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November 18, 2010 // 11:09 pm - Yesterday I asked for some testers, and today we are happy to release a PSGroove CE-X Hybrid payload for PS3 JailBreak users.

Before anyone asks, you can not currently get access to PSN, it is being looked into so please do not ask why you can't login and play games online!

Download: PSGroove CE-X Hybrid Payload for PS3 (BIN) / PSGroove CE-X Hybrid Payload for PS3 (Hex Codes) / PSGroove CE-X Hybrid Payload for PS3 (Source Code) / Main Link - PSGroove CE-X Hybrid Payload / Hex Codes for PS3

For those of you who cloned the git the second I posted it you have 0x81 set in the modelset.h.S and might want to fix that... Or do another pull =)


This payload is a port of Xoeo custom PL3 for 3.15. We have converted it for use with 3.41, major cleaning up of the coding and added/removed some stuff.

The only reason we are releasing this is because we said we would. This is still experimental so don't complain if something doesn't work for you.

What makes this payload different is that it is a hybrid of PL3 and hermes. It is very stable with 0 lock ups, but there is a catch some backups will return a 800xxx error. This payload is very stable but also kind of a backwards step in our goals as it uses syscall36. Either way it is still a very good payload.


• PSN - not working at this time
• 3.50 Spoof
• syscall 36 - hermes
• syscall 8 - stealth - peek poke
• modelset - 0x82 - debug
• version - 120gb slim

*I might have left out a few features I cant recall right now due to lack of sleep*

I have tested this with Gaia 1.03.1 and I was able to load backups but as I stated above some games will give you a 8000xxxx error and is bing looked into. I have also tested BlackBox FTP, Comgenie Filemanager, Snes9x and all run perfectly. If you want to use multiman make sure to set syscall36 in your options.ini.

Things I haven't checked (permissions)

You can all check the git at

Thanks goes out to xeoe for his hard work, as well as the very long hours and sleepless nights of Cyberskunk! I need to sleep myself :P

This hex pack has 20+ boards so I don't want to see anyone begging for complies check the pack first! Also I have included the .bin for those of you who need it.

Those of you about to ask CE-X? it's Cyberskunk evilsperm xeoe. We needed a way to separate it from the rest of the payloads.


PSGroove CE-X Hybrid Payload Arrives for PS3 JailBreak Users

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#29 - tonyqc - November 21, 2010 // 7:39 pm
tonyqc's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by evilsperm View Post
We are getting closer to fixing the issue with the 8000xxxx error when running games.

any news? thank you.

#28 - KerKid - November 21, 2010 // 11:03 am
KerKid's Avatar
I wonder if this payload will help gt5 to work

Quote Originally Posted by KerKid View Post
I wonder if this payload will help gt5 to work

Nope still a black screen and I changed both sfo to 3.30 because I know it was first complied with 3.30 and gave it a whirl and BAM!! BSOD (black screen of death) So I plan on finding somewhere to get the eboot from grand tourismo prologue and patch it with the GT5 one maybe that will do it otherwise we just gotta wait for that debug update.

#27 - Dominator7 - November 21, 2010 // 3:28 am
Dominator7's Avatar
port1 .bin for usb dongles anyone please?

#26 - IslaTurbine - November 20, 2010 // 9:52 pm
IslaTurbine's Avatar
Quick question: Since this is a hybrid, does it give the ability to run a game without a disc in the drive like a regular PL3 payload?


#25 - lopper369 - November 19, 2010 // 9:48 pm
lopper369's Avatar
sometimes you need to take a step back to look at the progress and try new things, I think the merg is a good thing may teach us more well at least till the CFW comes.

#24 - Pbeer - November 19, 2010 // 6:56 pm
Pbeer's Avatar
This is the only payload since the original psgrove hex that has not locked up my PS Move when calibrating in the XMB. I cant find anyone else with this problem, My setup is A fat 80G 4 USbs.. I can't narrow it down yet, but this is a step in the right direction for my setup thanks..

#23 - kakarotoks - November 19, 2010 // 4:43 pm
kakarotoks's Avatar
Going to play AC:B so won't be here in a few minutes

You can drop me an email though if you want.

#22 - evilsperm - November 19, 2010 // 4:17 pm
evilsperm's Avatar

I'll get a hold of you in a few mins.

#21 - kakarotoks - November 19, 2010 // 3:14 pm
kakarotoks's Avatar
Hey evilsperm, do you have a branch with the necessary changes and would like to send a pull request for it ?
Also, what does this really do? I've seen the code, apart from the syscall36 and open_hook stuff (which I won't merge obviously) it adds syscall 8 support, and it adds a few patches to the vsh.

It also hooks on a syscall and adds syscall 10 which is used to highjack the "GetSDKVersion" from vsh (by patching vsh in memoery_patch_table_1). Have you had time to analyze all of these changes and see what each one does exactly?

I'd like to merge the stability ones and keep out the psn stuff. If spoofing the version number doesn't give PSN access, then I'll merge that too.

#20 - flashpc - November 19, 2010 // 1:37 pm
flashpc's Avatar
Does anyone know what the chipset of the PS3Break v1.2 is?