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August 26, 2014 // 6:25 pm - Following the PSNStuff v3.00 open-source final release by Sinsizer, today PlayStation 3 developer jamesst20 released PSNDL v0.1 which he calls the new PSNStuff with some updates for obtaining free PSN games with details below.

Download: PSNDL - / PSNDL - / PSNDL - (Mirror) / PSNDL - / PSNDL - (Mirror) / (Windows Build) / Q_PSN GIT by sguerrini97 / PSNDL_db_v0.3.1.rar / PSNDL_db_v0.3.1_(PeXploit_OFW).rar / PSNDL_db_v0.3.1_(PeXploit_OFW).rar (Mirror) / PSNStuff+_db_v0.3.1_(PeXploit_OFW).rar (80.1 MB) / PSNStuff+_db_v0.3.1.rar (600 KB) / PSNStuff+_PSN_db_v0.3.11_(PeXploit_OFW) (80.7 MB) / PSNStuff+_PS1_db_v0.3.1_(PeXploit_CFW-OFW) (345.8 MB) / by Yutolio / / / / database.rar / / database.rar / / / / by eminem451

This program lets you download the required PSN files along with their corresponding RAPs so the games can be installed and played on PS3 CFW consoles.

To quote: Hi everyone! I am glad I finally came to a stable enough stage to publish my brand new project ! I have decided to take in hand the future of "PSNStuff" which I started from scratch completely in Java instead of C# !

What makes PSNDL better than PSNStuff?

  • Works on every OS! (Only tested in Windows 8.1 64 Bits as today)
  • Multiple downloads at same time!
  • Rename package name to a readable name
  • Requests can be easily validated via a website
  • Nice interface
  • You tell me !

Please, don't be too hard with me, you can't expect PSNDL to be perfectly stable before v1.0! It is currently in Beta Stage!

PS: Database from old PSNStuff will not be compatible with PSNDL! If you leave a db file in same folder as PSNDL, it will read that file instead of fetching it online.

Note: You will need Java 7 or later to be able to run it!

Thanks to:

  • The community for making this huge database
  • Byethost for hosting free the database
  • Somee for hosting the website for validating submitted requests
  • To everyone having worked on previous PSNStuff

PSNDL - v0.2 Changelog:

  • Fix weird success output when submitting requests
  • Better download manager
  • Added offline database in zip
  • Added .rap extension in rap name

PSNDL - v0.3 Changelog:

  • Added column sorting
  • Fix files being saved to wrong directory
  • Corrected few little mistakes

Q_PSN from sguerrini97: I'll build for Linux as soon as I can.

I've updated Q_PSN, now it should offer a better experience.

Linux:!rgp0VIDB!cFyGVeDFcbfK7-ekct7s5mut8dN2IPJ573cPOOs28GY (you'll probably need QT runtime libraries)

The windows executable is quite big because it is static-linked to avoid shipping many DLLs.. eminem451 I'm using a free hosting by the same provider of PSNDL. If you are good with websites I would like an hand with it

From hekel: Nice sguerrini97 I finally got around to playing with this. I had forgotten all about Q_PSN until this thread came up. I tried your i386 binary and ran into an error looking for QT5 libs.. Probably looking in a different place or for a different version than on your system, because I've got qt5.4.0.

Anyway, I didn't give it much thought and decided to just compile it against my system. I'm not a huge fan of QT5 anyway, so I compiled it against QT4 v4.8.6

Here's my binary if anyone wants it:

./Q_PSN_0.2_Linux_QT4: file format elf64-x86-64
architecture: i386:x86-64, flags 0x00000112: Q_PSN_0.2_Linux_QT4.tar.xz

Looks good. It might become my new favorite... Even if it is QT I wish I could like your post twice for using the GPL.

From sguerrini97: New Q_PSN v0.3:

  • Fixed RAP name check in the submission form.

Windows: Q_PSN_0.3_Windows_x86.exe
Linux: Q_PSN_0.3_Linux_x86

Hekel thanks. Did you submit something using your binary? I got something strange in the db even if the submission is working fine from my binaries.. never mind, I think I know what happened

Finally, from Yutolio comes a PSNDL Database v0.3.1 + PeXploit Custom Database followed by v0.3.11 (linked above) with details as follows:

OK guys, here it is. I've spent the last week or so updating the PSNDL database to v0.3.1 with many new games.

Things I've Done:

  • Added new content
  • Cleaned up many duplicate listings and fixed mislabeled and misspelled listings.
  • Labeled games with bad .rap files

Things To Do:

  • Add more content
  • Clean up more listings and descriptions
  • Alphabetize content to be organized on startup

List Of New Content:

[Register or Login to view code]

I've also put together a custom database for use with PeXploit that contains the properly already patched files needed for OFW users to use with the games on the latest compatibility list which I've also been working on this week. Everything is tested and working.

How it works is, when you click the Download RAP button, instead of it writing a .rap file to your computer, it will write a .pkg or .rar file containing a .pkg to your computer. No running around trying to find fixes on file hosts. All fixes needed for games in the compatibility list are obtainable in this custom database.

Latest PeXploit Compatibility List:

[Register or Login to view code]

Things To Do:

  • More cleanup and organization
  • Add more already patched .pkg's for supported games and dlc
  • Add new fixed content for PS1 and Minis

I have finished the PS1 database of fixes that currently contains 233 games and every game that has been released to the scene as of now, that I'm aware of. This database is ready to use for both CFW and OFW users.

No more hunting down files, finding dead links, being locked out of members only download clubs, people trying to charge money for downloads and so on and so forth. All the links to full games and fixes are right here in one handy list.

Please migrate over to using the new PSNStuff+ as PSNDL is no longer supported and won't load these new custom database files.

PSN Custom Database v3.11

I have updated the PSN Custom Database to version 3.11 and included new fixed content for these games as well as updated the /C00 list with two new games.


Life Is Strange - Episode 1: Chrysalis = NPUB31636 / NPEB02197
King Oddball = NPUB31651


Bionic Commando Rearmed - NPHB00034 / NPJB00008
Game Of Thrones Season 1 - Episode 2: The Lost Lords = NPUB31629 / NPEB02183
Star Wars Pinball = NPUB31132 / NPEB01260
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception = NPUA80858 / NPEA00422

A couple more games that I know of that could be available for OFW users using .edat unlock in game directory is:

Snakeball - (available on both US and EU stores as a demo with Team Mode add-on but can't seem to purchase game itself for some reason)

3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures 2 - (No longer sold individually on PSN and can no longer be purchased through in game menu, currently only sold as bundle with dlc on EU store)

Update: From eminem451: PsnStuff+ 3.01 / PsnStuff+ 3.02 (linked above)

Ok, here I go again with PsnStuff. I never give up. After creating a server interface for Q_PSN from sguerrini97 I had this idea, rebuild PsnStuff and make it work like before.

The same server is used for now for PsnStuff+ (my built), and Q_PSN. This way users will have the same updates from these 2 app.

There might be things I'm missing as it's my first time programming in C#. I don't plan to add features for now app side, but I will maintain updates as long as people send submits. I hope you'll like the idea.

Note: Will require .NET framework 4.0. And as we are using free servers, there might be connection problems sometimes, just retry later, you will still have cached db on your computer anyway.

3.03.05 Update Changelog:

I got 32gb ram so I can't say. I updated for custom db (linked above).

C# has it's own memory limits, that's the reason your db did not load. You should find an other way to create these PKGs, imagine the day you have 1000+ games, what will be its size?

3.03.06 Update Changelog:

  • 3.06 working great now with the custom db's.

Now CFW and OFW users will never have to look for fixes ever again!

3.03.07 Update Changelog:

  • Many fixes, include latest database.
  • Users can submit their raps from psnstuff folder.

3.03.08 Update Changelog:

Yutolio, I started to reflect changes from your database to mine. I do it manually to be sure I'm not missing something, I did "A" letter games today, and will do the other later, I noticed more than 1500 differences lol, mostly some '-' you changed to ':'.

I've updated to 03.03.08, included is a x64 version, see above for more infos.

3.03.09 Update Changelog:

I added a x64 version, it offer a lot of advantages:

  • Memory limit increased, useful for OFW database
  • Support for compressed database
  • It will by default download compressed database from server, reducing server load
  • You should use it if you can, normal release should only be used by XP/32 bits Windows users.
  • Users can submit their raps from psnstuff/raps folder, I have a lot of links without their RAPs.

3.03.13 Update Changelog:

  • I hope nothing got broken, I had to redo the design because of a stupid error I did.

3.03.15 Update Changelog:

  • Share RAPs modified, reason: bad server, I have to adapt everytime...
  • Read news tab for more infos

3.03.16 Update Changelog:

  • Bug fixes (thanks Dino05)
  • Share RAPs modified, reason: bad server, I have to adapt everytime...

3.03.18 Update Changelog:

  • Added logs for rif2rap and make_c00_edat tools
  • Windows size lowered
  • Read news tab for more infos

I added a x64 version, it offer a lot of advantages:

  • Memory limit increased, useful for OFW database
  • Support for compressed database
  • It will by default download compressed database from server, reducing server load
  • You should use it if you can, normal release should only be used by XP/32 bits Windows users.
  • Users can submit their raps from psnstuff/raps folder, I have a lot of links without their RAPs.


LoOzers for the original app.
Yutolio for many new database entries
sguerrini97 for his server and his Q_PSN which gave me motivation to do this.
xXx The Darkprogramer xXx for his good advices.

Update #2: From jamesst20: It's coming back !

A full remake of this application is under its why with an up to date library. It will still be written in Java (compatibility with any OS), but will be using JavaFX (instead of swing) and a brand new css (stylesheet) for a better design

The project will be 100% open source, anyone will be free to make pull request. Every requests submitted within the application will be viewable online while it is under validation and once it is validated, it will be updated directly into the database.

Since I am starting from scratch, at the time I am writing this comment, there is only the UI. (I am working right now on features) and you need to register (GIT).

Now it does load the database in the TableView. Now it can download packages. No .rap yet. No search yet.

Update ! PSNDLv2 is under its way ! Part of the website PSNDLv2 is up already !

Another update:

  • Registrations are up !
  • Package submissions is up ! (Need to register & login)
  • [Special members only] Package/submission can be edited/accepted/deleted
  • Website is now useable

Sadly, I am unable to get my website up & working. The errors shown are not error, I guess it's using a too old PHP version. I used to work on 5.5 and it only supports 5.2.

No idea, I got no email, no warning, nothing. The CPanel is empty and the url contains the word 'ban' which I assume is banned. The website was up and working before going to bed yesterday.

New Website partially working ! (No login)

Website finally back fully ! After spending hours trying to figure out why $_SESSION wasn't keeping any information on GoDaddy hosting, I gave up. I called GoDaddy technical support and it was awful. The people you talk to have no knowledge and I ended up asking for a refund.

The website is now running on HostGator and it's amazing so far ! As soon as I have time, rap download will be added. It's the next target.

PSNDL v0.1 by Jamesst20 Arrives, New PSNStuff for Free PSN Games

PSNDL v0.1 by Jamesst20 Arrives, New PSNStuff for Free PSN Games

PSNDL v0.1 by Jamesst20 Arrives, New PSNStuff for Free PSN Games

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#134 - LinearBitxh - June 8, 2015 // 3:00 am
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thanks mate. really appreciate it

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Thanks bro.. finally

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Hello good, thank you for this contribution and this database, we needed it

#130 - zackarious - May 13, 2015 // 5:22 pm
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Request for Lord of the Rings conquest and The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest.

Nice to see The Lord of the Rings: War in the north on here

#129 - vlado355 - May 11, 2015 // 7:30 am
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Hey i am new and i have question.. how i can put any game of those in my ps3 ofw super slim?

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nice one, because i can't search for others thx

#127 - kodark92 - May 2, 2015 // 4:36 pm
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I'm gonna give it a try ! Good luck everybody

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Awesome thanks for the hard work and effort everything i need for the pexploit all right there

#125 - puposvp8574 - April 19, 2015 // 6:34 pm
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this method is for all PS3 with OFW 4.70?