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63w ago - Following up on his previous release, today PlayStation 3 developer Nathan_r32_69 (aka nathanr3269 or Evilnat_PS3SOS) has updated his PSN / SEN Enabler & Disabler to v4.55 version 5.4.2 which allows online access for PS3 CFW users with the changes below.

Download: SEN Enabler v5.4.2 [CEX] [4.55].rar


Improvements v5.4.2

  • Added compatibility with CFWs Cobra 4.55
  • Added ReactPSN compatibility
  • Added Screenshot feature for spoofed CFW
  • Added umount of /dev_rewrite and /dev_habib while hiding CFW
  • Patched to allow unsigned act.dat & rif files on spoofed CFW
  • Added [SEN Enabler Plugin v1.0] for Cobra and PRXLoader
  • Remove history files up to 200 users
  • Improved code

Improvements v5.4.1

  • Fixed bug with last Iris Manager on CFW 4.55

Improvements v5.4.0

  • Added support for CFW 4.55
  • Added option to delete patch files from HDD
  • Updated motherboards revision
  • Updated TargetIDs
  • Fixed minor bugs

PSN / SEN Enabler & Disabler v5.4.2 for 4.55 CEX PS3 CFW Arrives

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#236 - astro1010 - 2d ago
astro1010's Avatar
hope it works

#235 - hackmate - 2d ago
hackmate's Avatar
Thank you very much, does anybody know if this somewhat like psnpatch, because I used that method before and I could not access the PSN store

#234 - AminePs3 - 1w ago
AminePs3's Avatar
Thank you for that update.

#233 - ButterBro - 1w ago
ButterBro's Avatar
Nice app, i just need to jailbreak my ps3

#232 - matrixreaver - 1w ago
matrixreaver's Avatar
My favorite since the beginning.....

#231 - budwhizza - 1w ago
budwhizza's Avatar
thanks for sharing

#230 - PS4 News - 1w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
Following up on his previous revisions, today PlayStation 3 developer Nathan_r32_69 (aka nathanr3269 or Evilnat_PS3SOS) has updated his PSN / SEN Enabler & Disabler to Build v4.70 version 5.8.2 which allows online access for CEX / DEX 4.70 PS3 CFW users with the changes below.

Download: SEN Enabler v5.8.2 [CEX-DEX] [4.70].rar / SEN Enabler v5.8.2 [CEX-DEX] [4.70].rar (Mirror) / SEN Enabler v5.8.2 [CEX-DEX] [4.70].rar (Mirror #2) / SEN Enabler v5.8.2 [CEX-DEX] [4.70].rar (Mirror #3)

Improvements v5.8.2

  • Updated OFW, FULL CFW, APP and PACKAGES modes
  • Updated all menus
  • Menus more fluid than before
  • Random crash on menus seems to be fixed
  • Added progress bar on some tasks
  • Updated Cobra stage data on some CFWs
  • PKG size reduced again (3.84mb > 1.42mb)
  • SEN Plugin updated to v1.6
  • Added patch at startup on SEN Plugin
  • Patch MAC/IDs/Syscalls at startup with flag files
  • Fixed PS button and screen flickering on Title/TitleID task

Thanks to MaMaRe [PSX-PLACE] for add Brazilian/Portuguese language, xllBIGGBOSSllx [YOUTUBE STReeT poRKs], GeopByteSs [TWITTER], RevilingDante [WIISOS], franzes80 [GAMESONIC] and lokuelo [PSX-PLACE] for his help.

In this version all menus are re-coded, will be more fluid and all randomly crashes seems to be fixed now, this seems to be fixed now, zero crashes since i updated it. I wanted to add progress bar on some tasks like Spoof options and Fix hash, finally it's done and now is easy to check if all is fine and to know approximately how much time left to finish.

In older versions, if PS button was pressed will crash the PS3, now if is pressed will exit to XMB at any time, for example if you are enabling PSN/SEN access and PS is pressed will kill all SEN Enabler's process to exit XMB, use this with caution because you can get BSOD/RSOD if you exit when some tasks are working

XMB Modes are updated too, with this PKG's size is reduced from 3.84mb to 1.42mb (From ~70mb since older versions), is tested on all CEX CFWs with good results, on DEX is tested on some CFWs without issues, if you see something please let me know quickly, if you have blackscreen install your CFW from Recovery Mode menu

SEN Plugin now can patch data on startup, to do this you need to put some "flag" files on your USB device with FAT32 format like this:

  • x:\SEN_Enabler\flags\patch_ids_startup [Patches CID and PSID]
  • x:\SEN_Enabler\flags\patch_mac_startup [Patches MAC]
  • x:\SEN_Enabler\flags\patch_syscalls_startup [Deletes history files and hide Syscalls]

Remember SEN Plugin can be installed from SEN Enabler settings menu, you can chose what you want to patch simply putting the flag file on your USB device, will do it when PS3 is starting automatically (all flag files are in RAR).

If text is not displayed in some tasks maybe is because peek/poke/LV1 is disabled. This "flags" method maybe will be replaced in a future release with a newer mode.

For those who doesn't know how to enable SEN access, go to SEN/PSN Options and select Enable SEN/PSN access (pressing button three times in main menu) and not Custom spoof, 9.99 Spoof is not created to go online, so if you are using it DON'T LOG IN ON SEN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES AND NEVER ENABLE PS3'S NETWORK!!

Remember to use Charles Proxy now along with SEN Enabler and block three URLs (you can add more if you want), this software will minimize ban risk, but a ban is not 100% avoided on CFW.

Block all these URLs on Charles or similar:


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#229 - hilongo - 11w ago
hilongo's Avatar
leokim214 I'd say THIS is the latest spoofer for 4.x... not sure what do you mean...

#228 - leokim214 - 12w ago
leokim214's Avatar
thanks a lot.. do I need install latest spoofer for 4.xx ? or only this will be work ?

#227 - hilongo - 12w ago
hilongo's Avatar
Now ... do I spoof or upgrade to new Habib's 4.70 .... ahhh ... choices choices...