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September 25, 2011 // 7:51 pm - As a follow-up to their previous update, this weekend EmulateMii has confirmed that the PS364 Nintendo 64 Emulator for PS3 is still under development and has a near-complete hardware renderer.

To quote: Long overdue progress update and... a 1up on bigN!

We must start by saying that yes, it sure has been a while since our last update. Followers can rest assured though that we have been actively developing all of our projects in one way or another. As mentioned before, all three of us have very little time to work on this stuff due to real life commitments, but combined we seem to be getting things done at what we think is a decent pace.

WiiSX has seen some tinkering to try and get compatibility up, but has run into other issues. We have been keeping in sync with pcsx-reloaded whilst trying to maintain the PPC dynarec for it. Eventually we need to add more recompiled functions to the dynarec in WiiSX, particularly GTE. We initially wanted to do a full PPC dynarec re-write, but that doesn't seem feasible time-wise at the moment. Future plans for WiiSX also include porting a hardware renderer now that Pete's OpenGL plugin is open-sourced.

The Wii64 port to PS3 now has a near-complete hardware renderer since our last post. However, the dynarec needs some work to run on a 64bit PPC architecture. The Pure Interpreter core has little (if any) performance increase over the Wii running the same core, so PS364 really needs the dynarec.

Wii64 for the GC/Wii has seen the most in terms of progress. There has been USB2 support added as well as a port of Rice (graphics plugin) amongst other smaller bug-fixes and optimizations since the last release. One notable feature that we're really excited about is...

That's right, high-resolution, custom texture paks are now supported on the Wii using Wii64! Of course, this is still Work-In-Progress, but we're nearing completion.. Expect a release after this feature is complete. We feel like this is where homebrew emulation on the Wii can really shine and provide an enhancement that Nintendo is not able to offer with their official software.

PS364 Nintendo 64 Emulator for PS3 Development Update Details

PS364 Nintendo 64 Emulator for PS3 Development Update Details

PS364 Nintendo 64 Emulator for PS3 Development Update Details

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#104 - Foo - September 23, 2012 // 4:39 am
Foo's Avatar
Well I'm not big on C++

#103 - JOshISPoser - September 23, 2012 // 4:32 am
JOshISPoser's Avatar
i don't code/develop, so idk. i just kinda know porting is a lil less work than starting from scratch

#102 - Foo - September 23, 2012 // 4:30 am
Foo's Avatar
It could. That'd be a lot to do though.

#101 - JOshISPoser - September 23, 2012 // 4:11 am
JOshISPoser's Avatar
could daedalus possibly be rebuilt? i think a few pages back someone suggested it cause it was open source. i imagine since it is psp, it wouldn't need too much tweaking

#100 - Foo - September 23, 2012 // 4:08 am
Foo's Avatar
Yeah, as Josh said. There is an N64 Emulator for PSP already and the PS3 is in capability to emulate PSP EBOOTs.

#99 - JOshISPoser - September 22, 2012 // 9:03 pm
JOshISPoser's Avatar
same here. i used to use them when i had my own computer. now, they're just sitting on my external, begging to be played again. i hope that 7zip support comes out soon after the emu does.

#98 - Vanzelotti - September 22, 2012 // 8:55 pm
Vanzelotti's Avatar
I'm still hopping this... I have all n64 roms... Golden Eye is the best one.

#97 - smokyyuwe - September 22, 2012 // 8:36 pm
smokyyuwe's Avatar
Dean kind of works with them, so it's doubtful he would explain it.

#96 - Blade86 - September 22, 2012 // 8:23 pm
Blade86's Avatar
just ask the master of homebrew aka dean

#95 - JOshISPoser - September 22, 2012 // 5:46 pm
JOshISPoser's Avatar
maybe someone can figure out how the dongle one worked and we can try to get the psp emulator from there