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December 30, 2013 // 9:03 pm - Following up on his previous releases, PlayStation 3 homebrew developer KW (via kokotonix) has updated to PSN Patch v2.00 followed by v2.01 and v2.02 for PS3 Custom Firmware, which allows users to temporarily disable their CFW, spoof their Console ID and more as detailed below.

Download: psnpatch / psnpatch / psnpatch

To quote: PSNpatch 2.00 + STEALTH VERSION + COBRA PLUGIN for 4.XX CFW & COBRA 7.0 by KW

[2.02] 30/12/2013

  • Cobra stealth extensions perfectly supports cobra 4.46;
  • Supports any 4.53 habib cobra edition (up to 1.04);
  • Supports cobra version spoofing on 4.46 and future 4.53;
  • Pnspatch plugin updated;
  • Webman plugin included is now the official release (as it also support L3+R3+L2 to unload from memory). thank's Deank;

This should solve all reported issues on 4.46 cobra systems with spoofed version.

To install new plugins and extensions:

1. Install this psnpatch version;
2. From the "plugin management menu", remove everything
3. Reboot
4. Back to the "plugin management menu", install everything;
5. Reboot.


If using webman's dynamic fan control, it is advisable to disable-it or use a manual value (to compensate webman being unloaded from memory), at least for the moment. If someone wants to make tests with dynamic fan control and unloading webman, please post your results.

[2.01] 29/12/2013

  • PSNPatch plugin updated to display message when cfw is disabled (uses deank's webman 1.27 show_msg() code - thank's);
  • webMAN 1.27 special version included (unloads from memory when cfw is disabled);

If previous versions of those plugins are in use, remove and install from psnpatch interface.

[2.00] 28/12/2013

  • PSNpatch cobra plugin updated to delete execution history;
  • PSNPatch plugin unloads istelf from memory after disabling syscalls.
  • PSNPatch plugin safety: disable every plugin and reboot.
  • PSNPATCH plugin waits 20 secs at startup to avoid conflicts with other plugins
  • Optional cobra stealth extensions for a perfect cfw disabling (entire syscall table will be reset to OFW).
  • PSNPatch interface can install and remove: PSNPatch plugin (disable cfw / spoof idps & psid / deletes history / unloads from memory); Cobra stealth extensions; webMAN special edition (unloads from memory with psnpatch); XMB webMAN support (add "my games" and remove "app_home" from XMB)
  • Reviewed support for fan control payloads, but using psnpatch at the same time it is still not recommended (please test and comment);
  • Released as 1 ZIP file with 2 packages: Normal and Stealth
  • Plugin is not distributed separately.
  • Official distribution ONLY in Tortuga Cove !

(Note for cobra advanced users and devs: don't fiddle with the "files" folder contents if you don't know what you're doing);

Functions reviewed and updated:

  • Spoof IDPS & PSID;
  • Process RAP & EDAT;
  • Unlock PSN Demos;


When syscalls are disabled, syscall dependent homebrew and payloads will stop working (namely backup managers and fan controller payloads !!!)

Successfully tested with:

  • 4.46 Rebug REX 4.46.1
  • 4.46 Rogero Cobra 1.00
  • 4.46 Habib Cobra Edition 1.03
  • 4.53 Habib 1.03
  • 4.53 Habib Cobra edition 1.04



This is a small app made by KW and inspired in the works of stoker25 (psidpatch) and user (psnope).

The major objective is to spoof the console Id and disable cfw syscalls extensions in order to make your system more "safe" to go into the psn. (Note that MORE safe doesn't mean IT IS safe!). Additionally, you can also install RAPs and EDATs and unlock psn game demos. Starting from psidpatch simple interface with the functionalities of psnope. New algorithms specially made for CFW disable and valid user account search.

There is also an alternative stealth version disguised as BLJS10018 (NBA2K8 Japanese version). The stealth version and BLJS10018 cannot be installed at the same time !

Major Functions:

  • Spoof IDPS (console ID) *;
  • Spoof PSID *;
  • Disable cfw syscalls (emulates official firmware) *
  • Deletes game launch history (deletes the records of the last games used);
  • Install RAPs and EDATs.
  • Unlock PSN (c00) game demos.

* these actions are temporary until next system reboot. All functions are firmware version independent (4.XX and Cobra 7.0).

How to use:

Just install and run. A simple interface will guide you through. Optionally you can install a prx plugin that runs in the background and do all the "spoofing" and CFw disabling from the xmb by means of a simple shortcut (read below).


You can execute the app directly after install. This will allow you to remove cfw syscalls and delete execution history. Removing syscall will simulate a official firmware version improving protection level against PSN bans. Note that after doing this, some homebrew programs (like multiMAN) will refuse to execute. Just mount the game backup you want BEFORE using PSNPATCH to disable cfw. After CFW is disabled you can play the mounted game backup but cannot mount another one. This "cfw disabling" will only be active until next ps3 reboot.

Press TRIANGLE (3 beeps will inform of the cfw removal success). If there were NO BEEPS it means that the CFW WAS NOT DISABLED!!!

Psnpatch uses 3 complimentary algorithms to improve cfw disabling success rate.


If you want to spoof idps and psid, you need to the edit the PSNPATCH.cfg file
(see example).PSNPATCH will scan locations in the following order:

Press SQUARE just to spoof both idps and psid.


Press CROSS to do a "ALL IN ONE": Spoof idps and psid, disable cfw syscalls and delete execution history. (3 beeps will inform of the success disabling cfw). You can even start psnpatch and keep X pressed until you ear the 3 beeps, bypassing the user interface and back to XMB !


When PSNPATCH starts, it will search for the first valid user account (usually it will be '1', but it can be a different value).
Place RAPs and/or EDATs in the folder configured in PSNPATCH.cfg (usually /dev_usb0/exdata/ in a usb stick placed on the right most ps3 port).

Press L1 - a log will be displayed on-screen listing the processed games by file type

Note 1: Advisable not process more than 20 files at the same time (if you sign more they will not appear in the log).
Note 2: Once the RAPs and EDATs are installed, you can remove them from the USB stick.
Note 3: RAPs and EDATs are installed in one user account but available to all users.
Note 4: RAPs are installed with the current IDPS (original or spoofed) and will only work with that IDPS active!
Note 5: EDATs are IDPS independent


PSNpatch can unlock game demos of c00 type. For each unlocked game there will be created a new EDAT.

Press R1 - A list of unlocked games will be displayed on screen.


If you don't want the user interface, just execute PSNPATCH and keep pressed CROSS or TRIANGLE until 3 beeps and get back to the XMB.


PSNPATCH should be compatible with every 4.XX version. It is independent of the CFW "flavour" (rebug, rogero, habib, steve, etc). Tested with 4.21, 4.25, 4.30, 4.41, 4.46, 4.50 and 4.53. It should be compatible with future firmware releases, as it uses standard syscalls to process the spoofing method. It does the cfw disabling by searching and disabling the known "unofficial”syscalls 6,7,8,9,10,35,36 - and some "others" for Cobra Equal to every 4.X firmware until now. The remaining functions deals with the ps3 file system and are also compatible with every firmware version.


IF you want to be sure psnpatch works in your system:

  • Edit pasnpatch.cfg to define new idps and psid. Put it in the root of a usb stick and place it in the rightmost ps3 usb port.
  • Run psnpatch keeping CROSS pressed until you ear 3 beeps or got back to XMB.
  • If the system beeped, it means that the cfw disabling was successful.
  • You can re-run psnpatch. It should give you an error complaining about cfw syscalls not found and it will display the current idps and psid values.
  • You can also run Multiman, Irismanager or any other syscall-dependent homebrew: they will all complain about an unsupported firmware version


  • Cobra systems are also supported (running in any 4.46 and 4.53 habib cobra editions) with a list of additional functions.
  • If the cobra firmware has the stealth extensions installed, it will use them for improved security (see bellow).
  • In cobra systems there is also an option available to install plugins and add-ons.
  • PSNPatch interface can install and remove:
  • PSNPatch plugin (disable cfw / spoof idps & psid / deletes history / unloads from memory);
  • Cobra stealth extensions;
  • webMAN 1.26 special edition (a re-compiled versions that unloads from memory with psnpatch);
  • XMB webMAN support (add "my games" and remove "app_home" from );
  • PSNPatch plugin can be called with L3+R3+R2;
  • 3 seconds, 3 beeps, and it is done !
  • After disabling syscalls the plugin unloads itself from memory;
  • webMAN special version based on official 1.26 included. It unloads itself from memory with PSNPatch when syscalls are disabled.
  • If you have a previous version of the above plugins, remove using psnpatch interface, and re-install again with psnpatch.
  • After installing the plug-ins, they will stay resident in memory until being unninstall from psnpatch interface.
  • You can remove psnpatch application after installing the plugins !

PSNPATCH plug-in disables CFW, deletes execution history, SPOOFs idps and psid, and removes itself from memory. PRESS L3+R3+R2 in XMB to activate. PRESS L3+TRIANGLE+R2 in XMB - safety options for bad plug-ins: it disables ALL plug-ins (renames boot_plugins.txt) and reboot.

COBRA STEALTH extensions (optional):

I've added 2 opcode extensions for cobra that allows an higher stealth approach - when called, the extensions will remove cobra's syscall table protection, allowing a PERFECT syscall table reconstruction (mimic a OFW one). Use ONLY with your correct cobra version (any 4.46 or habib's 4.53 cobra editions). This change is made at stage2.bin level. As it is VERY sensitive to manipulate both ps3 flash memory and cobra's stage files, psnpatch can do this for you. It was tested toughly many different configurations without any issues. But, again, without any warranties!


Never execute any homebrew WHILE connected to the PSN ! And the safest way to keep being banned is to be offline!!!


PSNpatch condemns piracy! Use PSNpatch only for legally obtained games and content.


PsnPatch comes with absolutely NO WARRANTY. Use-it at your own risk.


  • stoker25 for psidpatch.
  • user for psnope.
  • deank for webMAN and multiMAN.
  • cobra authors for the MOST FANTASTIC firmware add-ons there are.
  • habib for your weeks of HARD WORK in porting cobra to 4.53 !
  • flatz, fail0verflow, snowydev, JuanNadie, EXE.trim.ALL, and all other for EDAT signing algorithms.
  • all others I've not listed: Without you, it would have been impossible !

PSN Patch v2.00 / v2.01 / v2.02 PS3 App by KW for CFW Updated

PlayStation Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and join us at our new site WWW.PSXHAX.COM!

#161 - ilusorius - December 21, 2014 // 4:07 pm
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Thank you for the update.

#160 - Yatten - December 21, 2014 // 3:26 pm
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I will try this

#159 - vibesmaster - December 21, 2014 // 2:04 pm
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Thanks for this useful update

#158 - jetch2 - December 21, 2014 // 12:59 pm
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wow thanx

#157 - chiranjeevi1992 - December 21, 2014 // 12:48 pm
chiranjeevi1992's Avatar
thanks a lot i will try it

#156 - speshady - December 21, 2014 // 12:14 pm
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brill, thanks.

#155 - gstkein - December 21, 2014 // 5:42 am
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nice update

#154 - PS4 News - December 21, 2014 // 4:44 am
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Following up on his previous revision, PlayStation 3 homebrew developer KW (via kokotonix) has updated PSN Patch to v4.66.30 followed by v4.66.32, v4.66.33, v4.66.40, v4.70.02, v4.70.5, v4.70.6, v4.70.07, v2015.7/A, v2015.9/A and v2015.11/A for PS3 Custom Firmware, which allows users to temporarily disable their CFW, spoof their Console ID and more on as detailed below.

Download: psnpatch / psnpatch / psnpatch / psnpatch / psnpatch / psnpatch / psnpatch (Mirror) / psnpatch / psnpatch / psnpatch / psnpatch / psnpatch


[4.66.30] 20/DEZ/2014

  • New "enhanced" cobra mode (stealth extensions are injected at run-time. no need to install or recompile cobra's stage2);
  • Compatible with EVERY known CEX 4.XX cobra and non-cobra firmware;
  • Cobra stealth extensions source code released !
  • Re-enabled the deletion of the community files;
  • Only 1 "beep" is issued when cfw is successfully disabled.
  • Detects rebug invalid configurations;
  • Added a lot of security tests to avoid any sort of "bad" usage;
  • Many many code optimizations and clean-up (smaller eboot.bin and pkg files sizes);
  • PSNpatch plugin updated;
  • webMAN updated to 1.34 (from 19/Dez/2014);
  • docs and faqs updated;


  • You can now safely remove stealth extensions: to do-it use a previous psnpatch version or re-install your firmware version;
  • When installing a new firmware version, psnpatch plugin will assume enhanced cobra mode at boot time;
  • At the moment of this release psnpatch is known to work with every Cobra and non-cobra CEX firmware version from 4.46 up to 4.66 (DEX needs testers);
  • A new psnpatch version should only be needed in case of a future firmware version spoofer;

[4.66.32] 17/JAN/2015

  • Games patcher to version 4.46 extended to support ISO files (*.ISO and *.ISO.0 in /PS3ISO folders).
  • C00 demos unlocking performance improved - it will create license only for demos not yet unlocked.
  • Automatically unlocks ps2classics launcher (if needed) when unlocking C00 demos.
  • Install/remove webman-mod 1.41.XX KW (light edition) for cobra systems and rebug 4.65.2.
  • New version spoofing system, that dynamically patches stage2.bin for the spoofed vsh.self - read detailed docs.
  • 4.46->4.66 and 4.65->4.66 versions spoofings updated accordingly.
  • psnpatch plugin updated (L3+R3+L2 displays the current mounted title_ID and/or the current running CID and DEV_KLIC - this is tech info for the future...).
  • many more code clean-ups and algorithmic improvements.

WARNING: A previous version uninstall is MOSTLY ADVISED before installing this new version.

Note: PS2Classics have just to be installed and psnpatch will create the license.

Special Thanks to aldostools for the idea of ps2classics launcher unlocker and the code portions for ISO PATCHER.

[4.66.33] 14/FEB/2015

  • New "Auto Mode" for PSNPatch plug-in (a);
  • Shortcut L3+R3+L2 displays status (current idps, mounted titleID, running contentID and devklic);
  • "Games Patcher" now patches to version 4.20;
  • When there isn't a valid user account, psnpatch will NOT install RAPS, EDATs, unlock C00 demos or ps2classics (b);
  • Cobra Toolbox in rebug, now works only when in "rebug system mode" (b);
  • Several reviews to the documentation (plug-in & version spoof sections).

(a) To use the new plug-in "auto mode" a very careful read of the documentation should be made. Namely the "psnpatch plug-in" section.

(b) User friendly approach that guides the user to the solution.

Note: It says patch to 4.46 although in the patching stages it does say "patching games to 4.20". It's just a misplaced label in the GUI, but it really patches all the games it finds to version 4.20 !

[4.66.40] 23/FEB/2015

1. New "SECURITY LAYER" for cobra systems with PSNPatch plug-in: PSN access locked at start-up until CFW is disabled. The same applies to Firmware version checks and firmware updates through web.

This is a big security add-on, as the PS3 will return error 80710007 (connection error) and deny PSN connections until the CFW is properly disabled by the PSNPatch plugin. Just wait at boot for the PSNPatch start-up message to appear and confirm it says "PSN connection locked" - now you are safe from wrongfully connect to PSN without previously disabling the CFW syscalls.

2. Don't forget the optional AUTO mode, which can be configured to automatically spoof IDPS at boot time, making your PS3 permanently mimic the new IDPS without even writing into the console flash memory.

3. Version spoofing removed until remade to answer the new PSN server restrictions.

4. PS2 emulator swapping was removed as not needed any more (all 4.66, rebug 4.65, habib 4.66, etc).

5. psnpatch.pkg file size is reduced to only 1 MB ! To benefit from this size reduction, remove and install PSNPatch.

6. Improved compatibility with habib cobra 4.66 internal stealth extensions.

7. Everything, as always, deeply detailed in PSNPATCH documents included with the official distribution available in the proper sendspace links.

[4.70.02] 3/MAR/2015

BIG news for non-cobra cfw !

  • Added auto-boot PLUGINS FOR NON-COBRA CFW !!!
  • New psnpatch plugin updated to fully run in BOTH COBRA and NON-COBRA;
  • Included webman-mod plugin for both cobra and non-cobra modes;
  • "Block PSN Access" now works for BOTH COBRA and NON-COBRA at boot time; (providing the psnpatch plugin is installed - wait for psnpatch welcome message).
  • IDPS auto-spoofing now works for BOTH COBRA and NON-COBRA at boot time; (providing the psnpatch plugin is installed - wait for psnpatch welcome message).
  • Confirmed compatibility with 4.70 CFW (this is just a confirmation as no code changes were needed);

Notes for non-cobra plugins:

1) Non-cobra plugins should be configured in /dev_hdd0/prx_plugins.txt; (psnpatch does this automatically when installing psnpatch or webman plugins);
2) Non-cobra plugins can mount games only in jailbreak format;
3) ISO support for non-cobra is coming
4) When in non-cobra CFW: go to new "TOOLBOX" menu in PSNPatch app to configure plugins;
5) Non-cobra plugins were tested just in 4.70, but it should be compatible with several previous CFW versions;
6) Many failsafe procedures were taken in consideration to install the non-cobra plugin handler. In the event of something going wrong (a broken plugin or an error installing the plugin handler), there are 2 EASY failsafe procedures:

a) Create a "failsafe" file and place it in a folder named "core_flags" in a usb stick in the right usb port of the ps3. This procedure can also be done to disable plugin loading from non-cobra cfw.
b) Re-install the CFW from the Recovery menu.

[4.70.05] 15/MAR/2015

  • psnpatch plugin updated to faster start-up (when locking psn access);
  • non-cobra plugin-manager updated: faster, safer, smaller and firmware independent (4.XX CEX past and future);
  • psnpatch deletes app_home from xmb in cobra but NOT in non-cobra (needed for discless start);
    source code updated.
  • psnpatch pkg file was optimized once again: un-install psnpatch and reinstall new version to benefit from the small size.


It has always been a major objective of psnpatch to be made firmware version independent. This will guarantee that once a new firmware is released, we wouldn't need to wait for KW to release a new psnpatch version as the one already available would be compatible.

Almost everything was made this way: From the CFW disabling, to the IDPS spoofing, passing trough plugin compatibility or rap installs. The plugin manager for non-cobra WAS not YET like this: A payload for every firmware version was needed.

With the new changes NOW included in 4.70.05, PSNPatch will "patch" the payload to the currently running firmware version, hopefully making it "firmware independent" as all the other functions.


Some users asked for a ISO loading in non-cobra. This is not impossible, in fact, loading MAMBA for the job at start-up is easy and works. But, it does not make sense in psnpatch scope:

Plugin loading in non-cobra firmwares opens the door for non-cobra firmwares to load plugins at boot, like psnpatch plugin (for things like auto block psn and disable cfw from XMB) or even a lightweight version of webman to load folder format games.

From here, plugins developers can do whatever they fit appropriate. In my opinion, what is offered for non-cobra is already very nice. When we want ISO, NET loading, PS3MAPI, and whatever more we can get from cobra... we go for cobra.

[4.70.06] 22/MAR/2015

Small "user friendly" update:

  • "Unlock PSN access when disabling CFW" is extended from "plugin-only" to both application and plugin (NOTE a)
  • Several performance improvements;
  • README and FAQ files updated: READ !


a) This will help users having difficulties accessing PSNPatch documentation - where it was explained that the plugin must (should) be used for this.

b) You must read this document BEFORE USING PSNPATCH - no support will be given for questions already covered in this document or in the FAQ list.

[4.70.07] 16/APR/2015

  • New "STEALTH3" extensions for cobra (*);
  • non-cobra plugin installer improved for speed and compatibility;
  • XMB menus handling for WEBMAN removed (webman-mod automatically updates the XMB GAMES menus).
  • Includes Webman-mod 1.41.35-KW lite edition, english language.
  • psnpatch.pkg file is now LESS THAN 1MB !!!!

(*) Cobra syscalls disabling improved to a new level:

  • A payload is installed in a random LV2 syscall, from where it immediatelly disables CFW syscalls (including its own) without any limitation or turnaround.
  • This directly bypasses any cobra syscalls table protections by using direct LV2 access (no poking needed).
  • No need to recompile for each existing or future cobra variant.
  • Independent from cobra, mamba, any other payload and firmware version.
  • It restores syscalls: 6(lv2 peek), 7(lv2 poke), 8(semi-lv1 peek / cobra, mamba, ps3mapi), 9(lv1 poke), 10, 11(full lv1 peek), xx(random psnpatch payload)
  • psnpatch plugin will report "Stealth3 ..." when successfully using this mode.

INFO UPDATE: PSNPatch 4.70.07 is fully compatible with CFW 4.75 ! No need to update PSNPatch.

NOTE that updating 3rd party applications is most advised for major compatibility (like webman / webman-mod).

PSNPatch is not dependent on any webman. It was distributed with a light version just for an easier user experience.

[VERSION 2015.7/A] 01/JULY/2015

  • New version numbering system (year.month/subversion);
  • Added support for mamba plugins management - proper identification and plugin management (mamba_plugins.txt);
  • Included webman 1.42.01 MOD-KW (lite) for cobra/mamba and non-cobra systems;
  • Re-launch of XMB menu add-ons handling into PSNPatch TOOLBOX (for cobra, non-cobra and mamba, not for rebug);
  • Fixed a bug in which PSNPatch may crash with with an empty bootplugins.txt file;
  • Removed superfluous message about "cobra enhanced / cobra extensions" from main menu.
  • Confirmed support for 4.75 CFW - just a confirmation: no changes were made in the source code - psnpatch being full cfw independent

Additional details from kokotonix: 1) VERSION SPOOFING

Version spoofing is more complicated that what it seems at a first glance.

Usually, to spoof the firmware version, we need to replace version specific files and a patched vsh.self of the original firmware version to the new version – previously and manually patched in a PC.

This makes psnpatch to handle all these files from every original firmware version and (at least) the patched (spoofed) files.

An alternative approach would be to connect to PlayStation update site, detect the current version and dynamically unsign vsh.self, patch-it accordingly, and sign it back. This would support spoofing every older firmware versions to any current version (even if not advisable for original firmwares older than 4.70 - keep reading).

(Unfortunately KW doesn’t have the time to investigate and code this in the next couple of months)

Apart of all the “fizzle” around these approaches, when 4.70 was released a new set of protocols and certificates were issued. Meaning that when connecting to psn with a firmware lower than 4.70, even spoofed, is easily detected.

We all know that connecting to the psn with cfw is always a risk. But it must be a calculated risk. We need to be conservative and mitigate risks the most we can.


Currently, psnpatch is fully firmware independent. No hard coding is used for any particular version, everything is dynamically made in order to support any firmware version in run time.

This also includes the “Plug in manager” for non-cobra (and non-mamba) systems). This plug-in manager is not more than a prx-loader patched at install-time to support every currently running firmware version – more details are in the source code included in the official psnpatch distribution.

An approach is planned to do the same with mamba in order to automatically patch-it at install time to work with every firmware version (and webman will also automatically support new firmware version, providing it would run over mamba). Again, and unfortunately, there’s no time to do-it in the next couple of months.

I’m insisting in this “thing” of psnpatch being firmware independent. Why ?

Having the “firmware independent” approach, guarantees that once a new firmware is released psnpatch will immediately support it once a new firmware is released.

(And don’t know if you noticed, but webman is almost firmware version independent providing we use cobra or mamba...)

And even if Rogero and Habib have retired from the scene, there will still be fantastic developers working in new CFW, as Joonie or Alexander (just to name a few).

[VERSION 2015.9/A] 24/SEPTEMBER/2015

Hi all: New psnpatch release 2015.9/A

  • NEW Version spoofer warning: PSNPatch displays the real and the spoofed cfw version in the main menu - a good version spoofer (when one is available) MUST BE invisible to PSNPatch;
  • Added PSNPatch toolbox setup of plugin on-boot auto features (auto-spoof IDPS & IDPS) (*);
  • Improved rebug (lite) detection for proper handling of webman xmb menu icons;
  • Updated included webman-mod (cobra and non-cobra) to version 1.43.04 (lite version) - webman-mod cobra version should be compatible with every cobra versions (past and future);
  • Confirmed support for 4.76 CFW with all the CORE functions - just a confirmation: no changes were made in the source code - PSNPatch continues to be firmware version independent

(*) This could already be done directly in PSNPatch plugin by keeping pressed L3+R3+R2 during boot until the "auto mode" message is displayed, but doing it from the PSNPatch toolbox seems to be easier for some users.


A quick Remember for those who preferred not to read past versions release notes:

  • PSNPatch plugin locks psn access until CFW is disabled.
  • For best protection the plugin should always be installed.
  • The plugin can be installed in cobra and non-cobra systems(for non-cobra use the also included plugin handler).


99% + of the issues and questions placed from users during the past months were already answered in this document and/or the FAQ included in the distribution.

[VERSION 2015.11/A] 31/OCTOBER/2015

  • PSNPatch Interceptor - PSNPatch plugin will detect other tools disabling CFW: will intercept them, do the best cfw disabling, restore psn access, and unloads itself from memory (*)
  • Stealth3 extension extended from cobra and mamba to non-cobra systems.
  • PSN access control was much improved and simplified, yet assuring the best protection.
  • A lot of code clean-up and improvements.

(*) PSNPatch Interceptor was initially made for a seamless integration with webman-mod (for users preferring to use webman-mod shortcuts to disable syscalls), but it should eventually work with any other tools. Read docs for further details.


Note to webMAN MOD users, Use webMAN MOD v1.43.15 and higher to avoid fan control issues.

Finally, from ruroni on How to Add a new ID: You can either use webman:

  • Write the idps on the setup or thru the pc (easy way) if you have connection enable and Webman enable/installed just type in your browser "ip_address_of_ur_ps3/setup.ps3"
  • You will see the section divided by two spaces, put the first half in one and the other in the next.

Or with psnpatch cfg file that's on the dev_hd0/game/psnpatch_folder/usrdir/

  • Copy it (default.cfg) to usb or by ftp to ur pc, then you will see the line to write the idps or psid.
  • Just save and copy to same folder (by usb or ftp).

Its the same way. Never used sen enabler to be honest also, never got banned but have tried the others for testing purposes.

More PlayStation 3 News...

#153 - chiranjeevi1992 - December 20, 2014 // 4:58 pm
chiranjeevi1992's Avatar
I'm using Psn patch v4.6.22 and is freezing after i load the game from multiman i read the readme file in psn patch release folder but no help !!

the other applications like fan controller etc are NOT installed in my ps3 but still its freezing

so here is what i did:

-> i load the game form multiman lets say Tekken tag 2
-> after that opened PSN patch (disabled internet connection already) and it was giving me black screen

help me on this guys

#152 - shtreebun - December 17, 2014 // 7:23 pm
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i wish i'd understand all this.. I just want play games from usb, watch any movie formats and play online. And prefer system to e as close to original as possible. How do i do that?