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September 17, 2010 // 5:52 pm - Just over a week ago SKFU reported on PS3 Custom Firmware, and today Spanish PS3 developer JaicraB has made it a reality and released a PS3 PS3 USB Custom Firmware Loader!

Download: PS3 USB Custom Firmware Loader v0.2

To quote from his site (linked above), roughly translated:

"This program allows to simulate the dev_flash from USB. Allowing a Custom Firmware. We may modify the files of our new dev_flash (USB) as we please, without running the risk of throwing away the PS3.

It is a beta version, probably find bugs. I will continue working on it when time permits me. Remember that suffers no risk to the console. All that is changed the new dev_flash'll be doing really USB.


• Syscall PEEK and POKE.


1. Copy the "FTP server" the entire contents of the / dev_flash the USB (the root).
2. Copy the JaiC_USB_FIRM_LOADER.pkg also the root of the USB.
3. Install the package.


1. Insert the USB into the PS3.
2. Run USB LOADER FIRM. After a few seconds will return to the XMB. The new firmare is loaded.

You will see that whatever you do the USB will be launched. Ideal for amending RCO, exchange modules, as you imagine.


Do not update while in Live Firmware Mode. It will reboot, setting the original dev_flash back, and then it will update! Do not update from USB FIRMWARE LOADER!"

PS3 USB Custom Firmware Loader v0.2 Released by JaicraB!

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#227 - Tender Phantom - September 20, 2010 // 8:26 am
Tender Phantom's Avatar
What we need is someone to get the METLDR stuff working, "From metldr you can load up every other "ldr"'s (take a look at Hypervisor RE!) Using those loaders you can decrypt EVERYTHING from self's to pkg's".

#226 - BwE - September 20, 2010 // 8:02 am
BwE's Avatar
why can't we make it install the 3.42 on the "virtual" firmware.

surely we can modify the 3.41 copy to redirect everything to the external/usb (again) so when it updates it updates it doesn't go back to the real one

#225 - skotosa - September 20, 2010 // 7:01 am
skotosa's Avatar
I put a copy of 3.42 and when I loaded this it asked me to press select and start to look for new firmware. It couldn't find anything but this never went back to XMP I had to Force Shutdown. I don't understand how it works or what it loads?

#224 - barnhilltrckn - September 20, 2010 // 4:41 am
barnhilltrckn's Avatar
Well luckluca said that he was able to access the psn store with this fw loader. Does anybody know how he is pulling this off?

Luckyluka if you need my dev_flash then let me know please and i'll send it to you or if you would just let us know exactly what you did then i would really appreciate. I would really just like to access the store to get a few things on my jailbroken ps3. It would really be nice just to have all my stuff on one console you know. Thanks.

#223 - Red 13 - September 20, 2010 // 3:36 am
Red 13's Avatar
Someone with XML coding experiens should realy look into the xmb xml files. I made a copy of the category_game.xml, and renamed it to category_photo.xml, and replaced the original. So now the games and the other stuff show up under "Music". The "Memory Card Utility (PS/PS2) folder did also appear! I can't see it under "Game" when i am using the JB....

In the category_sysconf.xml there are two hidden options that is not shown in the XMB. "edy" (edyviewer) and "console_qa" (tool_debug_settings)

Is it possible to add a code thats starts "console_qa", insted of "update", when the you start "System Update"?

#222 - BwE - September 20, 2010 // 3:11 am
BwE's Avatar
i just want it to be like the psp - awesome super fun times!

#221 - plains203 - September 20, 2010 // 3:06 am
plains203's Avatar
You are an interesting character Patient you must become

There are many people out there trying all sorts of things and retrying and not posting about every effort and breakthrough they make. Sit back and let things happen

#220 - shummyr - September 20, 2010 // 3:04 am
shummyr's Avatar
[QUOTE=sk group;309440]i just don't know why nobody has copied debug firmware into a retail ps3 :S

they can do it - why aren't they

#219 - BwE - September 20, 2010 // 2:56 am
BwE's Avatar
i just don't know why nobody has copied debug firmware into a retail ps3 :S

they can do it - why aren't they

#218 - ionbladez - September 20, 2010 // 2:18 am
ionbladez's Avatar
Actually, I forgot there is the "Point of no return" Once the updater starts it actually sets a register in the flash that it's in the update process to that fw version.

Therefore no temp files are extracted until after the flash is formatted or whatever. Someone would have to make an app that takes the extracted PUP and makes calls to UPDATER.SELF to extract those files. :[

--Update: got my 60GB to boot. Put the original HDD back in, but I'm sure it won't accept another HDD until I update or something.

It's on FW 2.35 :]