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199w ago - Shortly after the PS3 QA Flag Method was revealed comes the QA Flagging Tools in PKG format alongisde a CFW355-OTHEROS++-SPECIAL.PUP which is confirmed working via QA Auto Flag with Flash, Run, and Reflash to PS3 CFW (Kmeaw, Waninkoko, etc) support coming soon.

Download: PS3 QA Flagging Tools / PS3 QA Flag Reset / PS3 QA Flag Extra (Advanced) / PS3 Get Applicable Version / PS3 Get Token Seed / PS3 CFW355-OTHEROS++-SPECIAL.PUP

For those curious, the PS3 QA Flag Extra (Advanced) has a few other flags / tokens set but it's not for general use.


What we have tested on so far:

  • 3.55
  • 3.41


Set QA Flag to Standard:

  • Run qa_flag.pkg if you hear a beep, it worked. If not dump your debug messages via udp_printf on linux and send to us to fix.
  • Reboot the ps3
  • Go to network settings (Do not enter it) and hit or hold
  • L1+L2+L3+R1+R2+down on the dpad
  • QA auto flagging is now done.

Reset QA Flag to Default:

  • Run reset_qa_flag.pkg
  • If you hear a beep it worked. If not dump your debug messages via udp_printf_client in linux and send it to us.
  • Reboot the ps3
  • QA Flag is now set to default (Off) Your PS3 is now normal again.

Git Repository:


PS3 Downgrade:

Tools Needed:

  • qa_flag_extra.pkg
  • Firmware you want to downgrade to (3.41, 3.15).

Notes: These tools WILL format your PS3. Any and ALL PSN / downloaded data will be erased! The lowest firmware you can go to is what was originally on your PS3 originally!

If your ps3 came with 3.41 then that's the lowest it can go. If it came with 3.15 again thats as low as it can officially go! be warned if you go lower, you WILL brick!

Installation Process:

1. Install CFW355-OTHEROS++-SPECIAL.pup (Doesn't matter what version you are 3.41, 3.50 etc etc)
2. Install qa_flag_extra.pkg
3. Run qa_flag (It will show up as this, that is fine)
4. If you hear the beeps, continue. If you don't hear the beeps go to step 10
5. Reboot
6. Go into recovery menu and Update your ps3 with the firmware that you want (3.15, 3.41 etc)
7. Have it install and now you're done. You just successfully downgraded your PS3.

They have also stated via Twitter that they are working on a 3.56+ PS3 Firmware exploit, to quote:

Currently our main developers are working on 3.55 and below, I am working on a exploit for 3.56+ however. Anything key related and 3.56+ is currently not going to be answered. News will be released as we figure it out, If it works we will say so. It's still going to be rough to do anything though. We might save it for the new 3000 series of the ps3 though.

Finally, in related news varaques has made available what he calls Varaques 3.55 PS3 CFW based on PS3MFW Builder which features the following:

  • Other+OS Support
  • Q&A Flag Support
  • Custom Boot Logo
  • Custom Theme
  • 3.66 Spoofed
  • LV1 & LV2 Patched
  • Run Unsigned PKG's & More

Shortly following, he made available Kmeaw CFW with Other+OS and QA Flag Support via MFW Builder. Simply put it in the root of your PS3 storage device as follows : PS3/UPDATE/PS3UPDAT.PUP

PS3 QA Flagging Tools and CFW 3.55 OtherOS++ Special PUP

PS3 QA Flagging Tools and CFW 3.55 OtherOS++ Special PUP

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew PS3 Downloads. Enjoy!

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#85 - The5Venomz - 199w ago
The5Venomz's Avatar
So there's no way to use this to downgrade a FW3.65 PS3 down to 3.55? System Upgrade Debug is the only feature that looks interesting to me...

#84 - jd200 - 199w ago
jd200's Avatar
thanks for that ps3news

#83 - PS4 News - 199w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
Some PS3 Debug setting descriptions are detailed in HERE and also below from the wiki page:

Setting - Value - Description

DTCP-IP - on-off - Digital Transmission Content Protection over Internet Protocol, a specification for copy protection of copyrighted content that is transferred over digital interfaces in home networks that adhere to IP. Allows you to turn it on or off for PS3.

ATRAC - on/off - Adaptive TRansform Acoustic Coding is a family of proprietary audio compression algorithms developed by Sony. Allows you to enable or disable ATRAC playback for your PS3 system.

WMA - on/off - Windows Media Audio is an audio data compression technology developed by Microsoft. Allows you to enable or disable WMA playback for your PS3 system.

NP Enviroment - enviroment - Allows you to change which environment your PS3 connects. Known enviroments are: C1-NP, D2-NP, D2-PMGT, D2-PQA, D2-SPINT, D3-NP, D3-PMGT, D3-PQA, D3-SPINT, D-NP, D-PMGT, D-PQA, D-SPINT, EI-NP, EI-PMGT, EI-PQA, EI-SPINT, HF, HF-NP, HF-PMGT, HF-PQA, HF-SPINT, H-NP, H-PMGT, H-PQA, H-SPINT, MGMT (Management), NP (Retail), PMGT, PQA, PROD-QA (Quality Assurance), Q2, Q2-NP, Q2-PMGT, Q2-PQA, Q2-SPINT, Q-NP, Q-PMGT, Q-PQA, Q-SPINT, RC, RC-NP, R-NP, R-PMGT, R-PQA, R-SPINT, SP-INT (Developer). There might be even more of different environments.

Fake Free Space (for CEX) - on/off - Use with Fake Limit Size to artificially set the free space on the PS3.

Fake Limit Size - X MB - Amount of free space left (in MB).

NP Debug - on/off

NPDRM Debug - on/off

Edy Debug - on/off - Edy is a payment service in Japan, allows you to enable or disable debugging for Edy Viewer.

Nav-only NP - on/off

Cdda Server - Production/Evaluation

Crash Report - on/off

Crash reporter Status - Ready/Busy/Never be called

VSH Crash Dump Generator - on/off

System Update Debug - on/off - Allows you to enable or disable system update debug, which lets you to downgrade with official Sony update manager.

Information Board QA Server - on/off

Format Marlin Personal Data - ?

PlaystationRStore Ad Clock - on/off

Geo Filtering for PlaystationRStore - Normal/Always Succeed/Always Fail

Remove Game License - ?

Home Debug - on/off

Delete Trophy Personal Data - ?

GameUpdate Impose Test - on/off

Network Emulation Setting - on/off

Auto-Off Debug - on/off

WLAN Device - on/off

NAT Traversal Information - on/off

Internet Browser Debug - on/off

SMSS Result Output - on/off

Adhoc SSID Prefix - PSP/?

Disc Auto-Start at System Startup - on/off - Allows you to start disc in-drive automatically when you start system on.

3D Video Output - Automatic/On - Allows you to set 3D Video Output automatic or always on.

Fake NP SNS Throttle - Off (60 sec)/ On (0,10,120,3600,closed)

Debug for HDD Exchange Utility

Fake Plus - on/off

Push Console Binding - on/off

Automatic Download - on/off - Set automatic download on or off. There's not info available what this does change. May be automatic system updates!

Motion Controller Calibration Result - on/off - Shows lastest results from motion controller calibration.

VideoEditor Delete Preset BGM - ?

Edy viewer - Payment service in Japan (

Install Package Files - Will install the first (only the first) package it finds on the root of the USB stick, it will work only with properly signed packages.

#82 - jd200 - 199w ago
jd200's Avatar
is there a list somewhere of a detail what each setting does?

#81 - ih8Jelsoft - 199w ago
ih8Jelsoft's Avatar
It's interesting as a POC, but why use this instead of ReBug? It has less options, and doesn't work on 3.56+.

#80 - PS4 News - 199w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
Thanks and +Rep kloops, I have added your video guide to the main page article now as well.

#79 - kloops - 199w ago
kloops's Avatar

#78 - Kyosuke21 - 199w ago
Kyosuke21's Avatar
don't work on my slim

#77 - shummyr - 199w ago
shummyr's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by TUHTA View Post
According to the wiki System Update Debug on/off Allows you to enable or disable system update debug, which lets you to downgrade with official Sony update manager.

But wait, it doesn't work! when i try to install 3.41 firmware or 3.50 or any other below 3.55 it gives 80029C9C.

I believe after 3.55 sony no longer allows downgrading below 3.55, so that one can not downgrade to whatever firmware they want and have complete control of the system

#76 - TUHTA - 199w ago
TUHTA's Avatar
According to the wiki System Update Debug on/off Allows you to enable or disable system update debug, which lets you to downgrade with official Sony update manager.

But wait, it doesn't work! when i try to install 3.41 firmware or 3.50 or any other below 3.55 it gives 80029C9C.


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