

To use this distribution is necessary to have one of these loaders:

• OtherOS Sony.
• + + For Graf_chokolo OtherOS or derivatives.
• Boot-petitboot, which is a derivative of Asbestos with integrated petitboot.

We put the CD into the PS3 and start the loader, after booting from the menu will show the available options:

• Live: normal boot mode. It's to be used with Other and OtherOS + +.
• Live-Asbestos: Mode boot specifically for asbestos and products, including patches and Marcan.

If we use OtherOS or Other + +, select the first and if you use Boot-petitboot, we use the second.

Once we have selected an option and press the Enter key will start the system in live mode.

Before entering the desktop, the window of access by username and password, leave it a few seconds and automatically advance.

When the desktop is loaded, we see that we have two panels:

• Top panel: Where is the "Main Menu" on the left and the clock on the right.
• Bottom panel: Where is the icon "Show Desktop" on the left and the icon of the "Trash" to the right.

If for some reason do not have mouse, we can move through the menu accessed by pressing the Ctrl + Esc and navigating through it with the cursor keys.

If we are to install on a USB cradle, it is likely to be mounted automatically when you start Live, so it will be necessary to remove it before starting the installation. The easiest thing is to not connect it until we go to install, when asked which application to open it with one that said no. This problem the trick for the next version.

On the desktop we have an icon "Install Red Ribbon" to start the installation. There is also an option in Main Menu -> Preferences -> Install Red Ribbon.

This opens a window that displays a message that we will proceed to install the system, says yes.

Now we will tell you where it will install.

In the event that we have a space reserved by Other or Other + + in the internal HDD of the PS3, will ask if you want to use it for installation. If you do not have the space, this message does not go away.

If the message has gone and we've said no, we are asked to select the storage device we use.

If you do not have space reserved and have not connected an external HDD or USB pen, tells us that we can not perform the installation.

If you select the storage device manually or automatically, proceed to create partitions:

• Automatically: This will delete the existing partitions and create partitions by default. This option is recommended.
• Manually: cfdisk will load a program to manually create partitions. This option is only for advanced users.

The creation, modification or removal of partitions never affect the space of Game, is not deleted and backup programs you can have on the internal hard drive.

If you are going to use an external HDD or USB pen, if that will erase data from this external HDD or USB pen, so I advise you to use one that is empty.

We will choose the first option, ie automatically create partitions.
If all goes well, you will see a third option called "Continue". Select it and accept it.

Now we ask about the mount points. Should see two "/" which is the main and "swap" which is the area of ​​trade. Select "Continue" and accept.

Now proceed to format the partitions and when finished, start the installation. When finished, ask the name and password. We can indicate you want or leave the default one.

Now the setup is completed, we will display a message that everything went well and we can restart the system.

When re-launch the loader, we see two new options "Red Ribbon" and "Red Ribbon - Asbestos". As with the live, use the one that best suits us.

Problems encountered

The problems identified have been solucionadosen the current version.

Features to develop in the future

•Support for multiple languages.
•Installing from USB reader for PS3 corrupted.

Red Ribbon GNU / Linux Release Candidate 2 for PS3 Arrives

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#1 - shummyr - June 16, 2011 // 7:49 am
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So far it's looking and working really good