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August 7, 2010 // 10:53 pm - Update: PSN Download Manager / Booster is now available to download from HERE with the changes detailed HERE.

I have updated PSN Download Manager / Booster to version 3.41, the thread for v3.27 and older is HERE.

PlayStation Download Manager / Booster is an application designed to increase the download speeds of the PlayStation Network, it can install both free and paid content as long as you've paid for it.

In order to create a speed boost, it creates multiple segments which will draw data from the servers using multi-threading, this allows you to achieve the maximum speed of your line; unlike the PS3 which uses only 1 transfer.

Your PC can also be faster at downloading in general due to several factors, including it's connection method, processor speed, RAM and TCP Optimizations.

Download: PSN Download Manager / Booster v3.41 (Automatic Redirect to current version)

Mr. Labigalini - MyDownloader (SOURCE)
3r1c - Proxy Server (SOURCE)
Develio13 - Mashing the Source, and removing bugs / limitations of the original code.

Why has it taken so long to fix the bugs?

The development between 3.27 & 3.41 consisted on an advanced study of the C# programming language considering my knowledge was average and I only had a little understanding of how it worked, and this is why it has taken a much longer period of time to release compared to those before, which only took several hours.

The original code was limited and could only handle up to 2 Gigabytes of data, and relied on 32 Bit Integers, this had to be changed and was difficult; practically a 40% recode and many improvements in other areas.

Example of the applications use:

Downloading a PS3 Demo on a 50 Megabit Fibre-Optic line will not achieve more than 700 - 800 Kilobytes /ps, however using multiple segments you'll achieve the full line speed of around 5 - 6 Megabytes /ps.

Recommended Maximum Segments and Minimum Segment Size:

Maximum Segments = (Line Speed / 256)
Minimum Segment Size = (Line Speed / Maximum Segments) * 100,000

Line Speed is measured in Kilobits which is (Kilobyte / 8)

If any numbers contain a decimal point, then round to the nearest whole

For those who find the above to complex, just use the following:

Max Segments = 20
Min Segment Size = 25000000

Line Speed is 5000 Kilobits (625 Kilobytes) for the above information

[These figures are based on my recent testing]

NOTE: Incorrect settings may reduce the speed, below it's maximum potential.

Changes from 3.27 to 3.41:

• Added support for files larger than 2048MB
• Fixed Options Menu
• Several Performance Enhancements
• Prevention of multiple proxy.exe causing an error (prep.bat)
• Outputs url log for debugging purposes, for those encountering
and error upon file downloads.

Options Menu:

• Schedule Downloads
• Adjust Proxy Settings for downloads (not PS3)
• Change Minimum Segment Size
• Set Maximum of Segments

And many more.

Quick Start Guide:

1. Make sure .NET framework 3.5 or greater is installed.
2. Start PSNDM[Version Number].exe, and extract to current path.
3. Start Internal IP.bat
4. Write down your IP Address
5. Start your Playstation Console
6. Goto Network Settings and select Internet Connection Settings
7. Proceed with Custom Settings until Proxy Server
8. Choose Use and enter your IP Address, and port = 27
9. Save your changes by completing the wizard
10. Start the PSN DM.exe (NOT Proxy.exe)

Developer E-Mail: [email protected] [Only for bugs, spam will have your e-mail barred from my inbox]


Q: When I download files, I get an error about illegal characters in path?
A: E-Mail the Url-Log.txt and time / date of download and a copy of your Country.txt and Char_Illegal.txt, I should be able to identify the issue within 24 hours, if not minutes.

Q: Application won't run because required files are missing?
A: Download the application again, and delete the older version.

Q: When downloading from PSN it says "Please Wait" until error occurs?
A: Once it says "Please Wait" just press Circle and wait until download manager has finished, then download the file from the PSN Again this will take the file from the PC Cache folder instead.

Q: Can I use this for game sharing?
A: Yes, make a copy of the file in the download folder and give this to
your friend / user, then log-in on his / her PS3 with your account and
download the file from the PSN, this will transfer straight from the PC.

Q: Can I install paid content without purchasing it?
A: No, I am unable to implement this and will not being doing so
because I expect Sony would put a stop to this program if it could.
[Only Game Sharing is allowed]

Q: Can this bypass game patches, Playstation Updates?
A: No, this isn't designed for that purpose and will never include bypasses.

Q: Will this install / download to firmwares lower than the latest version?
A: No, it will only work on the latest firmware.

Quick Video of an older version, works the same just had bugs:

PSN Download Manager / Booster v3.41 is Now Available

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#30 - PS4 News - September 4, 2010 // 12:26 am
PS4 News's Avatar
The new version and discussion thread is here:

#29 - Alkan321 - August 29, 2010 // 2:09 pm
Alkan321's Avatar
thanks for this great release.

#28 - Jordandyckes - August 29, 2010 // 1:55 pm
Jordandyckes's Avatar
[QUOTE=x9248;299183]I'm just curious, but why do smaller files (

#27 - Grasshopper - August 28, 2010 // 6:44 pm
Grasshopper's Avatar
I've used a different machine to buy several games. The purchased games and updated firmware is on my Original 80gb PS3, whilst my 60gb PS3 hasn't been updated since 3.15.

Is there anyway to download files (from my psn account which I've already paid for) using this program. Baring in mind, that both PS3's are activated for the same account.

#26 - x9248 - August 26, 2010 // 3:21 am
x9248's Avatar
I'm just curious, but why do smaller files (

#25 - Jordandyckes - August 19, 2010 // 9:19 am
Jordandyckes's Avatar
Hi, I would recommend using a 8GB USB Pen Drive and run the Playstation Download Manager directly from the device.

8GB USB Drive: - £13.99 With free delivery

If the file isn't downloaded via the Playstation Store it isn't activated correctly and may not install; however there is a way to download the file in a different location.

1. Start PSN DM.exe from the USB Drive
2. Start the download from the PSN which will add it to the Download Manager which will save it on the Pen Drive.
3. Right Click the download and choose to pause it.
4. Quit the download manager.
5. Remove the USB Device, and take it to another machine or connection.
6. Start the PSN DM.exe on computer (office) you want to run it from.
7. Right Click the download and choose to resume.
8. Once complete, quit the download manager.
9. Plug it into your home PC, start the PSN DM.exe
10. On PS Store download the file, and it will read it from the USB Drive connected to the PC.

#24 - wandiana - August 19, 2010 // 2:23 am
wandiana's Avatar
Do we really need to login to psn in order to redownload the pkg files? Lets say i normal download after logout to psn.. (at home) Then i pause it at 1%, replaced with completed the same pkg files i download (at office)..

Shud i be able to resume it?

My setup:
internet (modem no router) direct wired to ps3.. my internet connection very slow due to our country internet service provider..

so what used to do is download from my office and go back home..

is this possible...


#23 - Jordandyckes - August 11, 2010 // 10:10 am
Jordandyckes's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by jewfish View Post
How do I get the file to transfer? I have it all set up and finished downloading a demo through the manager. It says to go back to PSN and redownload it and it will transfer, but it's just downloading it again at the normal slow pace.

Hi, Jewfish.

Based on what you've described, sounds like a network speed limitation caused by the way your computer and PS3's are connected to the network.

Is your PC, in the same room as the Playstation console?

If so, I recommend the following as you can achieve 1 Gigabit speeds during the transfer from PC to PS3.

Here's a mini tutorial:

1: Purchase a secondary ethernet adapter for your PC
URL: - £6.25
2. This should be an easy, clip into the motherboard on your PC; no soldering or anything complex required.
3. Purchase a 10M Ethernet Cable
URL: - £1.46

4. Connect your PS3 to the PC using the Ethernet Cable.

Vista / Windows 7:

1. Open the control panel
2. Network & Sharing
3. On right side select Manage Adapters
4. Right Click the device connected to the router (not ps3) and on the advance tab choose, Share this connection.

For XP it should be quite close, however then menus might be called something different.

This will transfer all the PS3 data Direct between the PC & PS3 which is faster than the current connection.


Limited: 20 - 30 Megabits per second. (due to PS3 wireless hardware)


I hope this will help you, and can make a huge difference in network performance in general such as online gaming will be far superior to your current experience.

#22 - jewfish - August 10, 2010 // 10:51 pm
jewfish's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Jordandyckes View Post
This can be used on wireless or wired networks, however depending on the wireless signal quality and type the actually speeds may vary greatly compared to Ethernet (wired).

The program will function the same, no matter how the devices are connected to the network.

How do I get the file to transfer? I have it all set up and finished downloading a demo through the manager. It says to go back to PSN and redownload it and it will transfer, but it's just downloading it again at the normal slow pace.

#21 - Jordandyckes - August 10, 2010 // 9:04 am
Jordandyckes's Avatar
Hi, Phantom1999.

Quote Originally Posted by phantom1999 View Post
can this be used on a ps3 that is wireless via PC?

This can be used on wireless or wired networks, however depending on the wireless signal quality and type the actually speeds may vary greatly compared to Ethernet (wired).

The program will function the same, no matter how the devices are connected to the network.

I hope this answers you question