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August 18, 2010 // 2:55 pm - Update #2: After examining the PSJailBreak Manager .PKG File below, RichDevX determined that it was hardcoded not to boot on Test consoles, and he has now made available a patch for PS3 Debug users who can decrypt the selfs to run PS3 game back-ups with it!

Below (under PS3 Dev Notes) is some more tech info from his findings for those curious, however, please note the PSJailBreak patch above is only for PlayStation 3 Debug users. At this time it would probably be wise NOT to waste your money on this expensive PSJailBreak USB device, as a FREE PS3 scene solution is bound to surface.

Update: CJPC has received confirmation and xorloser has now confirmed that the PSJailBreak runs unsigned code on the PlayStation 3, so it appears this PS3 mod-chip is indeed legitimate!

For those who remember ZPack for PS3, today we have what appears to be a remix of it dubbed PSJailBreak - a PlayStation 3 JailBreak allegedly for Retail and Debug PS3 consoles.

Warning: Before downloading or getting excited, read the "PS3 Dev Notes" section (below) for PS3 Dev comments on this alleged product.

Download: PSJailBreak Backup Manager .PKG File

To quote from their page (linked above) on the PSJailBreak Specifications:

• PS Jailbreak is a USB plug and play solution that installs in seconds, keeping your valid warranty seal in tact.
• Easy to use installer and GUI takes you step by step.
• Compatible with all production models FAT and SLIM. Supports all regions: USA, JAP, PAL and KOREA
• PS Jailbreak disables forced software updates and will never brick your console.
• Supports all games (it does not allow backups of bluray movies , dvd movies , or past consoles games)
• Backup games to your internal hard drive or external hard drive through USB, and boot directly off GUI. Eliminating the need for expensive blueray burners and costly blank media.
• Play backups off your hard drives 2x as fast as off the blueray drive. This eliminates lags and glitches to provide you with smoother game play.
• Open up your console to a new generation of homebrew applications. Load homebrew apps/games off any USB hard drive/flash drive.
• Fully updatable with new features/updates by connecting PS Jailbreak to any computers USB port.

PSJailBreak F.A.Q.:

Q: Is PS Jailbreak easy to install?
A: Yes, it is a plug and play solution. It takes 1 second to fully install, without modifying or opening your console.

Q: Does it permanently modify my console?
A: No of course not, once you unplug it from the usb port it is completely disabled.

Q: How do you install PS Jailbreak?
A: Please consult our downloads page for our instruction manual. We have done our best to make it as thorough as possible to answer all setup and troubleshooting issues.

Q: What is the warranty?
A: PS Jailbreak is sold with a 1 year warranty. All our resellers will take care of warranty issues.

PS3 Dev Notes on PS JailBreak:

Mathieulh: psjailbreak's so called "Backup Manager" (which is pretty much the only thing available to download on their website) is a debug package including a regular fself compiled with the (massively privately leaked) 1.92 sdk, The package itself is generated with Sony's official sdk tool (make_package_npdrm revision 1203 probably from that very same sdk) that makes it illegal to share because I am quite sure psjailbreak staff doesn't have the appropriate license to be using the official Playstation 3 SDK and its tools.

The binary itself seems to use the usual sce apis when it comes to the gui or copying files over. It does run on a debug console and displays a "nicely" done GUI that lets you "backup" your game to the external or usb hdd and "run" them later on.

Needless to say the backups wont "run" as their "backup manager" is just a regular fself running with game privileges and doesn't make use of any exploits that I can think of. Needless to say that if their so called usb dongle is real (which I doubt) it does extensive use of leaked sony's software and keys/certificates.

Ok, I know enough people that have the dongle to confirm that it's real even though I don't have one myself (yet). I believe it to be a USB jig; it's triggered the same way as SCE's official version so they must then use an exploit and do some lv2 patches. It's also likely that they finalize (set recover flag to 0) the console at every boot because you always need to use power + eject.

It also doesn't convert a retail to debug perse, there is no debug menu and no deci3 (debugging) support as far as I know. Also the fact that it only runs on 3.31 suggests that they do memory patches rather than run another kernel on the console. I might be wrong about that though since I don' have one yet myself.

Also the fact that it only runs on 3.41 suggest that they do memory patches rather than run another kernel on the console.

RichDevX: I hope nobody gave them money.. appears to be a 48 pin MCU

NDT: It wasn't actually a locked door, cause i'm sure the hackers cloned the jig module h/w and used it with their sw, so ps3 recognize the usb key like the sony hw itself, it's looks like a troian horse more than a firmware hack.

The problem until now was that no one shared the jig scheme, that's why no one was able to use this "simply" method. Maybe these hackers have really GOOD contacts.

A friend tested the patched manager with his debug and he told me it creates a directory with all the files untouched. Since original files can't work from hdd there must be some other tool that patch the eboot.

By the way it create a directory with the files. The problem is that the game won't start because the eboot is still encrypted, maybe the dongle does somthing on the fly...

By the way if the dongle "transform" a retail PS3 into a debug one then it give it the ability to install debug pkgs, this means it's possible to install homebrew on a retail Ps3 that's awesome!

It could also be that port 1000 could be open just like the debug PS3 so it could communicate with a PC (APP HOME + Target manager and so on).

I forgot to mention that the debug self can't be run from a retail unit (without the dongle at least that convert the retail to debug).

By the way it's impossible to play new games with 1.10 fw cause of the fact new games need an updated firmware because new firmware carry new libraries needed to run the games.

Some games just check the fw version in order to let the user to update (while they use old libraries revision to work) the most games instead use new libraries because the developers used them to create the game, so can't run on older firmwares.

Those with a debug could also share games saved internally. Well, it could be that jb enables port 1000 even on retail, we don't know it yet.

CJPC: Haven't tried it, but it looks like it will copy the game on a Debug PS3 but won't decrypt the executable... so, it's basically a giant "copy dev_bdvd/* hdd0/*" for lack of a better term.

RichDevX PS JailBreak Notes:

• on a debug unit, it'll branch to sys_process_exit
• based on the value that is passed to sub_10B20(true/false)
• if false is passed, it'll exit, else it'll branch to sys_game_process_exitspawn2
• i forced it to branch
• sys_game_process_exitspawn2("/dev_hdd0/game/LAUN12345/GAMEZ/BLUS30011/PS3_GAME/USRDIR/EBOOT.BIN", 0, 0, 0, 0, 0x3E9, 0x70)
• it's stored there
• sub_10B20(false);
• aka it wont boot a game, i'll just exit the process
• they released this app, and hardcoded it so it wouldn't launch an selfs on our test kits only on theirs

PSJailBreak - PlayStation 3 JailBreak for PS3 Consoles Arrives?

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#95 - ignaziomen - August 19, 2010 // 9:18 am
ignaziomen's Avatar
Take a look guys:

#94 - tripellex - August 19, 2010 // 9:12 am
tripellex's Avatar
Y'know, I have an idea. I have like ten bucks sitting in a PayPal account from a while back. If others would join me, I'd be willing to donate it to PS3 News so the Bossman can buy one of his own and see once and for all if this is all legit, and possibly release the files if it truly is just a USB flashdrive with some files on it.

#93 - BwE - August 19, 2010 // 9:11 am
BwE's Avatar
its all up and for sale:
Stock Status: Preorders welcome, stock should be shipped to and arrive around the 27th of August. The date may be 1 or 2 days earlier, or later.

We have a confirmed order with the official team and we will be receiving the worlds first batch (we received the first unit in the world so it makes sense)

#92 - Boojak2 - August 19, 2010 // 9:08 am
Boojak2's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by vejita866 View Post
sorry guys but the videos don't prove anything! the third video show a ps3 that load a kind of loader right?

Dude, OZ ModChips confirmed it to be working. Why would a company that has a good reputation fake it?

#91 - tripellex - August 19, 2010 // 9:06 am
tripellex's Avatar
I'm going to go out on a limb here and speculate that this isn't just a normal USB Flash drive and very well may be a custom dongle, as the LEDs on the video lead me to believe. If I'm not mistaken, didn't someone a while back report they had a JIG in their possession that had been left in a repaired PS3? It's wholly possible to reason then that during that time, someone or a group of someones has been secretly reversing the JIG, and just recently came forward after receiving their shipment from the supplier. As we all know, especially in the PS3 scene, loose lips sink ships, as is evident with Geo's exploit and the ensuing 3.15 Hell brought upon us by Sony.

I'm seriously giving thought to just biting the bullet, and plunking down the scratch once Oz determines their final selling price. It may take months to wait for someone else to RE the dongle itself, mass produce it, then inevitably sell it themselves, a probably a high price, cheap Chinese knockoffs notwithstanding.

As I said, this is purely speculative, but in a way it makes sense. Sorry if a similar post to this suddenly appears above this one. The old one I posted magically disappeared, even after relogging and refreshing. Weird.

#90 - Osirisx - August 19, 2010 // 9:01 am
Osirisx's Avatar
great now i can backup all my official games. but i wonder how long before sony block this "service dongle" from running on retail PS3's

services like gamefly are going to get a sudden influx of subscriptions now

#89 - arakasi55 - August 19, 2010 // 8:59 am
arakasi55's Avatar
Very exciting stuff!

As mentioned above, the console could be a devkit, but i've dealt with Oz mod a number of times before and he runs a very good business with a very good reputation. I strongly doubt that he would stake that reputation and business on something as big as this if it wasn't 100%.

Coupled with a number of reputable scene contributors claiming either first hand experience or confirmation from reputable sources... I'm excited!

#88 - Osirisx - August 19, 2010 // 8:52 am
Osirisx's Avatar
it sure does look legit the way hes getting the ps3 to reconise the usb drive is the same way sony use to make their "SERVICE DONGLE" boot.

every one remember the dumps that were posted when GeoHots exoplit was released? if so you will remember seeing some where in the dump file that a service dongle was listed some where in there. so we do know that sony do have these devices
in their servace centers.

so now we have the files from the official dongle that sony use to put on a normal USB Flash drive by the looks of things,

thank you to who ever manaed to get hold of one and dump out the data on it. if the dongle that sony use also allowed to run unsigned code then.

#87 - OGroteKoning - August 19, 2010 // 8:51 am
OGroteKoning's Avatar
How is this for a conspiracy theory: $ony did some financial calcs with previous history on sales of other consoles. They found it could boost the PS3 sales by two and a half bucket loads of cash. Seeing that they are currently developing the PS4 it could be worth their while to "misplace" a JIG in order for it to be re-engineered and sold all over the world.

It just so happens that the JIG is found in the hands of a couple of people advertising a PSJailbreak. Somehow $ony has an additional bucket of cash as a result of the sale of a USB dongles. $ony fakes a lawsuit and loses against the distributers of such dongle.

In the not so distant future - some unsuspecting person on holiday somewhere in some forsaken place video tapes the scenery when he sees $ony CEO shaking hands with geohot thanking him for the start of the process when he supposedly hacked the PS3 early in 2010 - and a large envelope exchange hands while dev's all over the world fights the big fight to hack the newly released PS4....

#86 - vejita866 - August 19, 2010 // 8:48 am
vejita866's Avatar
sorry guys but the videos don't prove anything! the third video show a ps3 that load a kind of loader right?

but we don't see what kind of ps3 is. It could be a retail one or a debug one... I am very doubtful about.

it is best to keep our feet on the ground and wait for the modchip is for sale and test it.