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November 22, 2010 // 11:20 pm - A few months ago we first saw OpenSplit and Split4G, and today PSGroove reports that PS3Splitter by Karmian is now available for PS3 JailBreak users alongside some updates below.

Download: PS3Splitter v1.1.4.0 / PS3Splitter v1.1.5.1

To quote: As most of you already know, there is a 4GB file limitation imposed by FAT32 hard drives. When using an external hard drive and trying to copy certain games with large files, problems may occur.

PS3Splitter has come to the rescue, allowing users to break up large 4GB+ files into smaller files. This app will automatically scan for large files that require splitting. Making things easy for the user to get their games working on external hard drives.

The method currently supports Open Manager and Gaia Manager. Also make sure to install Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile before using PS3Splitter.


• Automatic scan of selected directory including sub directories for files larger than FAT32 max file size.
• File split is compatible with Open Manager & Gaia Manager methods.
• "Delete original file" as option.
• AutoUpdate as option.
• Aside from progress bar for file split operation there is additional progress bar showing total progress - helpful if processing more than one file.
• Total progress is also visible in taskbar under Windows 7.
• Parts file size is set to 1024 MB.

PS3Splitter is Now Available for PS3 JailBreak Users

PS3Splitter is Now Available for PS3 JailBreak Users

PS3Splitter is Now Available for PS3 JailBreak Users

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#3 - oVERSoLDiER - November 23, 2010 // 8:32 am
oVERSoLDiER's Avatar
It really doesn't matter, I take "filename.#.part" and it runs fine. I will use this splitter instead of Split4G, seems to run smoother.

#2 - tonyqc - November 23, 2010 // 7:03 am
tonyqc's Avatar
split to filename.666## or filename.#.part?

#1 - hayman - November 23, 2010 // 6:50 am
hayman's Avatar
thanks, keep the good work!