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September 9, 2010 // 7:04 pm - Another clone PS3 modchip called the PS3Liberator by NBZ360 has arrived today, which offers similar features (detailed below) as the PS JailBreak except it doesn't ship with the code on the chip.

The official site (linked above) appears to be catering to the French market, however they do state they offer shipping to the US as well with a pricetag of €49 each including shipping.

PS3Liberator Features:

• Works on all PS3 (PAL / NTSC) * Slim and Fat
• Play PS3 backups from the internal drive or USB disk
• Compatible with all sizes of external drives
• Updates via USB PS3liberator
• Possible to connect the console via FTP
• Play homebrew and emulators
• Can be removed after the console started
• PS3liberator contains no code Sony! 100% legal
• Quality workmanship impeccable NBZ

PS3Liberator F.A.Q.:

The PS3Liberator compatible with all game consoles?

The PS3liberator works with all consoles without exception, unless an update to 3.42 or greater was performed. If your Playstation 3 is in firmware 3.41 or lower, then the PS3liberator is compatible with your console is a FAT, a SLIM, foreign or not (PAL, NTSC-U and NTSC-J)

The dongle PS3Liberator is it easy to use? should you open the console?

No action is required on the console. No openings need be made, using only one port PS3liberator USBen front of the console. Simply insert it, start the console, then load a game from the PS3's internal hard drive of the console, or from an external hard drive.

Do we need to burn the games?

No, you can use the internal hard drive of the console, change to a bigger place, or through an external hard drive capacity of your choice, formatted as FAT32. The games will load much faster and more.

How to update PS3Liberator?

The dongle is equipped with a USB port. You simply connect via USB to your PC, then load the new version of the file in the software to update it. In case of error, the PS3liberator is equipped with own module is updated, it is possible to reprogram it as many times as you want.

How to use PS3Liberator with my original games, or if a friend lent me a game?

The software "Backup Manager" allows you to copy the original games directly on your internal drive or external, without having to perform manipulation on a PC. The copying time will depend on the size of the game, but in general it takes 40 minutes to copy a game (the weather being a bit longer if one copy on the external USB drive).

How to install an emulator or homebrew with my PS3Liberator?

When the dongle is recognized by the console, an icon "install package" is this to install on the PS3 homebrew and emulators you want. Pkg you wish to install and run the installer package.

Is it that I can connect to my network console?

Yes, the module NBZ is expected to launch an application network, allowing you to connect from a computer directly to your console via FTP, and have remote access to your hard drive, internal or external.

Is PS3Liberator legal?

Our dongle is 100% legal, because while sending, it is totally devoid of any code. Only a bootloader you can program the chip upon receipt, to make it functional.

Is there a guaranteed PS3Liberator?

Of course, our product is guaranteed in case of trouble. Simply return the defective product to the shipping address, and will be substituted. In case of doubt or question, the contact section you will join us.

PS3Liberator Arrives, Another PS JailBreak PS3 ModChip Clone

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#5 - Bishoff - September 10, 2010 // 2:25 am
Bishoff's Avatar
Is anyone even using the PSJailbreak (original)? Seems like all we see is ads from the chip makers but no product.

#4 - PS4 News - September 10, 2010 // 2:12 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Yep, I bet the list will hit around 15-20 before the clones finally stop coming hehe.

#3 - simonk83 - September 10, 2010 // 2:07 am
simonk83's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Bishoff View Post
When will they stop?

When people stop buying them I'd expect to see a few more pop up before long.

#2 - coobot - September 10, 2010 // 2:05 am
coobot's Avatar
Will it bypass the upgrade though?

#1 - Bishoff - September 10, 2010 // 1:58 am
Bishoff's Avatar
When will they stop?