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September 17, 2010 // 5:52 pm - Just over a week ago SKFU reported on PS3 Custom Firmware, and today Spanish PS3 developer JaicraB has made it a reality and released a PS3 PS3 USB Custom Firmware Loader!

Download: PS3 USB Custom Firmware Loader v0.2

To quote from his site (linked above), roughly translated:

"This program allows to simulate the dev_flash from USB. Allowing a Custom Firmware. We may modify the files of our new dev_flash (USB) as we please, without running the risk of throwing away the PS3.

It is a beta version, probably find bugs. I will continue working on it when time permits me. Remember that suffers no risk to the console. All that is changed the new dev_flash'll be doing really USB.


• Syscall PEEK and POKE.


1. Copy the "FTP server" the entire contents of the / dev_flash the USB (the root).
2. Copy the JaiC_USB_FIRM_LOADER.pkg also the root of the USB.
3. Install the package.


1. Insert the USB into the PS3.
2. Run USB LOADER FIRM. After a few seconds will return to the XMB. The new firmare is loaded.

You will see that whatever you do the USB will be launched. Ideal for amending RCO, exchange modules, as you imagine.


Do not update while in Live Firmware Mode. It will reboot, setting the original dev_flash back, and then it will update! Do not update from USB FIRMWARE LOADER!"

PS3 USB Custom Firmware Loader v0.2 Released by JaicraB!

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#207 - hunterrr - September 19, 2010 // 8:31 pm
hunterrr's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by aim007 View Post
After extracting the .pup file, a vsh.tar file is one of the files extracted. The files on the PS3 hardrive that have to do with the firmware number and whatnot are in the vsh folder. I'm pretty sure such files might be found in the vsh.tar file..but the question is how to extract this tar file (it won't extract).

Thats because its encrypted.. This is what i was rambling on about earlier, maby there is a way to trick the ps3 into thinking this is a regular PKG file and install into the HDD then view the contents..

#206 - aim007 - September 19, 2010 // 6:56 pm
aim007's Avatar
After extracting the .pup file, a vsh.tar file is one of the files extracted. The files on the PS3 hardrive that have to do with the firmware number and whatnot are in the vsh folder. I'm pretty sure such files might be found in the vsh.tar file..but the question is how to extract this tar file (it won't extract).

#205 - alcover - September 19, 2010 // 6:37 pm
alcover's Avatar

i have a ps3 with broken bluray. If a take a game from a ps3 jailbroken and i change the self with debug self changing devbdrom in devhd0. Can i game with this broken ps3?

#204 - hunterrr - September 19, 2010 // 6:00 pm
hunterrr's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by skyzeR View Post
Maybe this can helps to get dev_Flash from new 3.42 and load 3.42 from usb and go online?

The files are still packed.. Theres a lot of PKG files though, they dont have the PKG header they have the SCE Header, maby we could find a way to trick those packages and unpack them using the PS3?

#203 - LioMajor - September 19, 2010 // 5:59 pm
LioMajor's Avatar
No. PUP extractor doesn't help at all. All you get is:

[Register or Login to view code]

if you go ahead and un-tar it. All files got SCE in the header, so pkg is not pkg and so on.

#202 - skyzeR - September 19, 2010 // 5:41 pm
skyzeR's Avatar
Maybe this can helps to get dev_Flash from new 3.42 and load 3.42 from usb and go online?

#201 - Dorksk8tr3 - September 19, 2010 // 5:05 pm
Dorksk8tr3's Avatar
I jsut wanted to add what I tried to do to follow up on the Proxy block. This was an attempt to see if there was a site that was called on PSN or other than PSN to check FW. And it was also to see when the FW was checked.

What I did was I ran a LAN from my PC to the router and a wireless ADHOC on the PC. I connected to the internect with ICS over the PC. Then I used my firewall (Norton Endpoint) to isolate IP calls. I hade to know what IP were being called. So I used my Router which has a packed and traffic log to see what the PS3 was calling. I cleared the logs (also have a traffic packet log on Norton) made a call. (Tried to connect) I saved the log and disconnected.

Of course as I tried to connect I was informed of the update instantly. Then I took the log and checked the IP from WHOIS. I found there are three different media carriers along with PSN. (I also did a traceroute) After looking up the IP I cleared the log again and entered the ip in the Block list on Norton. And called again. I repeated this process until I could connect without being informed that I needed and Update.

THIS NEVER HAPPENED WHy? Well I noticed that when I blocked and IP the PS3 would send a call to another port on the IP and then another IP on the PSN network. It would sytematically check another IP on the range until it connected. If It could not (I ended up Blocking the entire PSN range) it would pop an error, but not inform me of an update.

What does this prove? Well, the obvious. PSN has made changes to the network that forces a FW check when you log into ANY part of PSN. I thought it may have been possible that there were checks other than the PSN, but my finding stat differently.

It also shows that there is either a very fast CHECKSUM calulated or and encryption or (I hope) txt file that is checked or sent to PSN for the verification process. There may also be a check made that is done sometime prior and saved to the PS3 , but is not called on or triggered unless a connection is attempted or made. EX. PSN checks the system. Determines you need an update. Saves a files on the PS3 to pop-up the little "UPDATE YOUR CRAP" message.

This messge could be triggered by PSN sending a carrier signal as small as a bit to trigger the message in a premade peice of code or this this code or bit is sent to PSN then back. Either way, I would think that it is a very small signal or trigger due to the bandwidth requirements that would be needed for millions of FW checks everytime someone logs on. Also it is almost instantly and there is no packets being sent from PSN.

There was one series of attempts early on in my test, but it happened once (sent about 10 sets of packets) they were all blocked and didn't happen again. So I was hoping this could save someone the trouble of redoing this and possible assist in locating the FW call to block it or trick it.

#200 - LioMajor - September 19, 2010 // 4:55 pm
LioMajor's Avatar
If its similar to the uncrypted index.dat for psp, maybe we can decrypt it

My .dat from the psp starts with the letters "PSP" Hex: 50 53 50.

#199 - hunterrr - September 19, 2010 // 4:29 pm
hunterrr's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by LioMajor View Post
Where did you change it on index.dat? Offset?


Offset "C"

#198 - Dorksk8tr3 - September 19, 2010 // 4:27 pm
Dorksk8tr3's Avatar
This is all fine and dandy, but unless you have an SDK you aren't doing much besides just restarting your system to run the dev_flash from the USB; which if you did not change anything is the EXACT same one on the PS3 HDD. So until someone can use an -SDK- to develop purposeful changes in the current firm or someone figures out how to install an update to the USB or external version of your HDD it won't do much good.

Also it would have to be ran from your PS3 so the files can be decrypted and signed properly or you run the risk of getting improper checksums and encryptions that Sony would surely be able to check if you get online. I am sure there is more than just the HDD that gets changed anyway. A flash memory? NAND chip? Somehting to reflect and store information.

Otherwise we could just take out our HDD and swap it with someone else and have a new system. And we can't do that (at least I assume not). Also It may be possible to trick the system if we had a way of getting the installed 3.42 HDD, but alas without the hack (3.41 only, unless that changes) that will not happen. We can not properly use the SDK flash on our retails.

SO... Someone has to have an SDK and make a prog to run the .PUP files and change the install location. Which also means they need to understand the system inside and out. AKA... be a FW develper. AKA...Work for Sony. (OR have time and brains to COMMIT) I hope I am wrong though. We will see....