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September 10, 2010 // 5:01 pm - With all of the recent PSFreedom / PSGroove ports, it's no surprise that it has now been ported to Apple's iPhone!

Download: PSFreedom for Apple iPhone and iPod v0.1 / PSFreedom for Apple iPhone 2G and 3G / 2G Precompiled / 3G Precompiled

To quote from PSGroove: A person known as NTAuthority has successfully ported psfreedom to the Iphone here. Currently it does not feature backup manager support, and currently can not be patched in.

However, NTAuthority is investigating this issue and working on a fix. He is referring to this release as a preview (beta) release, so if you are an enduser you may want to hold off until the code is a bit more final.

For those planning on testing it, it will work on the iPhone 2G/3G and iPod touch 1G and needs OpeniBoot installed. Download link and a full quote from the readme below:

Just a small testing release of PSFreedom for iPhoneLinux.

A precompiled kernel/initrd is in the iPT1G folder, the USB kernel patch is in the PSFreedom/iphone folder. It should be applied to kernel_common from the iDroid-Project user on github as detailed on the web site.

The android.img.gz is the initrd plus a testing boot script, the .ko should go in /lib in it.

To build PSF, use 'make clean && make iphone' from the PSFreedom folder as usual.

At the time, Backup Manager isn't working (and no, it's not due to the /dev_bdvd patch), but I'm working on fixing that.

Don't expect too many support, as this is just an 'early' preview.

Booting the initrd will work by using the 'Android' menu option in OpeniBoot. Once the screen starts filling up with 'INIT' you can do the starting as usual with 'jailbreak' devices. Note that the iPhone should be the only device plugged in the PS3′s USB ports.

PSFreedom / PSGroove Ported to Apple's iPhone and iPod!

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#327 - Forceuser - October 30, 2010 // 11:16 pm
Forceuser's Avatar
I can't seem to get the Linux penguin to show up I launch Android for the last step, says something about not being able to find the kernel.

after I launch Android that is.

#326 - souldemo - October 30, 2010 // 1:11 pm
souldemo's Avatar
I have a 3g iphone with FW 3.1.3 and installed openiboot PsFreedom. A PS3 fw 3.41. I follow all the steps to the letter I get out of the folders ecct installs packages. Manager.pkg install the package I have tried 4. But nothing brings me back every time the same error 80029519 (this seems to me).

Please have a good solution although I have to let them exploit an iphone connected to the PS3 in short, something that works ...

Thank you and sorry for the lousy English usage.

#325 - kAs1m - October 13, 2010 // 6:28 pm
kAs1m's Avatar
Unfortunately Hermes V3 for iPhone is something like POK of real Hermes V3 payload, cuz we losing the ability to start games from BD icon. With "V3" we can start games only from "App_Home" and this means that we can't run 99% of games with it.

Maybe someone knows something about next iphone release? Maybe we get the ability to start games from BD-Rom icon back...

#324 - xmod - October 13, 2010 // 4:39 am
xmod's Avatar
can we do 3.15 ps3 with this yet or what?


#323 - stretfordred - October 10, 2010 // 12:17 pm
stretfordred's Avatar
is there a way to install iphodroid on the 3gs when jailbreaking using the new limera1n? The install always aborts stating you need redsn0w?

#322 - evolover69 - October 9, 2010 // 6:38 pm
evolover69's Avatar
confirmed working... but i used the iphodroid psjailbreak think on my iphone 3g.

#321 - xmod - October 9, 2010 // 3:00 am
xmod's Avatar
lets try my question in other words. I know how to follow directions and do this jailbreak with my Iphone, the only info i can't seem to find is If i can now do my 3.15 ps3 with it.

Do I just follow the same directions but use the 3.15 files instead of the 3.41 package?

thanks for anyones time.

#320 - JifDaKiwi - October 8, 2010 // 1:16 am
JifDaKiwi's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by pamekatsika View Post
Nokia n900 is capable

Man it'd be sweet if all the Nokia's with USB-Out could do it.

#319 - Karuto - October 7, 2010 // 5:24 pm
Karuto's Avatar
Is there a way to jailbreak a PS3 on the iPod Nano 3G with Hermes v3? I have yet to jailbreak mine and I am completely clueless as to how to go about doing this.

#318 - foxy1990 - October 7, 2010 // 12:49 pm
foxy1990's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Gerd017 View Post
I hope there will be a Hermes V3 Port for Ipod Touch 1G.

me and lots of other people do as well, no one compiled hermes v2 for ipod touch 1g either and i have broken laser so been a long long wait so far!

lets hope