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June 24, 2011 // 3:40 pm - Shortly after the PS3 QA Flag Method was revealed comes the QA Flagging Tools in PKG format alongisde a CFW355-OTHEROS++-SPECIAL.PUP which is confirmed working via QA Auto Flag with Flash, Run, and Reflash to PS3 CFW (Kmeaw, Waninkoko, etc) support coming soon.

Download: PS3 QA Flagging Tools / PS3 QA Flag Reset / PS3 QA Flag Extra (Advanced) / PS3 Get Applicable Version / PS3 Get Token Seed / PS3 CFW355-OTHEROS++-SPECIAL.PUP

For those curious, the PS3 QA Flag Extra (Advanced) has a few other flags / tokens set but it's not for general use.


What we have tested on so far:

  • 3.55
  • 3.41


Set QA Flag to Standard:

  • Run qa_flag.pkg if you hear a beep, it worked. If not dump your debug messages via udp_printf on linux and send to us to fix.
  • Reboot the ps3
  • Go to network settings (Do not enter it) and hit or hold
  • L1+L2+L3+R1+R2+down on the dpad
  • QA auto flagging is now done.

Reset QA Flag to Default:

  • Run reset_qa_flag.pkg
  • If you hear a beep it worked. If not dump your debug messages via udp_printf_client in linux and send it to us.
  • Reboot the ps3
  • QA Flag is now set to default (Off) Your PS3 is now normal again.

Git Repository:


PS3 Downgrade:

Tools Needed:

  • qa_flag_extra.pkg
  • Firmware you want to downgrade to (3.41, 3.15).

Notes: These tools WILL format your PS3. Any and ALL PSN / downloaded data will be erased! The lowest firmware you can go to is what was originally on your PS3 originally!

If your ps3 came with 3.41 then that's the lowest it can go. If it came with 3.15 again thats as low as it can officially go! be warned if you go lower, you WILL brick!

Installation Process:

1. Install CFW355-OTHEROS++-SPECIAL.pup (Doesn't matter what version you are 3.41, 3.50 etc etc)
2. Install qa_flag_extra.pkg
3. Run qa_flag (It will show up as this, that is fine)
4. If you hear the beeps, continue. If you don't hear the beeps go to step 10
5. Reboot
6. Go into recovery menu and Update your ps3 with the firmware that you want (3.15, 3.41 etc)
7. Have it install and now you're done. You just successfully downgraded your PS3.

They have also stated via Twitter that they are working on a 3.56+ PS3 Firmware exploit, to quote:

Currently our main developers are working on 3.55 and below, I am working on a exploit for 3.56+ however. Anything key related and 3.56+ is currently not going to be answered. News will be released as we figure it out, If it works we will say so. It's still going to be rough to do anything though. We might save it for the new 3000 series of the ps3 though.

Finally, in related news varaques has made available what he calls Varaques 3.55 PS3 CFW based on PS3MFW Builder which features the following:

  • Other+OS Support
  • Q&A Flag Support
  • Custom Boot Logo
  • Custom Theme
  • 3.66 Spoofed
  • LV1 & LV2 Patched
  • Run Unsigned PKG's & More

Shortly following, he made available Kmeaw CFW with Other+OS and QA Flag Support via MFW Builder. Simply put it in the root of your PS3 storage device as follows : PS3/UPDATE/PS3UPDAT.PUP

PS3 QA Flagging Tools and CFW 3.55 OtherOS++ Special PUP

PS3 QA Flagging Tools and CFW 3.55 OtherOS++ Special PUP

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#125 - racer0018 - January 13, 2012 // 3:44 am
racer0018's Avatar
It is just funny. I just remember the one thing my grand dad said to me. Money makes the world go around. Meaning if there is money to be made people will release things. Just sit and wait to see what happens. All that I know is that no one would be where we are now if someone didn't take risk and release something.

#124 - elser1 - January 13, 2012 // 3:15 am
elser1's Avatar
i wish dean would come back and make a cfw.. i agree with you though mate.. the scene is more like see what i can do.. as for you LOL kind of deal not nice is it..

#123 - spunkybunny - January 13, 2012 // 2:42 am
spunkybunny's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by elser1 View Post
i wonder what happened to the gitbrew guys. oh well.. looks like there may not be 370cfw anytime soon.

The way the devs are in the ps3 scene I doubt we will ever see anything above 3.55 cfw.

They keep everything to themselves so I doubt we'll ever see any new CFW unless duplex release something as it looks like they are the only ones keeping the ps3 scene alive.

Deank has gone and so have just about all the other devs that were keeping it alive. when Duplex go thats it, ps3 scene dead.

#122 - moja - September 10, 2011 // 8:35 pm
moja's Avatar
It sounds kinda bitter, like someone leaked their stuff and they're just crossing their arms over it.

#121 - HeyManHRU - September 8, 2011 // 9:07 am
HeyManHRU's Avatar
No one knows what he meant. Maybe he put the exploits on a USB, taped it to a bird and let go of it.

Here is another announcement:

So it looks like we're not going to have a new CFW from Gitbrew any time soon (If at all).

#120 - elser1 - September 2, 2011 // 7:03 am
elser1's Avatar
cheers heyman! so they couldn't do it and gave up? i don't quite get what in the wild means.. LOL

looks like the only people with the 3.6+ cfw are the ones that have the knowledge and skill to make it for themself. i can't really blame people for not releasing it for every man n his dog to use.

#119 - HeyManHRU - September 2, 2011 // 6:39 am
HeyManHRU's Avatar
Here is a direct quote from "Snowydev" on twitter like 4 days ago.

Welp, gitbrews 2 exploits are now in the wild. Have fun with them, since we're not even going to bother.

#118 - elser1 - September 2, 2011 // 6:32 am
elser1's Avatar
i wonder what happened to the gitbrew guys. oh well.. looks like there may not be 370cfw anytime soon.

#117 - Ezio - September 2, 2011 // 5:13 am
Ezio's Avatar
As I imagined, Gitbrew guys have not been able to find the new keys. Expect to see what adrianc can do and if guys interested in the project dualboot (ie No_One and dospiedra) bring us new and exciting information about new keys.

#116 - PS4 News - September 2, 2011 // 3:53 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Here is another Gitbrew update as this is one of the OtherOS++ threads maintained here. To quote:

One of the main goals of the Gitbrew project was to bring back what Sony has disrespectfully removed from the majority of PlayStation 3 owners, OtherOS. We have successfully completed that goal with the release of OtherOS++ and since that time we have carried out a great deal of research resulting in progress unheard of in the "PS3 Scene" since Sony's lawsuits against Graf and Geobot.

OtherOS++ Project is the culmination of work done by Glevand and Gitbrew, building on top of open source work released by Graf.

Linux/BSD has extensive capabilities in the field of research and development making it a powerful tool to peruse and employ the console to its full use. Without Graf, we never would have completed this project. Here is to Graf, thank you for your courage in the fight for Linux.

Gitbrew will suspend work for PS3 related projects until further notice. Individual developers working under Gitbrew will continue work as usual for whatever projects that may be in progress. Gitbrew will continue to host our collection of mirrors, past and current projects as well as individual developer software. IRC server will stay active for otheros discussion and help (#otheros).

This does not mean all development has come to a halt; we have more releases planned for the future on other devices. We will also host an active community for homebrew developers of all systems.

Thanks to everyone in the scene that has contributed to our cause and special thanks to those who realize the information is out there waiting to be found. Our intention has been fulfilled.

Our content is open source and free, do what thou wilt with it.

For further questions, join our IRC. (ssl) #otheros

~dasmoover ~snowy ~glevand ~durandal