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June 18, 2011 // 7:03 pm - Today The Anonymous Data Protection Officers have released PSN AnonReg 1.0, which allows PS3 users to anonymously register on PlayStation Network making account creation in other regions simpler and the registration process faster.

Download: PSN AnonReg 1.0 for PS3 / PSN AnonReg 1.0 for PS3 (Mirror)

To quote: This application was written by the intention to disclose security issues in the PlayStation Network. It is meant to be used as private investigation only.

Please keep in mind that European law allows to reverse and analyze protocols and applications by the intention to enhance user security.

The registration will create a valid PlayStation Network account for you.

Unlike the original PSN registration, this application protects you and your personal data.

It strips sensitive information which is normally sent to and saved by the PlayStation Network, like unique console ID's etc.

Be aware, that the PlayStation Network registration has some limitations for the registration.

These are:

1) Your password has to contain at least:

• 8 characters
• 1 upper letter
• 1 lower letter
• 1 number

2) Your nickname does not exist already.

3) Your e-mail is not registered already.

This application will not check if you follow those limitations.

If you do not follow them, the registration will fail!

PSN AnonReg 1.0 for PS3 Arrives - Anonymously Register on PSN

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#18 - daveshooter - June 20, 2011 // 6:16 pm
daveshooter's Avatar
Haha. I'm not in the UK smoking weed tho, I'm using remote desktop, I'm in Amsterdam really.

God what was i doing I did it to this thread as well, or theres a monkey in the works.

#17 - Natepig - June 20, 2011 // 10:13 am
Natepig's Avatar
Lol I was wondering about that post.

#16 - daveshooter - June 20, 2011 // 10:09 am
daveshooter's Avatar
I really need to stop smoking weed over the weekend and not have so many tabs open, and posting in the wrong threads. lol. what a tool I am.

#15 - GrandpaHomer - June 20, 2011 // 7:48 am
GrandpaHomer's Avatar
Still - I see no benefit over creating it direclty on the web - maybe apart of Asian region. Also - using this tool it seems to not ask you for the email / dob / etc. so you'd be unable to recover the lost password and so on ...

#14 - oVERSoLDiER - June 20, 2011 // 6:56 am
oVERSoLDiER's Avatar
This is for creating a new account in an other country fast, to download Demo's which are only available in that country.

#13 - daveshooter - June 20, 2011 // 12:03 am
daveshooter's Avatar
I agree it would be wonderful if there was a 3.60 cfw, but I would only install it if it was created from the ground up from a well trusted developer, myself or a team like rebug, nudge nudge.

I would love to have the skills to create a firmware for myself, so it would change/ modify whatever was needed to make the new file system and system calls once again enable homebrew or the ability to run unsigned code above 3.55 again, and maybe make the mfw masquerade the ps3 firmware version and build, too the current firmware version that was needed for my specific backup, then I would look deeper into how I could make the game/homebrew run unsigned from the hard drive again after maybe modding relevernt files within a leaked sdk.

But to be truthful I would rather try and create an app something like DOSBOX, but this one would be LINUXBOS for my 3.55 one. It doesn't need to run full steam with all the whistles, just a very basic one would be a wonderful start. Anyone someone.

#12 - Natepig - June 19, 2011 // 8:13 pm
Natepig's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by NTA View Post
natepig what about the "It strips sensitive information which is normally sent to and saved by the PlayStation Network, like unique console ID's etc." part?

I think that if you create an account with any information stripped from it, once you try and use it with a legit console, its easy for sony to identify an account that has some fields missing, then ban the console/ip address which tries to connect with that account.

It seems simple to me but perhaps i'm understanding it wrong or perhaps your not.

#11 - leukotic - June 19, 2011 // 6:38 pm
leukotic's Avatar
Game backups. Eventually all the new PS3 games will be using 3.6 keys and Sony will eventually figure out that releasing patches with 3.5 keys is the only way to get around this ATM. Getting a 3.6 CFW would mean a lot less hassle when it comes to backing up games.

#10 - daveshooter - June 19, 2011 // 5:10 pm
daveshooter's Avatar
With respect even if the keys was leaked, there no good to anyone.

And theres everything you need with 3.55 and below, why bother with 3.60?

#9 - ModderFokker - June 19, 2011 // 12:14 pm
ModderFokker's Avatar
PS3 is dead because nobody releases the 3.60 keys ??

Lol.. buy a second ps3.