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November 14, 2009 // 9:24 pm - Update: PS3 Proxi v1.1 is now available, which adds new options in the log and redirects, a help tab, setup guide and a PS3 System Update bypass.

PS3 Proxi v1.0 is now released!

Download: PS3 Proxi v1.0

PS3PROXi is my take on how the PS3.ProxyServer.GUI should have been.
It does all the same stuff, redirects to local files, logs traffic/addresses etc.

As soon as I started to use the original PS3.ProxyServer.GUI, I wanted to create my own. And try to improve upon the original.

Did you say Improved?
Yea, I think I have improved it. Added new features like:
• Tray Icon
• Updated GUI
With many more features planned.

I currently did this when I should have been revising for exams. I have them for the next week, so I wont be working on [hopefully] adding my planned features.

Planned Features do NOT include a way to bypass the store redirect, this is imposible [To my knowlege], NO iSO Loader etc.

Still Kinda WiP, so excuse any bugs :P

PS3PROXi v1.0 Instructions:

1. Extract all contents into a folder, making sure the config file is there.
2. Run 'PS3PROXi.exe'
3. Go to the settings tab and port of YOUR PC
4. Make sure you PS3 is set to use your PC's IP as the proxy.
5. Done.

V1.0 15/11/09 -Initial Release


PS3 Proxi v1.0 is Now Available

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#47 - CusuX - November 19, 2009 // 2:06 pm
CusuX's Avatar
Wonderful effort.. Works like a charm, so far not any issues.

#46 - NZHawk - November 19, 2009 // 1:13 pm
NZHawk's Avatar
Ok, Double post but... Was the update bypass ever blocked? Cos i've managed to bypass it...

PS3PROXi v1.1 R3 Released!

- Added/updated the System Update Bypasser to work with latest FW. (Im on 3.01 and I can log in the PSN and play online)

To get this to work, Just select your PS3 country in the settings tab. Then check the box under the start button to enable .

#45 - NZHawk - November 19, 2009 // 8:23 am
NZHawk's Avatar
LOL, Who says you can't bypass the PS3 System update now? I just did.

I'll release info later

#44 - sh4d0wf0x - November 18, 2009 // 2:10 pm
sh4d0wf0x's Avatar
thanks man.. i will try it... i have .Net framework 3.5 SP1

#43 - NZHawk - November 18, 2009 // 7:13 am
NZHawk's Avatar
Ok, the error above happend because I split the log text into an array, and used the 3rd one. This might not be 100% accurate, so I have redone the method to get the URL.

Please, sh4d0wf0x try v1.1 Revision 2 (Attached)

And, as for the fact that it wont open Murdah, do you have .Net Framwork 2.0 Installed? Cos other than that, I have no idea as it works on all my PC's.

#42 - sh4d0wf0x - November 18, 2009 // 1:47 am
sh4d0wf0x's Avatar
hi guys... i have this error when i try to copy the link of a demo game... please help me... thanks!

See the end of this message for details on invoking
just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box.

[Register or Login to view code]

#41 - Murdah - November 18, 2009 // 1:41 am
Murdah's Avatar
The ProxiServer wont open! I click it lots of times and I get the loading mouse pointer... but it does not open.

Please help me!

#40 - NZHawk - November 17, 2009 // 7:56 pm
NZHawk's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by JJZurry View Post
I have a problem! now i can't even sign-in to the PSstore.


No idea, do you have to PS3 Update Bypass Enabled? If so, Disable it.

but i get an other one

i cannot copy url, it says error..

Make sure you have the item highlighted! IE. Clicked on it first.

#39 - mckarlsson - November 17, 2009 // 4:59 pm
mckarlsson's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by mckarlsson View Post
with the 1.1 version i don't get the error

but i get an other one

i cannot copy url, it says error..

#38 - JJZurry - November 17, 2009 // 4:44 pm
JJZurry's Avatar
I have a problem! now i can't even sign-in to the PSstore.