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September 22, 2010 // 5:49 pm - A few days ago Spanish PS3 developer JaicraB released PS3 USB Custom Firmware Loader v0.2, and today he updated it to version 0.3.

Download: PS3 USB Custom Firmware Loader v0.3

To quote from his site (linked above), roughly translated:

Here I bring the new version.


• Code optimization.
• Fixed USB port allocation.
• Fixed black screen.


• Only have a USB MASS STORAGE USB connected to load FIRM LOADER.
• UPDATE NO FIRM while in USB mode LOADER.

Thanks for reporting bugs!

PS3 USB Custom Firmware Loader v0.3 Released by JaicraB!

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#36 - Senaxx - September 23, 2010 // 1:37 pm
Senaxx's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Senaxx View Post
I'm currently copying my flash to a usb stick with the Comgenie Filemanager... let's see if that works...

Worked fine btw, but i had to make sure i use a good brand usb stick. I had a low cost one, and that one didn't boot (copying took long, so i take its a slow stick) and now i have a 4g sandisck cruzer and working fine (formatted as fat32) with pic18f2455 with latest PSGrooPic.

#35 - xplodbleu - September 23, 2010 // 1:24 pm
xplodbleu's Avatar
ok, it seems that this version with my new Hex (psgroove_teensy1.0 AT90USB162), works fine. after start up my application a new folder appeared "dev_flashO"(this should be internal ps3 flash) and "dev_flash" from the usb.

#34 - ionbladez - September 23, 2010 // 12:47 pm
ionbladez's Avatar
Everyone needs to stop asking if people can dump their debug unit flash. Each flash dump is encrypted and CANNOT BE USED ON OTHER UNITS.

If people learned how the search function worked I would not have to make it any clearer ;]

#33 - nuttynutter123 - September 23, 2010 // 12:45 pm
nuttynutter123's Avatar
couldnt a debug consol dump the 3.50 dev_flash??

#32 - Helmax - September 23, 2010 // 12:43 pm
Helmax's Avatar
I'm not 100% sure how the jailbreak works. What I've heard is that the PS3 goes into some sort of Developer mode? I guess from here the JB code is either adding these new folders we see in the XMB under game, or else they are ENABLED? Which one is it? Do they already exist in the Software itself?

I guess what I'm getting at, is how hard do we think it would be to make a CFW out of 3.41 where the Firmware boots up into this Jailbroken Dev Mode without the need of a device?

More along the lines of how you would use it once, and then install the CFW and that would be the end of it.

I know from a technical standpoint the PSP and PS3 are completely different, but they have very similar interfaces, and we seem to have the same approach. A Pandora's battery could put the PSP into a sort of Developer Mode, which enabled us to Dump the files we needed and install a CFW.

I would think the ultimate goal would be to get to this point.

Jailbreak PS3 -> Run CFW Installer -> Install CFW 3.41

Then from this point we would be able to update with the CFW Installer, and upgrade to 3.42, 3.50, 3.X and so on.

Does anyone have any idea if any work is going on regarding any of this?

#31 - Yaddayadda - September 23, 2010 // 12:36 pm
Yaddayadda's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by sk group View Post
lol you're way off. keep brainstorming though

Which part wouldnt work, loading a lower firmware or after loading it writing another one to the internal nand?

#30 - kAs1m - September 23, 2010 // 12:20 pm
kAs1m's Avatar
Plaese help! I copy dev_flash folder from my ps3 in the root of my external HDD, then run JC Firm Loader, my ps3 has been rebooted and now can't load in XMB. Just says Please connect your controller via USB and press PS button.

And then: "The firmware has not loaded correctly please reinstall frimware" (or something like that).

What should I do?? =(

I tried to disconnect my USB HDD, but it not helps. =(

#29 - BwE - September 23, 2010 // 12:01 pm
BwE's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Yaddayadda View Post
So could this be used to load an official firmware LOWER than the one currently installed on the PS3, eg. 2.80 and then "upgrade" the PS3 to 3.15 (in reality causing it to go from 3.41 to 3.15)?

lol you're way off. keep brainstorming though

#28 - Yaddayadda - September 23, 2010 // 11:38 am
Yaddayadda's Avatar
So could this be used to load an official firmware LOWER than the one currently installed on the PS3, eg. 2.80 and then "upgrade" the PS3 to 3.15 (in reality causing it to go from 3.41 to 3.15)?

#27 - sulsul - September 23, 2010 // 10:01 am
sulsul's Avatar
just a thought, why doesn't someone with a debug console with debug firware copy it from devflash1 and then post it so we can run the debug firmware with this tool?