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August 8, 2011 // 10:04 am - Following up on the initial news, today has confirmed that the new PS3 Slim models CECH-3001A and CECH-3001B are now available in North America while TheBanditKing has shared some comparison pictures of the new PlayStation 3 Slim alongside details via NeoGAF and a teardown.

To quote: Just wanted to let you guys know that Amazon (for the US anyway) has begun shipping out the 3001-A's to customers. There is actually a few more changes to the hardware then I noticed in the pics (I have one). the Wifi light was removed but not the HDD light, the PS logo above the drive is now silk screened rather then an emblem while the silk screened SONY logo was removed in favor of an indented logo.

Also the power and eject buttons have changed color to a darker gray and the silver/clear overlay around them is removed.

Lastly the entire casing is now a matte finish besides the power button/drive face area, no more glossy front and side plastic, which considering how easily this this gets crappy looking is a good improvement. The unit is also lighter then the 2001-A (not sure why) also I believe they may have finally engineered out the annoying plastic pop from case expansion/contraction with this model, but I will need to test it longer to find out for sure. I can take some pics of the two units if anyone feels its necessary.

I am not capable of giving you a 100% certain answer on this just yet, let me play a few games that push the system's fan up (uncharted 2 and FFXIII usually did the trick with the 2001-A). Right now with each sitting side by side, the 3001's fan sounds like a very light humm and the 2001's sounds like a shhhh (I know this sounds silly but Im doing my best to tell you how it sounds :P). What I can tell you is that when I enter the room I predominantly hear the 2001-A over the new unit.

No they removed the LED backlighting from the actual buttons. The little green and blue LEDs are still there above the buttons, unless thats what your talking about. Like an above poster said the system looks off when playing a blu-ray.

As above right now it sounds like the 3001-A is quieter then the 2001-A I have right next to it as the 2001 is making most of the fan noise in the room (keeping in mind both are doing the exact same thing) Nope thats still there just the green wifi LED is gone.

Yes it is from the case expanding and contracting from extreme heat changes. The original Slim and the 2500 both get very hot likely due to the internal power supply as most of the units are hottest across the top back of the console. The 2500 that I have with me, when fully heated up separates slightly in the middle of the top of the back so that you can actually depress it about a centimeter or so due to the case expansion.

The good news is so far I have no cracking/popping from the 3001-A even after being on for 4 hours (for reference the other Slims I have owned and tested all started popping a hour after being turned on). With another user confirming that his does not pop either that may have (finally) engineered this out. Worth noting that you can get the older slims to pop less if you loosen the bottom screws a half/whole turn on each.

Yup the Xillia model was originally the first time we saw a 3001-A, the changes are not very noticeable in the pics they showed but you can see it has the indented SONY logo on the left side. Now that I think about it because the newer units removed more lights and the silver/clear accent piece around the buttons the console reminds me even more of the PS2. Pics incoming guys.

All I can tell you is that with both of them on for same amount of time while doing the same thing the 2501-A was louder then the 3001-A, in fact the 2501-A was all I heard when walking back into the room. I will be playing some games to test this more today, also despite a smaller fan the new unit does not get as hot to the touch.

Also worth noting that the blue LED above the disc drive eject button is no longer there, just the red/green above the power (did not notice this until now).

Agreed until I hear otherwise I do not notice any difference in the noise level on this newer unit, playing uncharted 2 now. This new unit has been on since last night and its nowhere near as hot as my previous slim nor does it seem any louder. Also still have not heard the annoying plastic pop after all this time.

Agreed about the finish, that's why I am glad they removed most of the remaining shiny plastic with this new model. Electronics get crappy looking too fast with a shiny plastic finish, also wiping said finger prints off leaves scratches which also look terrible. So which FW did it come with? 3.65

Ambient temp in the room is 79 to 80 F. Running Uncharted 2 now have been running background downloads and blu-rays. Fan noise remains un changed, is definitely not louder then the 2501-A (at least to my ears and I am putting my head right next to the system) sound is different though like I said earlier its more of a humm where the older fan was a shhh/whoosh type sound.

Also the system is a good deal cooler to the touch in the middle and rear of the console then the 2501-A I have.

Finally, Calimba has revealed that the new PS3 CHECH-3001A models come with OFW 3.65 and shared a picture of the Macronix MX29GL IC (below) confirming that this model utilizes the same pinout as previous revisions.

PS3 Slim Models CECH-3001A/B in North America, Comparison Pics

PS3 Slim Models CECH-3001A/B in North America, Comparison Pics

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#24 - doorman - February 22, 2011 // 10:17 pm
doorman's Avatar
Jeesh, whatever works for ya Sony, thanks for making a secondary system strictly for online play more affordable! I'm sure I along with everyone else will just throw our old systems away. Good luck on the unhackable part as well... you'll need it.

#23 - oldschool400 - February 22, 2011 // 9:46 pm
oldschool400's Avatar
Given $ony's past track record for protecting their assets vs customer satisfaction, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they block psn access to current phat and slim models soon after the release of the 'hack proof' system, thus forcing people to spend MORE money to upgrade (some people who have JUST upgraded)

#22 - psychops3 - February 22, 2011 // 9:46 pm
psychops3's Avatar
Sony doesn't know anything... yeah they don't actually with a jailbreak without a court will make the ps3 sales go up instead of being mule like the iphone and the ipod touch.

soon as they finish with Geohot he will may change his nickname and hide his identity(should do that before) and then boom a jailbreak wave on the new console. that's just my concept hehe..

#21 - Icepuppy - February 22, 2011 // 7:33 pm
Icepuppy's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by optimusxcrime View Post
nothing is "hack proof" though..

True, and this makes sense for Sony. We already know they have no intent of releasing a PS4 for some time, the PS3 was meant to be a 10 year console as mentioned recently by Sonys president. Why not release a "hack proof" version and see how it holds up. This is perfect research for PS4 and everyone knows a new PS3 would be a huge hacker target.

Bring it on, I'll be toasting marshmallows on the flames...

#20 - jokr2k10 - February 22, 2011 // 5:20 pm
jokr2k10's Avatar
How can they use the 300GB Hard drive as an incentive for folks to buy this? They already have 320GB systems! You can CURRENTLY get a 320GB console that IS hackable... why WAIT on a system with a SMALLER hard drive? As technology advances, drive prices drop as well as other hardware prices... so, you save a few bucks by sacrificing some of your drive space? 20GB may not seem like much in PS3 terms, but hey, 20GB is better than nothing.. 20GB is what the cheaper PS3 came with when it was launched.

What I want to know is, why are they making such large hard drives for the systems anyway? I mean 320GB seems awful big for game saves, game installs and DLC... and even then, they allow you to install a different hard drive... Wait, maybe the NEW "Un-hackable" PS3s will do away with USB ports and non user removable hard drive... just what Sony needs to do, remove MORE features... take the Xbox360 route, offer MORE stuff, for the same price, not remove stuff... the "new PS3" will probably be the PSPGo of PS3s.

#19 - iloveyou - February 22, 2011 // 4:15 pm
iloveyou's Avatar
i think they release that hack proofed ps3 to watch out, how the system gets hacked next...and collect these infos for ps4, to make it much more secure... -.-

If you could copy the JIG 1:1... you can do what you want ? Why, don't copy it exactly 1.1 ?! of course, some reverse eng. is needed, but possible ?!

#18 - GrandpaHomer - February 22, 2011 // 1:22 pm
GrandpaHomer's Avatar
Indeed - it's proven above any doubts, that both gaming industry as well as film / music one are going strong despite (if not thanks to) a "piracy"...

#17 - lodaman - February 22, 2011 // 1:10 pm
lodaman's Avatar
Just looking at what PS3 Software represents in terms of revenue it is clear they will not leave this market due to some "hacked" PS3's:

#16 - daveshooter - February 22, 2011 // 12:58 pm
daveshooter's Avatar
I'm guessing the new firmware/PS3's will have a MD5 signature. Once the unit is ready, they MD5 it, save that number hidden in the system,then on boot it compares that number, and if anything has changed, it might shut the system down giving an error code, and advising you to contact costumer services.

As for them selling them off cheap in the UK, is great news. Now it makes it more in arms reach, to make a 5 screen games system. GT5 , wow

#15 - GrandpaHomer - February 22, 2011 // 11:49 am
GrandpaHomer's Avatar
Self destruct antitampering device maybe? Or e-fuses...

One option would be to block running of any SW signed with the old keys but then you'd be not able to use any of the current games (BD based) unless they'll manage to run some additional authenticaton via PSN but this would be impossible for all those permanently offline PS3s...