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PS3JB - PS3 JailBreak for TI-84 Plus and TI-84 Plus Silver Edition

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230w ago - Today BrandonW has updated PS3JB, a PS3 JailBreak for the TI-84 Plus and TI-84 Plus Silver Edition calculators, to version 0.05.0001 followed shortly by PS3JB 0.06.0001.

Download: PS3JB 0.05.0001 / To8XV (To Add Payloads) / PS3JB 0.06.0001 / PS3JB 0.06.0001 (BDEmu Enabled)

In addition to loading external payloads, support for Marcan's PS3 Linux bootloader recently named AsbestOS is included in the update.

To quote: This is a FLASH application for the TI-84 Plus and TI-84 Plus Silver Edition that implements the PSGroove exploit for the Playstation 3 console.

By connecting a USB cable between a PS3 and your calculator and running the application, you can trigger the PSGroove exploit from your graphing calculator.

v0.05.0001 changelog:

• Added Install/Uninstall options for jailbreak hook, enabling use within the TI-OS and outside the application itself.
• Added external payload support and an options menu to select a custom payload ("stage 1").
• Added AsbestOS support and a custom stage 1/2 payload from the options menu.
• Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew PS3 Downloads. Enjoy!
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#10 - PS4 News - 230w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by jhauth11 View Post
how do you add other payloads?

It probably wouldn't hurt to check the included readme.txt file, but it was also discussed in the last few posts HERE which may help as well.
How do I use a different payload?

Obtain a TI-84 Plus/Silver Edition AppVar containing the payload's data and transfer it to your calculator. (It can either be in RAM or you can archive it; it doesn't matter.)

Once on the calculator, specify you want the jailbreak to use that external payload (known as the "stage 1" payload) by going into the 5) Options menu and using [LEFT] and [RIGHT] arrows to select it, then choose "Save." These options are stored in an AppVar called "PS3JBOPT". It would be wise to archive this so you don't have to re-apply the options whenever your RAM resets.

How do I create one of these payload AppVars?

You can use the converter to encapsulate a binary file of payload data in an AppVar variable for tansferring to your calculator. This is a command-line VB.NET 2.0 program; if you don't like it, create your own using the file format specification on ticalc.org.

#9 - jhauth11 - 230w ago
jhauth11's Avatar
how do you add other payloads?

#8 - Fr33m4n - 230w ago
Fr33m4n's Avatar

This is just the additional payload that you can use with brandonwilsons latest Ti84 app, right?

#7 - theguy99 - 230w ago
theguy99's Avatar
Common, someone please enable backup manager support.. I'm not a hermes fan I prefer to use Psgroove 1.1

#6 - teltras - 230w ago
teltras's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Kometa View Post
Has anyone compiled the latest Hermes payload v2 for download yet? The one where you don't need a Blu-Ray disc for backups...

here: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=22184

#5 - Kometa - 230w ago
Kometa's Avatar
Has anyone compiled the latest Hermes payload v2 for download yet? The one where you don't need a Blu-Ray disc for backups...

#4 - teltras - 230w ago
teltras's Avatar
you need to put the payloads inside, easy.

#3 - Greazy - 230w ago
Greazy's Avatar
No, this is the most current version from brandon we need it to have bdemulation enabled on not the hermes one.

#2 - slifer1231 - 230w ago
slifer1231's Avatar
here is the one with backup support. it uses Hermes v2.

#1 - TruthGuy - 230w ago
TruthGuy's Avatar
Ok, lets get this thing modded for backup manager


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