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September 22, 2010 // 5:49 pm - A few days ago Spanish PS3 developer JaicraB released PS3 USB Custom Firmware Loader v0.2, and today he updated it to version 0.3.

Download: PS3 USB Custom Firmware Loader v0.3

To quote from his site (linked above), roughly translated:

Here I bring the new version.


• Code optimization.
• Fixed USB port allocation.
• Fixed black screen.


• Only have a USB MASS STORAGE USB connected to load FIRM LOADER.
• UPDATE NO FIRM while in USB mode LOADER.

Thanks for reporting bugs!

PS3 USB Custom Firmware Loader v0.3 Released by JaicraB!

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#66 - ChaseHammer - September 26, 2010 // 12:12 am
ChaseHammer's Avatar
I got it to work last night finally. I loaded Jailbreak then unplugged it. plugged in the Usb key with the dev_flash (only the folders/files inside it not the actual dev_flash folder). Then loaded USB Firm Loader. worked perfectly, then plugged in USB HDD with all my other files on it then loaded whatever i wanted. This is great. now i can start experimenting with all the files to see what we change change.

#65 - ionbladez - September 25, 2010 // 9:13 pm
ionbladez's Avatar
the 60GB ps3 I got off craigslist still has fw 2.35, the HDD is messed up to no limit and I can't upgrade the FW so if anyone would like to send me their old infectus I'll dump what I have ;]

#64 - laggmaster - September 25, 2010 // 8:51 pm
laggmaster's Avatar
hmmm i think somebody needs to find the old infectus NAND dumps and see if we can reverse enginere older firmwares to be loaded onto the usb stick and loaded directly as a dev firmware... oh well its just speculation as i do not know anybody with an infectus or old nand dumps.

#63 - PSPSwampy - September 25, 2010 // 7:29 pm
PSPSwampy's Avatar
@sk group:
Question for you - when you've loaded your firmware from USB (before you've done any modifications to it) do you see the "Install Packages" icons?

Reason i ask, i've editted one of the files on mine and i *think* it would enable these dev icons without the need for JB (following a one off JB in the first place to allow access to dev_flash)

To clarify this:-
Editted: dev_flash\vsh\resource\explore\xmb\category_game.xml

combined the above with category_game_tool.xml (i.e. including the seg_gamedebug and seg_package_files keys/queries and views (it's all simple xml so easy to do)

The resulting (combined) category_game.xml should result in these icons being available. I've got them showing up & working on my custom firmware, but can't remember if they showed up before I started playing! - just wondering if they show up on a uneditted (stock) firmware run with Jaicrab's loader?
(I'll check myself later, just not got time at the moment)

I could attach the combined file here if allowed (not sure if I should be sharing this file though)

My thought would be to do the following (if/when we have RW access to dev_flash on nand):-
1. JB ps3
2. Install FTP server or equiv
3. Update category_game.xml with the combined one
4. Reboot to normal, non JB but retaining the ability to install packages

Suspect this wouldn't work fully anyway because of the issue with signing them - but maybe it's a step in the right direction?

Note - this may be (probably is) total BS as I've not been feeling great and i'm probably not thinking this through fully!

#62 - BwE - September 25, 2010 // 1:54 am
BwE's Avatar
no when you load the cfw its still jailbroken, unless i'm missing your point.

#61 - pip1 - September 25, 2010 // 1:47 am
pip1's Avatar
when you load from usb you loose all "jailbreak" functions right? I mean you would have to if your loading an unpatched firmware right? so what ever mod you do to files on usb that can enable homebrew from usb loaded firmware would work on nand firmware if the files aren't signed?

#60 - BwE - September 25, 2010 // 12:26 am
BwE's Avatar
another thing that makes it work 100% for me:

turn on ps3
jailbreak the ps3 usb port 1
unplug it when its done
plug in external to usb port 2
turn on controller
goto install packages wait for homebrew to come up
exit that menu
quickly goto jaicrabs cfw loader

if you dont see your external drive start flashing within like 10 seconds then try again.

#59 - EiKii - September 24, 2010 // 11:31 pm
EiKii's Avatar
huya, i have some problem, when i run the fw loader, it goes black then i get all blue screen, but i hear some menu click, first time i pressed something and it rebooted jb just to make a new setup, set time and all that shit, so i only get blue screen really, anyone had this issue?

tried several dumops and all looks complete..

Thanks for the effort.

#58 - PSPSwampy - September 24, 2010 // 8:44 pm
PSPSwampy's Avatar
No worries dude (thanks for the +rep btw).

Just wanted to say that it probably got overlooked because everyone's so excited about all the homebrew, progress etc happening right now. Everyone seems to be like a kid in a candy store at the moment, jumping from hbw to hbw trying everything out.

Can't say i blame them - i've been patiently waiting for my usb dongle to appear so i can try this stuff out - so maybe i've just had more time to read up on the bits that interested me?!

Anyway - glad you got it working


#57 - ChaseHammer - September 24, 2010 // 8:19 pm
ChaseHammer's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by PSPSwampy View Post
Well there's the problem. you need to copy the CONTENTS of dev_flash to your USB drive, not the folder.

Your USB should look like this (where X: is your usb drive):-

(NOT X:\dev_flash\bdplayer .... etc)

Finally someone spots what I did wrong.. ok i appreciate it, ill try it.