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June 12, 2011 // 7:14 pm - Today PlayStation 3 hackers Cyberskunk and evilsperm have updated to Rebug PS3 3.65 Version Spoofer 2.0 alongside Rebug Update Package 0.1 for Custom Firmware users.

Download: Rebug PS3 3.65 Version Spoofer 2.0 / Rebug PS3 Update Package 0.1

From their site: 3.65 Version Spoofer 2.0



3.65 Version Spoofer 2.0 is much faster and safer to use than the previous version spoofers. It works like the ★ Rebug Selector and backs up your current files before activating the spoof, then auto reboots leaving no room for end-user error.

Press L1+CROSS to INSTALL 3.65 Version Spoof files to your PS3

Press L1+CROSS to ACTIVATE/DEACTIVATE (System will reboot)

Press L1+CIRCLE to UNINSTALL (this will deactivate the spoofer, remove the spoof files from dev_flash and reboot if needed)

Rebug Update Package 0.1


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have installed the so-called Advance Mode Patch you will need to reinstall Rebug 3.55.1 from Recovery Mode first, before using Rebug Update Package 0.1

We decided to make Rebug Update Package 0.1 instead of releasing a new firmware because these are only minor fixes, updates and tweaks and the end result is the same in a much smaller package. This update is for REBUG 3.55.1 ONLY (We will be adding a Rebug 3.41.2 equivalent to this post soon).

Update both the Rebug Selector 1.2 package and the current install with Rebug Selector 1.4

(Larger fonts, faster and easier to use)

Fix the cause of Uncharted 2 and some other games Black Screening

Update the current version spoof files to 3.65

Minor tweak to the paths in Package Manager

Install Rebug_Update_Package_0.1.pkg
Run Rebug Update Package 0.1 from the [Games] menu
Follow the on screen prompts

PS3 will reboot when finished

NOTE: Once the PS3 has rebooted you can delete Rebug Update Package 0.1 from your XMB as it is not needed anymore.

Finally from evilsperm: I will chime in on the issue some of you are having then trying to use the new selector after the update.

This issue is caused by your HDD being corrupt, it has nothing to do with Rebug or any of our apps.

I have had this very same issue where it would not change modes after updating to the new selector, it has nothing to do with the selector itself. If you found out you have an issue going to normal mode or trying to change any of the menus and it just keep putting you in the same mode you are currently do not waste your time trying to figure it out... I have done everything in my power to fix the issue and I only found one solution (I will get into that in a min.)

Now before you go doing anything drastic make sure you backup your xreg you can either do this manually or use the xreg backup tool found at Codename: REBUG Now for the fun part...

1) You will need to pull the hdd out of your PS3 and connect it to your desktop/laptop

2) You will need to fully wipe the partition and format the dive in windows/linux/mac (it doesn't matter what operating system but if your following this post its more then likely your a windows user) This cannot be done on the PS3 itself IE. The recovery menu, so don't waste your time :P

3) Once you have wiped the partition and formatted the drive stick it back in the PS3, It will now show a screen stating your hdd is fuct and will need to reformat it and then install your firmware.

4) Put your flashdrive with Rebug 3.55.1 in the PS3 and start the install.

5) After you have a fresh copy of Rebug on your fresh system you can install Rebug Update Package 0.1 and your menus and modes will now work perfectly.

6) (Optional) If you made a backup of your xreg you can now reinstall it.

Rebug PS3 3.65 Version Spoofer 2.0 and Update Package 0.1 Out

Rebug PS3 3.65 Version Spoofer 2.0 and Update Package 0.1 Out

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#15 - Christianabc - November 19, 2014 // 3:21 pm
Christianabc's Avatar

#14 - gblears - June 24, 2011 // 5:56 pm
gblears's Avatar
hi guys, i need a bit of help please as i am new to all this, i did not know what i am doing. i have jailboken my ps3. it was on FW 3.61 and patched with 3.66.

i am trying to find a CFW I think it is. i am trying to set up a FTP server from my pc to the ps3. please can some one help.

thanks in advance

#13 - daveshooter - June 18, 2011 // 2:06 am
daveshooter's Avatar
Its what the package dose above that bricked his ps3, Its not the package itself or the user, its the way it spoof's the system by renaming rather than replacing I believe, and this sometimes corrupts the drive when you change or un install the spoof or change any settings in your xmb after you have installed the spoof but not done a power down.

A system reset is always a good thing before installing apps like this and one after if you remove it me thinks

#12 - PIERCED6966 - June 17, 2011 // 12:01 am
PIERCED6966's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by DemonSurfer View Post
Be careful though seriously i bricked my PS3 slim 250gig with the 3.60 spoofer.

How ? It's just a install package.

#11 - tigereye - June 14, 2011 // 12:54 am
tigereye's Avatar
it work just fine as it says... why i use this and many other user and why this is good..

simple user like me with kids need software like this ..we sit not all the time with over kids when they are playing games...

its always good to have safety like this.

#10 - daveshooter - June 13, 2011 // 9:10 pm
daveshooter's Avatar
Same as above, but it was my own fault as I did not read the warning posts until it was to late, but I did fix it with an E3 reader.

On another note, I would recommend anyone having a downgrade dongle, just in case you do brick your ps3.

#9 - DemonSurfer - June 13, 2011 // 8:50 pm
DemonSurfer's Avatar
Be careful though seriously i bricked my PS3 slim 250gig with the 3.60 spoofer.

#8 - Ni72ous - June 13, 2011 // 3:19 pm
Ni72ous's Avatar
No, it just helps stop accidental updating.

#7 - ultimatek - June 13, 2011 // 3:01 pm
ultimatek's Avatar
will this enable play games requiring 3.61/3.65 firmware?

#6 - ConsoleDev - June 13, 2011 // 11:57 am
ConsoleDev's Avatar
Not knowing which one you mean, I loaded them both

3.65 Version Spoofer 2.0.rar:
Rebug Update Package 0.1.rar:

I hope I have helped you.