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PSGroove Modified for PS3 Backups Without a Disc in the Drive!

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231w ago - Today Spanish PS3 developer Hermes at Elotrolado.net (linked above) has shared a modified payload version of PSGroove, which allows users to run PS3 backups without requiring a disc in the PlayStation 3 drive.

Download: PSGroove Hermes Payload Modification

To quote, roughly translated: Taking advantage that I have my AT90USBKEY, I used the disassembly of the payload (made by me), the descriptions in ps3wiki.lan.st and part of AerialX source, with the following objective:

1) Have a damn once the source of the exploit, with amendments, etc, enough is enough for us to pass an array and pulling miles.

2) I used to make some changes, with a very interesting result.

The first thing to tell, is that the payload is loaded into a memory area (700 000) and ends up turning part of your code into an area that is too full. Just add four things we can and in fact, for my change I had to relocate a table with patches (do not think you are having problems in the position you are).

The second is that I managed to enable loading of backups with the amendment introduced AerialX by his side, in order to launch applications from a flash drive (HDD) attached on / dev_usb000 (of the four ports, which is more to the right, in my case). My directly AerialX code did not work and removed much of what makes this load backups.

The fact is that you can put in root folder PS3_GAME with the appropriate structure (see the readme.txt of the package) to launch a EBOOT.BIN selecting the menu "/ app_home/PS3_GAME"

But it is not here: thinking that this could throw the EBOOT.BIN of a game, I thought about making a communication, so that by granting syscall36 (or directly, as I saw it), could "see" the game to launch in "/ apps_home/PS3_GAME" when no disc.

Surprisingly, it works. I do not know if there are games that are problems or not, but I've tried, they all without having to have the disc.

The problem is that the original manager asks you to drive before launching game balls, but the manager does not have to do anything that can run games, except set the path of the game by syscall 36.

In doing so, memory is allocated to a pointer, which is what I use to switch between "/ apps_home/PS3_GAME" to launch an application without installing the console (same in development) or redirect the game to run.

This is a string of code development and here I'll upload the full psgroove with lufalib and my modifications, the source of the payload is ready to compile. If you are a using a PIC, you just have to change the payload (replacing the array of payload. H that is generated when compiling and also provide) and have no space problems, or anything else, because it takes what same

Short Summary

If you have not understood a word, this is a thread of development which is offered as a heading, the code that makes the "magic" disassembled and modified to provide a way to run homebrew without installing the console and on the other hand, load your backups using that trick, they do not need a disc in (the bad is that it requires a new manager or patch the old hard not to ask to leave).

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew PS3 Downloads. Enjoy!
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#194 - caleb4god - 231w ago
caleb4god's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by imtoodvs View Post
wow, no one loves me enough to hook up a hex for the PIC18F2455 xbox spi ?? My feelings are truly hurt. If someone can take the time out of their busy schedule to point me in the direction of how to do it myself, that would be great to.

This one should work for you.

#193 - iloveyou - 231w ago
iloveyou's Avatar
Does someone has compiled this for 8Mhz, AT90USB162 at90usbkey ?

Would be nice if someone could do.

#192 - KureKure - 231w ago
KureKure's Avatar
anyone tried that backupmanager2 yet? i can't boot any game without having a disc inside, my at90usbkey is equipped with new payload tho...

#191 - laptopfreek0 - 231w ago
laptopfreek0's Avatar
Anybody else having issues with the TI-84 compiled firmware? I seem to be experiencing black screens on anything I try and run.

#190 - LioMajor - 231w ago
LioMajor's Avatar
Now i got it working to compile in windows and linux ^^

For windows i fixed the problem taking out any comments in port1_config_descriptor.S and it compiled well.

On mounting a game with BM, it also mounts it for "/app_home/PS3_GAME".

Thats kinda annoying because "/app_home/PS3_GAME" has no eject funktion.

Testing results:

Mounting game (Warhawk) in BM (not pre-installed) "/app_home/PS3_GAME" fails to start it.

Using BDVD to install it on HDD > "/app_home/PS3_GAME" works to boot it up.

A lot games do not work using "/app_home/PS3_GAME".

I can confirm Warhawk (see above), Rising dead 2, Dark Sector and Wipeout working.

To make it easyer we need the following:

1. Eject for "/app_home/PS3_GAME"
2. A similar Tool to mount the Games in ""/app_home/PS3_GAME" (Internal / External HDD)

#189 - evilsperm - 231w ago
evilsperm's Avatar
here is the new backup manager: I have not tested it because I don't have any games on my drive, so someone confirm if its working.

This backup manager will only work with the hermes PSGroove

#188 - imtoodvs - 231w ago
imtoodvs's Avatar
wow, no one loves me enough to hook up a hex for the PIC18F2455 xbox spi ?? My feelings are truly hurt. If someone can take the time out of their busy schedule to point me in the direction of how to do it myself, that would be great to.

#187 - laptopfreek0 - 231w ago
laptopfreek0's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by MadCabbit View Post
Where are you getting the black screen in 3D Dot Heroies? I kept getting it after the opening captions, right before the title screen, when it normally tries creating trophy data. In the long run, I couldn't get it to work using either an iphone or a droid (the iphone would also just cause my PS3 to lock at a black screen afterwards, too, unless I both formatted the drive and hard resetted the PS3, but the droid didn't have that problem).

I had to use an external drive, in this case, I used the 16 GB MicroSD that came with my droid and connected it with a USB adapter and the game loaded fine from that, despite not wanting to load from the game internally

Sorry had to go to the Doc. As soon as I start the game, it blinks my monitor indicating no output, then it comes back, and gives me a black screen, and just sits there. I have also tried the FTP program, and the backup manager (even though it wont help me any since I have no blue ray drive). Also I formatted the PS3, and reset back to factory defaults. Tried both a flash drive and an hard drive. Have not tried internal hard drive.

#186 - AnonPs3 - 231w ago
AnonPs3's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by spyder52 View Post
Why is this that good? It is barely an inconvenience to have a game in the drive?

A lot of people have a broken blu ray drive.

#185 - nannou - 231w ago
nannou's Avatar
for the people who have no bd drive it's awesome!


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