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August 26, 2010 // 6:46 pm - Today what appears to be another PS JailBreak clone dubbed PS3Stinger has arrived according to PuppetMaster via PSX-Scene (linked above).

While the official Web site isn't live yet, a Twitter page has been setup, and some preliminary details on this PS3 modchip are available below, to quote:

"The announcer Tech1000 states that it's: Just for reference and will change next week once the pcb's are ready.

I sent in an email earlier today requesting some more information and got the following response:


Thanks for the mail, Price depends on quantity 50-100 pieces is Euro35 stock ready to ship around 15th Sept (Pcb's ready next week so maybe a bit sooner). Exactly the same as the jailbreak as its a direct clone.

Difference with dealing with us is fast replies and we won't screw our customers on price, Also can do fast overnight shipping via Fedex to the US.

Some of the guys we are dealing with already are / and loads of the UK sellers including so lots of people to vouch that we are legit as well.

Phil on twitter aka ps3stinger"

PS3Stinger PS JailBreak Clone Incoming, Shipping in September

PS3Stinger PS JailBreak Clone Incoming, Shipping in September

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#13 - zangetsu1 - August 27, 2010 // 6:09 am
zangetsu1's Avatar
I'm still hestitating to update to 3.41 because I still have Otheros.. I think I should just update because I don't use Otheros...

#12 - chrykel - August 27, 2010 // 5:40 am
chrykel's Avatar
Ps4 will never be hacked I bet! Ps3 was hard enough I bet sony is working on fixing this hack to prevent more owners from using it... but stiil I cannot waitg for a free solution!

#11 - PS4 News - August 27, 2010 // 5:33 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Indeed, everyone has their own opinion on this I'm sure... for me, it's simply whichever solution is the cheapest (or better yet, 100% free ) and works is the most likely to catch on with the masses.

#10 - Kraken - August 27, 2010 // 4:44 am
Kraken's Avatar
Still, it is likely the PS Jailbreak team/person spent tens of thousands of dollars or more buying the original jig key from someone at a Sony repair center who themselves risked their job and livelyhood in selling it. They do deserve to have some return on their investment, and without it, the scene would still be moving at a snail's pace.

It doesn't really seem fair to support a clone whose company didn't really do much but buy a PS Jailbreak and duplicate it. But then again $129 is a bit much for a device that will likely be patched in the next firmware update...

#9 - PS4 News - August 27, 2010 // 4:27 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Honestly I think the PS JailBreak and clones are just a temporary fix to generate some quick cash, and it won't be long until the code leaks publicly or the guys reversing it sort out a free or DIY scene solution.

Needless to say, once the PS3 scene takes over development it will explode far beyond what any single company could offer... so in my book claims of "better support/updates" are just a promotional gimmick to get those quick sales.

#8 - mckarlsson - August 27, 2010 // 4:16 am
mckarlsson's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
Definitely agree there, it can only drive the outrageous prices down lower and lower.

but we will never know which Clone will have the best support, for example: updates, etc...

#7 - xUb3rn00dlEx - August 27, 2010 // 3:27 am
xUb3rn00dlEx's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by tonybologna View Post
The "sting" in PS3Stinger is Sony setting up a "sting" operation with this device!

LOL! I could've sworn the "sting" in PS3Stinger was the sting your wallet felt with all this nonsense pricing. I'm a wait for the free release, it just seems bizarre that something like this could cost more than $15 (and I am generous by that estimate) If a free option can't be released, then I will wait and let economics work it's magic... I always loved doing business with the Chinese markets!

#6 - tonybologna - August 27, 2010 // 2:37 am
tonybologna's Avatar
The "sting" in PS3Stinger is Sony setting up a "sting" operation with this device!

#5 - spark32 - August 27, 2010 // 2:28 am
spark32's Avatar
I'm waiting for a free scene release, or if I can turn a 2GB flash drive into one myself.

Conviently enough, I got like 10 2 GB flash drives at school today because it was registration and thats one of the little rewards you got for paying your student fees.

So now if something like that does happen, I can fk it up 9 times, or make 10 of them and sell 9

#4 - tjay17 - August 27, 2010 // 2:20 am
tjay17's Avatar
Yes, a cheaper one. When will this come out?