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81w ago - Following up on his previous release, today PlayStation 3 developer Nathan_r32_69 (aka nathanr3269 or Evilnat_PS3SOS) has updated his PSN / SEN Enabler & Disabler to version 4.50 v5.2.3 which allows online access for PS3 CFW users with the changes below.

Download: SEN Enabler v5.2.3 [CEX] [4.50].rar (69.71 MB)


Improvements v5.2.3

  • Fixed hyper speed bug
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Universal compatibility with CFW 4.50 (All PS3)
  • Added German language (Thanks to chaos)
  • Fixed bug while enabling/disabling SEN (?)
  • [Requested] Added language selection memory (Will remember what language you choose)

PSN / SEN Enabler & Disabler v5.2.3 for 4.50 CEX PS3 CFW Arrives

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wrong thread for anti ban advice mate

try here:

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thank you

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thank you for the news

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Thanks for the update.

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