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243w ago - Many may recall the ZPack PS3 Backup System that ended up being fake, well today the PS3 ZPack name lives on in the form of the latest PS JailBreak PlayStation 3 modchip clone.

Below are the details from the official site (linked above) as follows:

PS3 ZPack is the world's only plug and play USB chipset. We are looking forward to seeing your inventive custom applications using our homebrew enabler.

PS3 ZPack F.A.Q.

Q: Is PS3 Zpack easy to install?
A: Yes, it is a plug and play solution. It takes 1 second to fully install, without modifying or opening your console.

Q: Does it permanently modify my console?
A: No of course not, once you unplug it from the usb port it is completely disabled.

Q: How do you install PS3 Zpack?
A: Please consult our downloads page for our instruction manual. We have done our best to make it as thorough as possible to answer all setup and troubleshooting issues.

Q: What is the warranty?
A: PS3 Zpack is sold with a 1 year warranty. All our resellers will take care of warranty issues.

PS3 ZPack - PS JailBreak PlayStation 3 ModChip Clone Arrives

PS3 ZPack - PS JailBreak PlayStation 3 ModChip Clone Arrives

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#16 - ekrboi - 243w ago
ekrboi's Avatar
not even JUST copying the descriptions word for word! open up psjailbreak and ps3zpack the websites are the EXACT same.. just different colors!

#15 - GrandpaHomer - 243w ago
GrandpaHomer's Avatar
The funniest part is how all those clonne(r)s are so lazy to even come with their own description so they'll simply copy it literaly word by word ...

#14 - Warrorar - 243w ago
Warrorar's Avatar
and that's exactly what they don't deserve. they picked up informations and all the crap from a community who share their work on forums etc. and builded up a key, which gets sold now for 150 bucks.. these people deserve nothing.

#13 - misiozol - 243w ago
misiozol's Avatar
There is lots of clones but still if it would be possible i would buy one from jailbreak's team they worked hard and deserve reward for it .

#12 - Warrorar - 243w ago
Warrorar's Avatar
some cloners should getting punshed hard...


#11 - oVERSoLDiER - 243w ago
oVERSoLDiER's Avatar
Hmpf, the old WinXP ZPacker.

#10 - shummyr - 243w ago
shummyr's Avatar
Oh yay.. yet another clone, using the same software, that everyone already has and uses.

#9 - lolster - 243w ago
lolster's Avatar
"PS3 ZPack is the world's only plug and play USB chipset."

Hahaha, this made me laugh really hard. As if there weren't like 30 other clones already.

#8 - BwE - 243w ago
BwE's Avatar
protip: goto their website -> view their manual

look at their picture of the zpack


#7 - xmod - 243w ago
xmod's Avatar
All these companies making all these clones, comon, theres gotta be a way to make our own with a simple usb dongle... I mean, in the end, thats what they do!

How many clones now, like 34 and counting. Could someone just find a way to make our own with a simple kingston already.

thanks for another update... i guess.