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August 22, 2010 // 7:11 pm - A few days ago we saw the inside pics of PS JailBreak, and today SKFU (linked above) has posted that PSJailbreak is both detectable and bannable on PSN along with Mathieulh confirming confirming that GeoHot's exploit was used and that PS JailBreak can be easily dumped.

He went on to state: "Actually they used the geohot hack to get code with lv1 privileges running on the console, they then used this to 1. Dump lv1 2. dump the spm syscall table (that's after quite a bit of lv1 reversing to even figure the spm exists) 3. Use the actual spm syscalls to trick the spu into calculating the proper response for the dongle id of their choosing.

Without those steps that all require geohot's hack, they could never have gotten their dongle to successfully identify as a jig and they could never have triggered their hack.

The psjailbreak basically exploits the update manager which is the code that does the dongle auth located inside the spm itself inside lv1.

We don't have the payload it sends though because we don't have a dongle to sniff it from, thus we have yet to know what lv2 patches it does."

RichDevX has also tweeted (HERE, HERE, and HERE) the following: "Using the backup manager on PSN is like walking into a trap. Title: Backup Manager || Title ID: LAUN12345. FYI, dongle IDs can be revoked! Don't be surprised if error 0x8002A227 is returned."

This essentially means Sony may detect those launching the backup manager and sending the following response which suspends the console from PSN: SCE_NP_AUTH_ERROR_CONSOLE_ID_SUSPENDED

Currently PlayStation Network is down for maintenance, although unconfirmed if it is due to Sony implementing PS JailBreak detection.

To quote from SKFU: "While hackers usually had to work very hard to succeed in the videogame scene, now all seems to become a business of corruption and audacity.

A short timeline of the PSJailbreak. How it may have started, succeeded and may go on.


Part 1: Someone (called "the fake hacker" below) came in contact with an employee of a SONY service center. The fake hacker probably used a bit social engeneering until the employee agreed to sell him one of the SONY confidential JIG Sticks used in the service centers to test and repair broken PS3 SKU's.

Part 2: The fake hacker used documentation and software which was leaked by other SONY employees to study the JIG stick. The stick is used to boot a special firmware from itself before the original PS3 firmware starts. The now running system allows to execute debug/fake signed executables which can be created with SONY's official SDK.

Part 3: The fake hacker shared the information with his team members and people who were able to clone the stick. Probably in china as usual.

Part 4: The stick is clonable, so the fake hacker went on and used stolen/leaked software from SONY's official SDK to develope (the only real work he did!) the application known as "backup manager" which is used on the PS3 to dump and start the backups.


Part 5: The fake hacker distributes high illegal clones of the original JIG stick via several online shops including the "backup manager" which is also illegal as it's all created with stolen/leaked software and documentation by SONY.


Part 6: SONY may update the PS3's bootcode to prevent loading the stick. They also could log the "backup manager"'s game ID (LAUN-12345) when people go online. So they could identify who actually uses the illegal JIG clone and ban the affected consoles. This would be an illegal step aswell, but hey; it's SONY."

PSJailbreak is Detectable and Bannable on PSN, Dumped Easily

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#29 - hacked2123 - August 23, 2010 // 7:44 am
hacked2123's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Pretikewl View Post

While I appreciate the urgency for running backups, I've heard almost nothing about any possiblities of homebrew yet. Hb could lead the way to much greater things (including running backups.. just look at the wii).

PS-tWii (Finally)! (pronounce 'PS-tweet' minus the t at the end )
XBMC (Para PS3)
Brute-Force apps with GPU support (and network too )
Dedicated 'offline' PSN server mode? (Just being hopeful)
Ext2/3/4 FS support (maybe not efficiently, but it will be done)
Permanent Custom Firmwares (created from GeoHot's method + homebrew)
Multiple Video out support per title (Borderlands per-say, does scaling dependent on resolution so HDMI would be 720P, component would be 720P, and then resolution would be 2360x720P)

Just got to get an SDK, and a 'boot-stick' and I'll be ready to work on 'em all

#28 - IHM - August 23, 2010 // 6:44 am
IHM's Avatar
This is just like the 360, you are going to need 2 consoles, one untouched for online, and one to play backups, get used to it, its the way it will be for a long time, personally for me, backups are more important, my online 360 has barely been used.

#27 - Mantagtj - August 23, 2010 // 6:28 am
Mantagtj's Avatar
Well I was DEFINATELY gonna get a "OFFLINE" PS3 & one for "ONLINE GAMING", Personally I think this would work on 3.41 until "THE UPDATE" which hopefully we have sorted something out by then, it stops SOFTWARE UPDATES, so an offline PS3 works? but who is saying the game would work with no update?? there are a lot of games you could back up and play until now tho...

So excited lol, cant wait until YOU GUYS get hold of one.

#26 - tripellex - August 23, 2010 // 6:06 am
tripellex's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Karoi View Post

And what about PlayStation 3's system restore/format? That will wipe it doesn't it?

Again, doubtful. The logs would be something Sony would want to keep intact, especially if someone had to repeatedly restore their system and contacted customer support. They'd use the logs to determine if there's a hardware or software fault, etc. I'm sure it keeps track of all HW IDs introduced into the system, in case, say, a Rockband instrument was causing a system conflict.

I'm sure Sony pulls these logs everytime you log into PSN to make sure you aren't using some sort of cheating device while playing, say, Call of Duty, like the old GameSharks or Pro Action Replays. All they'd need to do is compare the device IDs to a know list of allowable/blacklisted devices and bam, insta-ban. It'd look highly suspicious if all of a sudden hundreds of JIGs were suddenly showing up on PSN.

#25 - Karoi - August 23, 2010 // 5:33 am
Karoi's Avatar
When everyone got all excited about the 'JIG', I already thought about PSN and PS Store, and now it seems that the 'JIG' is useless unless you got two PS3's and don't care about playing online with one. (But everyone plays online these days, so...)
Quote Originally Posted by Zhar View Post
thought it was installed in the same manner as a psn game, so you can "triangle" -> delete it?

And what about PlayStation 3's system restore/format? That will wipe it doesn't it?

#24 - chomps268 - August 23, 2010 // 3:54 am
chomps268's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by spark32 View Post
X-Link Kai? (banned X360 users use it all the time)

That'd work... But I enjoy getting trophies

#23 - BwE - August 23, 2010 // 3:52 am
BwE's Avatar
i'm sure theres a way of getting around this.

we used to have no problem stopping updates so i'm sure this wont be a problem either.

#22 - spark32 - August 23, 2010 // 3:36 am
spark32's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by chomps268 View Post
Hopefully we'll be able to salvage online play somehow, while still being able to make use of PS3Jailbreak/CFW/Homebrew.

X-Link Kai? (banned X360 users use it all the time)

#21 - tripellex - August 23, 2010 // 3:26 am
tripellex's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Zhar View Post
thought it was installed in the same manner as a psn game, so you can "triangle" -> delete it?

Doubtful, as the information is still retained in the system log, a file we are (as of yet) unable to edit. I hate to say it, but system makers have done a good job in the past few years in securing their systems. My 360 was a casualty of the mass XBL ban last year, even with stealthed firmware.

#20 - Zhar - August 23, 2010 // 3:15 am
Zhar's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by chomps268 View Post
Nah, you can't delete the manager from what I understand.

thought it was installed in the same manner as a psn game, so you can "triangle" -> delete it?