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February 17, 2012 // 12:45 am - With the recent release of PS3 Firmware Update 4.11 comes PS3 Spoofer Enabler / Disabler 9.99 for PlayStation 3 Custom Firmware users, which currently supports Hermes, Kmeaw, Rebug and JFW CFW.

Spoofer Enabler / Disabler - This PKG spoofs files of your dev_flash (9.99), this is an example of the new Spoofer v5 incoming. Install ONLY PKG file of your CFW. I tried Spoofer 4 and works perfectly, make sure you have all correctly, Spoofer folder of RAR must be in this directory:

x:\cygwin\home\XXXXX\Spoofer (XXXX is your home folder name and "x" is your drive)

It doesn't show anything on your screen, if spoof is completed successfully, your PS3 will reboot and with version 9.99.

Well, here is various PKG for some CFW, it will spoof automatically your version to 9.99 and build number to 99999, install ONLY for your CFW. FULL = Spoofer Enabler and Spoofer Disabler included. Downloads:

PS3 Spoofer Enabler / Disabler [9.99] [HERMES]

PS3 Spoofer Enabler / Disabler [9.99] [KMEAW]

PS3 Spoofer Enabler / Disabler [9.99] [Rebug 3.55.2]

PS3 Spoofer Enabler / Disabler [9.99] [JFW]

I will upgrade with menu for select if you want to enable spoof or disable it, just give me a little more time, maybe today is complete or tomorrow

As always if you see anything wrong tell me. Really thanks to ashmodeo for testing


- Evilnat -

PS: More updates are now available HERE for those following.

PS3 Spoofer Enabler / Disabler 9.99 for Custom Firmware Arrives

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#168 - xastey - November 5, 2012 // 7:09 pm
xastey's Avatar
Thanks for your response but If I wanted to upgrade I would have done so already, this post was cleary to see if anyone was working on this or if there was a fix already.. this is even for people that choose to stay on 3.55 with spoofers for whatever reason they seem fit. So thanks for your input but if you are going to rant its not needed.. thanks

#167 - G Sus - November 5, 2012 // 5:00 pm
G Sus's Avatar
why dont you just install rogero 4.30 v1.09 or rebug 4.25v1REX. then you can just use netflix/psn etc. without Sen enabler. why you still running outdated no longer supported dongle garbage ?

save yourself countless hours of pain and torture on something you might never get working, and just update to newer cfw.

#166 - Pretorion - November 5, 2012 // 4:29 pm
Pretorion's Avatar
Hallo nathanr3269 among others ^_^

I am a User on 3.41 CFW Hermes and I was wondering about the Spoof that you made PS3 Spoofer Enabler & Disabler [9.99] [HERMES] the link seems to be down

Does anyone have a working link and has someone gotten it to work properly? (Just wondering because someone wrote in the comment section that it didn't go well, and does anyone know what the /B stands for?)

Thanks in Advance

Best regards/Pretorion

Edit: /B Beta perhaps?, just crossed my mind that Hermes called his version Beta, if not please correct me

#165 - xastey - November 5, 2012 // 4:18 pm
xastey's Avatar
So I spent this weekend trying to get nextflix working, ended up finding both the 1.00 and 2.00 version floating around (Man it was a pain to find). After playing around I finally got Netflix somewhat working with v 2.00 (CFW v2 dongle 2.51 +PSN / SEN Enabler and Disabler).

Netflix loads up , gets pass the psn signin screen (I had to edit the Param.sfo file to read as v 2.10) and when I thought it was going to work it kicks me out to the dashboard, no error nothing. So I was wondering if anyone had any success with getting Nextflix working with the new PSN/SEN enablers.

PS. I tried to update to v2.10 but I kept getting the 80010017 error, which looks like to be because v2.10 is using 3.60+ keys?


#164 - MiNDTH3G4P - November 4, 2012 // 11:09 am
MiNDTH3G4P's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by nathanr3269 View Post
ReactPSN PKG is if you are using ReactPSN, if not use the normal PKG

i've just created my online ID and now syncing my trophy


Quote Originally Posted by rezarhb View Post
strange.. my multiman wont work when using psn/sen enabler it says error unsupported firmware.. maybe because my dongle is 2.7?

i'm using that version + reactpsn since i use reactpsn..

just downgrade your dongle to 2.51 and you could access MM without any error

whats the point of going online where i can't play games that asked me to update it to newer version which may result of updating my software system to 4+ i managed to sign in to psn and sync my trophy, i'm running v2 cfw and dongle ver is 2.51.. any help please ??

#163 - rezarhb - November 4, 2012 // 6:14 am
rezarhb's Avatar
strange.. my multiman wont work when using psn/sen enabler it says error unsupported firmware.. maybe because my dongle is 2.7?

i'm using that version + reactpsn since i use reactpsn..

#162 - djluiluv - November 3, 2012 // 10:55 pm
djluiluv's Avatar
So I tried to go online w/ black ops w/ this 2 days ago to play online and it it says "the servers are unavailable at this time"? I'm on rebug and I have the zombikillah patch w/ all the xtra zombies maps and everything correctly activated an all... any ideas??

#161 - DarkLordMalik - November 3, 2012 // 10:01 am
DarkLordMalik's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by nathanr3269 View Post
Try Restore File System

Tried. Didn't work at all.

#160 - PS4 News - November 3, 2012 // 7:09 am
PS4 News's Avatar
I added the new links revision to the main article now as well and +Rep for the update nathanr3269!

#159 - nathanr3269 - November 3, 2012 // 6:28 am
nathanr3269's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by MiNDTH3G4P View Post
hey guys i really want to try it for once this time i'm running dongle cfw and i know i have to downgrade my dongle but do i have to install reactpsn as well or what exactly reactpsn do or needed for ?

ReactPSN PKG is if you are using ReactPSN, if not use the normal PKG

Quote Originally Posted by saikmsm View Post
i am running on cfw 3.41 dongle too and would like to access psn, i haven't been able to get online since i've started using the dongle !

On 3.41 SEN Enabler doesn't work, Sony implemented passphrases in 3.55, you need to update your firmware to 3.55 for try it

Quote Originally Posted by DarkLordMalik View Post
Guys, i was synching my trophies to my account for the first time and i experienced a power loss right in the start. Now i can't see all my trophies in the XMB even though i can see their folders through Multiman or FTP. How do i recover them back to XMB so that i can sync them online? I tried using restore default settings and rebuild database option in Recovery menu but no luck

Try Restore File System

New links revision: