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January 17, 2010 // 10:49 pm - This week, as promised previously, we decided to show a video tour of the PS3 TOOL DECR-1000A XMB (XrossMediaBar) menu.

For anyone with a retail PlayStation 3 system, the options listed below are quite different. But, for those with PS3 Test units, the Debug settings are quite similar to that of a PS3 TOOL.

However, the biggest difference between a TEST and a TOOL is that of the TOOL's Communication Processor. Unlike the TEST, which relies on the PS3 hardware itself to do the work, the TOOL uses its CP for independent hardware debugging.

Going back to a Retail system - the major difference between a Retail and a Debug unit are the Check features (when pressing triangle), which runs a check on the installed application - reporting file size, location, contents etc. Another notable difference is, under the System Options setting, the Debug Settings - which contains a large number of features, detailed below in part.

One other significant difference between Retail systems and Development Systems is the coveted Install Package Option. Only available on TEST/TOOL's (as well as Demo systems, albeit neutered), this allows you to install properly created development packages onto the PS3.

Sadly, you can not just simply grab a bunch of retail game PKG's and install them - this feature is designed for the testing of code and patches. Those who wish to learn more can view our PS3 Debug/TEST and TOOL FAQ.

A useful feature in Development systems is the /app_home/PS3_GAME feature, which essentially lets you 'stream' a game right to the PS3, and lets you change things on the fly, and execute it very quickly.

Most of these features are self-explanatory, for instance O button behavior, allows O to become the X button, like on a Japanese system, or vice-versa. As is Game Output Resolution - you can set the output for the debugger, to either pass a nice 1920x1080 signal, or a "blurry" 480i composite signal.

Some of the features however are a bit more confusing, such as NP environment.

NP is the PlayStation Network, and may be aptley named NP and not PN (which, makes more sense) as it may be confused with PartnerNet - the Xbox DEV equivalent to LIVE. The NP enviorment can (depending on the box) be changed between Retail (np), Development (sp-int) and others like QA.

The other big difference between the PS3 TOOL and TEST, are the Boot Settings, listed as Debugger Mode, System Software Mode, and Release Mode. Release Mode is unavailable on a TOOL, however is available on a TEST.

Also the User Process Memory Size is listed, as the PS3 Reference TOOL has 512MB of system memory, on top of the 256MB of RSX memory. This 512MB can be split in half, to 256MB to match that of a retail system, with a simple click and reboot.

What may appear to be lacking on a PlayStation 3 TOOL are the Debug IP settings - some are there, but those are mainly for TEST systems, as debugging on port 1000 can be done over LAN, while PSN access can be done over WiFi.

Of course, not every option was covered in this tour. If you have any questions about the more common options, just drop a reply in this thread, and it will be answered- video is below!

PS3 TOOL DECR-1000A XMB (XrossMediaBar) Menu Video Tour

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#30 - livpool - January 28, 2010 // 6:13 pm
livpool's Avatar
i want options like that! maybe we can with the geohot hack

#29 - Shrink - January 25, 2010 // 12:53 pm
Shrink's Avatar
Ok. Thanks for the info. Just wanted to know if you'll have to do hardware modifications which are "tracable". You know what I mean.

But obviously you have to. Since he says that whole is not 100% patchable by Sony. It could be a "stealth" way to mod your console though. So that's why I was asking about USB. Stealthiest way would be unplugging the "piece of hardware" which is neccessary.

Anyways I know it couldn't be that simple because USB is kinda safe.

Edit: and maybe I just shouldn't write stuff when I'm drunk as hell...

#28 - CJPC - January 25, 2010 // 9:48 am
CJPC's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Shrink View Post
Can you already say what the hardware part is going to be?

Do you simply have to plug something into your USB-port or will you definately need a modchip?

Not yet - and in regards to the USB, not sure what your thinking but its not like some magic modchip showed up and I'm testing it - it's not that.

#27 - Shrink - January 25, 2010 // 9:40 am
Shrink's Avatar
Can you already say what the hardware part is going to be?

Do you simply have to plug something into your USB-port or will you definately need a modchip?

#26 - erik16 - January 25, 2010 // 2:31 am
erik16's Avatar
Wow. The PS3 Tool is one hell of a machine

#25 - Preceptor - January 25, 2010 // 1:26 am
Preceptor's Avatar
Of course, of course. And I somehow agree with them because it is the only logical choice. Geo is too quick to publish his results and he caused the biggest hype I've ever seen in the ps3, and we still don't know whether it will lead to homebrew or not. I'm not sure if even HE does...

On the other hand, in the end, the DEV's hacks are theirs and they can do whatever they want with them. It is their choice to ever disclose them to the public or not. The thing is... Will they ever...? I wonder The ps3 reached half it's lifetime last year and we don't seem anywhere close to homebrews. I think only time will tell in the end.

I think we will have to wait and see.
Cheers mate!

#24 - PS4 News - January 24, 2010 // 11:24 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Preceptor View Post
But I'm pretty sure It will help the resident devs in some way, perhaps helping them getting out of a dead end somewhere in their researches.

Honestly, the Devs aren't at a dead end at all... they just don't like to share things openly like GeoHot does. In fact, they wouldn't have shared the HDD Decryption tools but as the method was leaked they had little choice. Things like that don't benefit the public (they never use them) and only can harm development as the more Sony knows the harder things become.

CJPC is primarily working with the PS3 TOOL, so while GeoHot's findings will definitely be handy to those wishing to pursue that path I don't forsee them changing much development-wise here. I'd expect to see continued Dev updates from both the TOOL and Service Mode project CJPC is working on... as time permits of course.

#23 - Preceptor - January 24, 2010 // 11:15 pm
Preceptor's Avatar
Hmmmm, I will post my opinion on this. First I'm very interested in the piece of hardware CJPC just acquired and thank you Boss for the follow up on that. Second, what Geo is doing for the scene is invaluable, I believe, but as he posted close to nothing, I have no idea whatsoever where this hack he found will lead to. But I'm pretty sure It will help the resident devs in some way, perhaps helping them getting out of a dead end somewhere in their researches.

Anyways, I will wait anxiously for the news from CJPC and will hope for the best for both Geo and the Devs.

#22 - shummyr - January 24, 2010 // 8:15 pm
shummyr's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by imtoodvs View Post
Don't get me wrong, i'm glad GeoHot has made some progress, but you still have guys like me still cheering for the home team, if CJPC can find the time, please give us an update.. for some reason i just can't ride the band wagon lol.

I second that, cheering on the hometeam devs!

#21 - PS4 News - January 24, 2010 // 5:07 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
Definitely... more Dev updates will come soon, but there are a lot of factors involved that we have to consider while running the site.

Although CJPC enjoys plugging away with his TOOL (or other hardware) as a hobby, the domain "" is also a business, and with that in mind we have to go with the flow.

This means while Geo is Hot (pun intended ) we need to put him in the spotlight and see how far he goes, mainly because it's what most other sites are currently reporting on and what the majority of viewers are interested in reading about.

While CJ's findings interest Devs (and some technical readers, collectors and hardware enthusiasts) it isn't as "exciting" as what GeoHot is currently doing to the average reader seeking to back-up their expensive PS3 games and play them.

The other advantage of what GeoHot is doing is it will (hopefully) open the PS3 homebrew scene meaning as a site we can soon shift focus more on PS3 homebrew/hack/scene news and less on general N4G/GameSpot/IGN type news that we've been reporting on to maintain traffic for the last few years while the PS3 wasn't hacked.

I'm sure we'll find the right balance soon enough, hopefully not long after GeoHot releases his hack/exploit and others begin working off of it doing their own stuff.