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March 9, 2008 // 11:23 pm - While we await the start of our PS3 KeyVault Project for retail PS3 consoles, below is a screenshot of something else I have been tinkering with recently via Debug.

As hinted by PS3News already HERE, it is a Backup Launcher for a PS3 Development Unit as shown. At the moment it it still pre-Alpha and very incomplete, however it allows:

- Boot PS3 Games from HDD
- Boot PS3 Games from DVD/BD-ROM
- Copy Original PS3 Games from DVD/BD-ROM to HDD
- Patch the executable on some games to run from HDD

Note: This will ONLY work on a DEVELOPMENT CONSOLE, not a RETAIL PS3 unit!

To be added soon:

- Read PARAM.SFO for name/titleid, patch to menu (Alpha is hard-coded)
- Support for deleting games from the menu
- Support a few more games to start (Alpha is hard-coded for four)
- Possible support for a "select" menu, versus the button presses

Optimistic things to be added:

- A better GUI
- Backing up PS3 Game files to PC

For those curious, how it works briefly: when the launcher is started, you can copy a game to the PS3 HDD. It will create a folder on the hard disk and copy the Game files over (it's NOT an "ISO" Loader, it just launches the PS3 Game's files), identical to the way PSN's demos are installed.

The games are then launched using a relevant call, such as sceNpDrmProcessExitSpawn or sys_game_process_exitspawn2 (depending on location) and the loader then passes control off to the game, where it is run from.

That is about it for now, just wanted to share some progress. Soon another resident PS3 Dev may share news of a side-project he is working on too!

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#32 - coder24 - May 21, 2008 // 7:40 pm
coder24's Avatar

I have a PS3 test machine and was wondering if it will ever be available? also i can test things out if you need someone with a debug machine.

#31 - CJPC - May 21, 2008 // 5:03 pm
CJPC's Avatar
Yeah, Do not start requesting (c) files here, they will not, I must stress will not, be distributed.

#30 - coco97 - May 21, 2008 // 3:56 pm
coco97's Avatar
i want know How make this?

Where can i download.. I very intresting dev ps3 homebrew. but not just linux.

#29 - CJPC - May 12, 2008 // 5:42 pm
CJPC's Avatar
The loader for the DEV unit runs from XMB, not other os!

#28 - carsor - May 12, 2008 // 3:56 am
carsor's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by anastasiadis123 View Post
i want to download this ps3 test backup.

is it anyone to have this program, and know what is it?

No, the ps3 test backup launcher only work on ps3 dev and is to load backups on ps3 by other os application.

#27 - CJPC - May 11, 2008 // 11:37 pm
CJPC's Avatar
One, no, it has not been publicly released. Two, it will not work unless you have a special development console.

#26 - anastasiadis123 - May 11, 2008 // 11:31 pm
anastasiadis123's Avatar
i want to download this ps3 test backup.

is it anyone to have this program, and know what is it?

#25 - Takavach - May 5, 2008 // 6:40 am
Takavach's Avatar
yes it is very cool ... i think about it and sure you can create multiple folders on the hdd.

i read your news and very happy, i say i mistaking about firmware 2.15 i think this firmeware changed retail to debug ... but very happy for your work for change flash ps3 retail to debug. i trust you.

thanks and good luck!

#24 - CJPC - May 4, 2008 // 7:30 pm
CJPC's Avatar
Yes, that is about it - although one can make multiple partitions on the USB HDD, or even multiple folders on the HDD!

#23 - Takavach - May 4, 2008 // 9:58 am
Takavach's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by PS3News View Post
This question makes no sense. Nobody is installing "ISO" files. CJPC is extracting PS3 ISO files, patching them, and putting the resulting extracted files on his HDD to run via his Debug/TEST PS3 console.

And no, this does not work on a retail PS3.

thanks dear ps3news. then this work is harder because he can not copy 2 game into one partition, because many file in all game is similar and if copy 2 game many file replace to last file (like eboot.bin) this is because he trying to emulator bd drive with hdd and ps3 game have single game and no have several game in one blu ray disk.

this is my think if i wonder please tell me.

thanks in advance ...