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February 23, 2012 // 6:58 pm - Following up on my PSEN-CAP initial announcement, today we are rolling out the PlayStation Sony Entertainment Network Cloud Acceleration Platform BETA for those interested in testing it out!

Below is the official Press Release, as follows: Hello Members of the Community,

Today marks a revolution into next generation performance of your home broadband connection, no longer will you need to suffer intolerable slow speeds from the PlayStation Network, Matchmaking issues and NAT related problems.

What is PSEN-CAP? PlayStation | Sony Entertainment Network - Cloud Acceleration Platform.

It's a service which provides a multitude of additional features including the following:

  • Turbo Charged Downloads with a speeds up to 300 Mbps.
  • Dedicated DNS for gaming / with improved matchmaking.
  • Free remote desktop to assist with NAT, Port Forwarding and Internet Optimisation.

What are the usage restrictions?

  • 20GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • Only works for PlayStation Products (2007+)

How much will this cost?

We're aiming to keep the costing minimal, and it should be around £3.49 a month.

Back to the Beta... We need people to use our service for an entire month, for free! in return you'll need to provide some feedback, so we know it's working ok.

How many spaces are available in total? 100

The first 100 requests in this thread will be accepted, so just post with your PlayStation MAC address (verification) and we'll send you a PM with the details. Beta will start on the 1st March 2012.

Now please stop reading and get your PlayStation MAC address (located in system settings / information) ASAP

Note: Don't post your full MAC Addresses, we'll ask for them when we PM you. - This is for security reasons, you don't want everyone seeing your MAC Address. For verification just post the last 5 characters of your serial, for example: 2103A (located in system settings / information)

Beta Members will get the service for free during the testing period, you'll be offered a discounted value for the first month of official launch.

PSEN-CAP BETA Open, Now Seeking Free Usage Tester Applicants

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#40 - DemonoidMaster - February 26, 2012 // 2:24 am
DemonoidMaster's Avatar
1 Minute and 24 Seconds = 34.1 Mbps
1 Minute and 0 Seconds = 50 Mbps
0 Minute and 15 Seconds = 200 Mbps [The fastest in the UK, from Virgin Media Cable - Coming Soon.]
>> 0 Minute and 10 Seconds = 300 Mbps

me and my Canadian 2mb/s (yet i get only up to 260kb/s and nothing more. 1024 kb = 1 mb, 1024 kb x 2 = 2048 kb, so basically i get 260 / 2048 kb.)

Screw canada, we get screwed over 44$ or more for shit internet.

#39 - SanctumSlayer - February 25, 2012 // 1:04 am
SanctumSlayer's Avatar
Okay, thanks for your response and good luck with your project.

#38 - Jordandyckes - February 25, 2012 // 12:57 am
Jordandyckes's Avatar
What makes you think this will be any different? This service is far more simple to manage, as it's just whitelisting the MAC Addresses; providing the connection details via e-mail and getting each client's port's forwarded / Opening their NAT (Of course this can only be really done once per client, as I'd need time to get everyone sorted. - exceptions will be made, if spare time is available.)

I can assure you when it's ready, it will be definitely worth it

#37 - SanctumSlayer - February 25, 2012 // 12:50 am
SanctumSlayer's Avatar
In response to what you said about closing down because there was a high majority of children demanding stuff. What makes you think this will be any different. There is plenty of childish behavior in this scene, so get use to it

If I'm shelling out dollars for something (especially something subscription-based), it had better be worth it.

#36 - Jordandyckes - February 24, 2012 // 9:51 pm
Jordandyckes's Avatar
Hello BarryBarryK,

You'll actually find we never closed down minecraft straight away, we delivered the servers as promised however it wasn't feasible to maintain business due to a high majority of them being children and demanding we configured every aspect such as plugins, permissions of which we stated we're not included; we issued refunds to those who made legitimate claims, and within the promised 7 day period. (Some people in the thread that are complaining, actually didn't even make an order with us - they're payments bounced from OneBip or PayPal Reversals.)

MyCraft Hosting and PingFPS are exactly the same, we only changed domain; but people started complaining about the domain change and demanded refunds for purely a reason which had no impact. (Update e-mails we're sent to clients, with new details etc).

The final cause of us closing down, (we still delivered all services until 18th Feb 2012) was a DMCA from Felix The Cat; because our template we had purchased turned out to have trademark images; so with the loss of our template, we e-mailed the clients that we will be closing down and we'd honour the purchases until their expiration date.

I'm not sure why your taking a pessimistic view towards my service, as proven by the PS Download Manager; which is incorporated into this Cloud Acceleration Platform, that it works and we have no intention of taking data (it's not even possible).

why would you be worried about latency for gaming purposes? Because of the DNS used to enhance matchmaking services, our testing shows an average DNS from an ISP takes 70ms+ compared to ours at < 10ms.

As for payments, we'll be doing them via PayPal which includes Buyer Protection for our clients (though we'll happily issue any refunds, I'm sure you'll find the services amazing anyway.)

The beta testing might be delayed until tomorrow due to a fault with the Windows Dedicated Server I ordered, seems to be running rather slow and their support isn't answering my ticket.

For traffic sniffing concerns,

Your data between the Playstation 3, Our Servers and Sony are encrypted; the only data being sent across are network is the following:

>> Your MAC Address | IP Address
>> Requested URL
>> Playstation Movies, Game, Themes and Image files
>> Your Username (Stored for logging purposes in case of abuse.)
>> Domain Name Resolution - Requests / Responses (Turns into
>> Packet Redirection for in-game data, yes it's sniff-able but the data is meaning less. (How much health you have, did you jump etc in online games.)

Data which is not sent via our network:

>> Billing Information (Credit Cards etc)
>> Personal Information (Your Real Name, House Address etc)
>> Content Activation (For Games, Movies etc)
>> Login Credentials (E-Mail Address, Password etc)

#35 - barrybarryk - February 24, 2012 // 6:38 pm
barrybarryk's Avatar
yeah I know how it works and it's not that complicated, it's also a giant man in the middle attack if any scam artists decide to sniff the traffic

If you were only handling the file transfers and none of the personal information why would you be worried about latency for gaming purposes

Oh yeah and before anyone hands over any cash to them at least google the company name and look at some of the minecraft threads, they've shutdown twice (Once as MyCraft Hosting and once as PingFPS) in the last 2 months with a lot of people very angry looking refunds after their servers bottomed out which they didn't get, they just closed up shop and opened up again with a new name and new nics.

#34 - Ni72ous - February 24, 2012 // 6:32 pm
Ni72ous's Avatar
PS3DM has worked very well for me in the past so can't wait to try your new product.

#33 - SanctumSlayer - February 24, 2012 // 6:29 pm
SanctumSlayer's Avatar
Thanks for the info. I googled it. I think I'll pass. I'll let the beta testers do the talking.

#32 - Jordandyckes - February 24, 2012 // 6:22 pm
Jordandyckes's Avatar

We're not selling the content provided by Sony, we're just re-routing it through an optimised system based on my Playstation Download Manager; the monthly fee covers the hardware, internet costs and my time in maintaining the system + help with NAT, Port Forwarding etc.

I'm not a part of Sony Computer Entertainment, so this wouldn't be an official Sony service.

The MAC is 100% safe with us, it will be used to whitelist access to the servers; so only paying customers can use our equipment.

As for your personal information concerns, we actually don't have any personal information uploaded to us; we only manage the files like Games, Images, Videos etc + your information is encrypted to your console / Sony as well.

A brief summary of the connection:

Playstation Console > URL Request > PSEN-CAP > Sony Content Servers > PSEN-CAP (Cache) > Playstation Console > Activation > Complete.

DNS is still under development and won't be available for a while, very complicated to configure for gaming purposes as low latency is required etc.

First beta invites will be rolled out tonight, as I fear something may be wrong; I'm only getting 100 KB/s but it may be my home connection hence the beta test to ensure quality.

#31 - daveribz - February 24, 2012 // 6:06 pm
daveribz's Avatar