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230w ago - A few days ago we saw a video of a PS3 downgrading, and today zAxis has released PSGrade which is a PSGroove implementation of PSDowngrade WIP for JailBroken 3.41 PS3 consoles.

Download: PSGrade - PSGroove PS3 Implementation of PSDowngrade / PSGrade Into GameOS System 3.15 / GIT

In related news, graf_chokolo has now detailed how to decrypt PS3 PKGs as noted HERE.

To quote: Today he's shared his work with the public, however, it still requires some work, before it is fully functional. Right now, his code still requires the dongle master key, one that is buried within the PS3 console. The good news, is zAxis feels this key can be retrieved via a 3.15 fw console.

He is asking the community, anyone with a 3.15 console, to help retrieve this key. Once retrieved, PSGrade should become fully functional. Below, is his request to the public.

To anyone who wants to help, here is what you have to do:

1- run the PSGrade I posted (just like jp)
2- reboot into linux (no power cycling!!)
3- dump HV (and post it)

If you dont know how to dump HV in linux, then google it (you will need to open your ps3 and solder it DONT DO IT IF YOU ARE NOT AN EXPERT!!!)

Once you get the key, post it in key.h and try it.

Please remember, this is a work in progress, nothing is working yet (so don't ask for hexes), and nothing is for sure. Good Luck.

Oh, and thanks to graf_chokolo for ... everything, Hansi for the dump, and mathieulh for PSGroove (PSGrade is a derivative of PSGroove) and everyone else.

Update: Thanks to d0zs and Tripleblacklac, PSGrade is know confirmed to initiate the challenge/response protocol on 3.50. What that means? it means that once we have the right key, 3.50 will be in service mode using PSGrade. REMEMBER we don't have a working key yet, so no service mode.

According to graf_chokolo, to get the ps3 to decrypte the master key, then you have to call "Verify Response" and the master key will saved in plain text. it is called when plugin a jig, and that is what PSGrade is.

Once we have the key, we will have a working jig :-) And no 3.41 is no good even if you have dump the HV. Here is my discussion with graf_chokolo:

PSGrade - PSGroove PS3 Implementation of PSDowngrade Arrives

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew PS3 Downloads. Enjoy!

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#7 - Fusseltuch - 230w ago
Fusseltuch's Avatar
IIRC graf_chokolo said, that it won't work in 3.50, am i correct ?

#6 - yukinaze - 230w ago
yukinaze's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by mjgdroid View Post
I have a ps3 on 3.01 firmware, I am willing to help.. would need some help to do what ever you want me to do though.

I would be willing to upgrade to 3.15 I think, but if 3.01 can do it then i would like to stay on 3.01

bro upgrade to 3.15 help the hacker community... share some blessing... we will support and pray bro...

i really what to downgrade my ps3 3.50 please help!!!

if you have a ps3 3.15 give the key

#5 - hunterrr - 230w ago
hunterrr's Avatar
I have a question if anyone can answer.. I heard a rumor that in service mode, you are allowed onto PSN without the hassle
of being asked to update.. Can anybody confirm this, or is this just BS?

#4 - saar - 230w ago
saar's Avatar
it's not in working stage yet. It's missing the key!

read the readme...

#3 - hey69 - 230w ago
hey69's Avatar
3.15 is the way to grab the key to be clear

#2 - TheShroomster - 230w ago
TheShroomster's Avatar
So, this WIP only works on 3.15? Or is 3.15 the easiest way of grabbing the key? i have a PS3 with 3.15 but i JB with a android phone using the PSfreedom Hermesv4b / RA Recovery menu. Can i help?

PSN: TheShroomster

#1 - mjgdroid - 230w ago
mjgdroid's Avatar
I have a ps3 on 3.01 firmware, I am willing to help.. would need some help to do what ever you want me to do though.

I would be willing to upgrade to 3.15 I think, but if 3.01 can do it then i would like to stay on 3.01


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