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October 1, 2010 // 4:31 am - Update #2: Jevinskie has now has coded the PL3 branch to now work on PSGroove devices, evilsperm has compiled PSGroove Jevin Firmware available HERE and RichDevX has released a 3.40 (Static) Debug Payload and a 3.40 + 3.41 (Static) Debug Payload so PS3 Debug users can utilize PSGroove to dump kernels, etc.

Update from KaKaRoTo, to quote: "Philhug and I have worked together recently to make PL3 compatible with 3.15, and it is now done, working and ready for you to use.

I have just pushed the latest changes to github, so just update both PSFreedom and PL3, and define FIRMWARE_3_15 in PSFreedom's config.h and recompile. You will then be able to enjoy your unrestricted PS3 on 3.15 firmwares. Enjoy!"

He also shared an IDA Script to Automate LV2 Dump today as detailed HERE.

Download: PSFreedom with PS3 Firmware 3.01/3.15 Support / PSFreedom PL3 3.01/3.15 Update / PSFreedom with PS3 Firmware 3.01/3.10/3.15 Support / PSFreedom PL3 3.01/3.10/3.15 Update

A few days ago we reported that more PSFreedom ports were on the way, and today KaKaRoTo has announced that PSFreedom now officially supports PS3 Firmware version 3.01.

Download: PSFreedom with PS3 Firmware 3.01 Support / PSFreedom PL3 3.01 Update

To quote: "I've got some great news for those of you who have not updated your PS3 firmware! I have just succeeded in adding Firmware 3.01 support into PSFreedom. I've pushed the latest code to github and you can now download the source and compile PSFreedom for 3.01.

For now, you will need to edit config.h and change the FIRMWARE_3_41 into FIRMWARE_3_01, then recompile. However, I will soon add support for dynamically choosing the target firmware version by simply doing a : echo 3.01 > /proc/psfreedom/fw_version

I will soon add support for firmware 3.10 and 3.15, so be patient, and you will be rewarded. I would like to thank Klutsh as well as Philippe Hub who helped me achieve this port to 3.01. The new payload changes are available in the PL3 github and any project/port that is also using PL3 should automatically gain support for the 3.01 firmware.

You will also be able to enjoy some new 'tools' in PL3 that will allow you to dump the LV2 kernel as well as the decrypted ELF files of the XMB and other configuration files it uses. The ethernet dumping is also now compatible with PS3 Slim models.

I would like to thank, again, those who have donated. For the others, you can still donate, if you appreciate the work I've done. Enjoy!"

Good news! I wonder what would happen if you dump the dev_flash for 3.01 and run it on 3.41

PSFreedom Now Officially Supports PS3 Firmware 3.01

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#68 - rippchen - October 3, 2010 // 12:38 pm
rippchen's Avatar
so far the psfreedom works on ps3break with fw 3.15 but you cannot launch the game. the open backup manager or the normal backup manager exits to the xmb. maybe those also must be patched?

edit: tested with Dead Space internally...

#67 - fmbaig21 - October 3, 2010 // 11:01 am
fmbaig21's Avatar
Can someone compile psfreedom on 3.01 or 3.15 firmwares for Htc hero cdma or touch pro 2? Why dont we have an autobuild service for the git on various devices? It shouldnt be too hard to setup.

#66 - eilex17 - October 3, 2010 // 9:05 am
eilex17's Avatar
Please port psgroove for my ps3break atmel, thanks my ps3 is 3.01…

#65 - GrandpaHomer - October 3, 2010 // 7:05 am
GrandpaHomer's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by datalogger View Post
Looks like your wait is over...

Thanks +Rep!

What can I say ... it looks like this year it will be very VERY Merry Christmas for all of us

#64 - PS4 News - October 3, 2010 // 6:50 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by datalogger View Post
Looks like your wait is over...

Thanks datalogger, normally we try to keep Tweet updates in the Site News (so the Forum doesn't flood with them) but I have linked to your post there with the update instead for now and +Rep!

#63 - datalogger - October 3, 2010 // 6:31 am
datalogger's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by pasky View Post
Still waiting for a debug firmware jailbreak.

Looks like your wait is over...

Release: 3.40 (Static) Debug Payload

I'll try to release the 2.01->3.41 debug payloads before "The Event"

Release: 3.40 + 3.41 (Static) Debug Payload:

(Debug 2.34)
- JIG response address: 0x3DDBA8
(Debug 3.40)
- JIG response address: 0x3F9E70
(Debug 3.41)
- JIG response address: 0x3F9E70

#62 - evilsperm - October 3, 2010 // 4:31 am
evilsperm's Avatar
No its not the same.

The build still might be broken then. I will check tomorrow if its been fixed and recompile.

#61 - kornwood - October 3, 2010 // 4:21 am
kornwood's Avatar
same as before for me with blackcat black screen after starting ftp.

#60 - Flipk - October 3, 2010 // 4:20 am
Flipk's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by evilsperm View Post
Ok I am posting a fixed version (I hope) for the AVR boards. The first version had no padding on the descriptor and was breaking psgroove from what I'm told but I dont know because I dont have a PS3 on 3.15 so test it and post back.

Here is the fixed version.

Worked first time this time around, im on the minimus avr at90usb162/teensy v1 works fine for me, open manager runs/backs up games but doesn't load games to play.

Will test more tomorrow its 5am in the uk and my gf is probably going to kill me!!!

#59 - rippchen - October 3, 2010 // 4:11 am
rippchen's Avatar
i would like to test it but i don't have an avr. i have the ps3break with an AT90USB162. is it the same as AT90USBKEY? can you tell me please?