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PS3 Proxi v1.0 is Now Available

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280w ago - Update: PS3 Proxi v1.1 is now available, which adds new options in the log and redirects, a help tab, setup guide and a PS3 System Update bypass.

PS3 Proxi v1.0 is now released!

Download: PS3 Proxi v1.0

PS3PROXi is my take on how the PS3.ProxyServer.GUI should have been.
It does all the same stuff, redirects to local files, logs traffic/addresses etc.

As soon as I started to use the original PS3.ProxyServer.GUI, I wanted to create my own. And try to improve upon the original.

Did you say Improved?
Yea, I think I have improved it. Added new features like:
• Tray Icon
• Updated GUI
With many more features planned.

I currently did this when I should have been revising for exams. I have them for the next week, so I wont be working on [hopefully] adding my planned features.

Planned Features do NOT include a way to bypass the store redirect, this is imposible [To my knowlege], NO iSO Loader etc.

Still Kinda WiP, so excuse any bugs :P

PS3PROXi v1.0 Instructions:

1. Extract all contents into a folder, making sure the config file is there.
2. Run 'PS3PROXi.exe'
3. Go to the settings tab and port of YOUR PC
4. Make sure you PS3 is set to use your PC's IP as the proxy.
5. Done.

V1.0 15/11/09 -Initial Release


PS3 Proxi v1.0 is Now Available

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew PS3 Downloads. Enjoy!

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#87 - gadLinux - 260w ago
gadLinux's Avatar
Hi, I'd like the source so I can port to Linux.

Can you provide it please?

#86 - sushi4000 - 260w ago
sushi4000's Avatar
I can download the .pkg files fine but when I try to install them, it won't install. I use this method:
0- In the PS3 Proxy clear all the demo related links in the "Replace Files" tab
1- In the PSN store, go to your download list.
2- Start the download of a large game (it doesn't matter if it is already installed)
3- Select download it in background
4- Immediately select a second large game (it can be any, just a different game)
5- Keep pressing X several times until the download go to background. It is important that you do this fast.
6- Exit from PSN store, and go to pause both downloads. (Do this fast too)
7- In the PS3 Proxy Server, copy the URL of the second game (the game selected in the step 4)
8- Go to "Replace Files" tab, press Add button and paste it in the left field and select the browse button to select the local PKG of the game that you want to install.
9- In the PS3, cancel the first download and resume the second download (it should say 0% and that it downloaded 32KB).
10- After download you will see a PKG installer listed in a bubble in the Games menu (but with the name of the game you selected in the step 4).
11- Press X to install the PKG, at the end you will notice that you really installed the PKG downloaded from the Proxy.

How can I get the download to install. I am trying to activate Age of Booty with a replacing a Uncharted demo with the activation file.

#85 - livpool - 260w ago
livpool's Avatar
still works and works b-e-a-utifully, just wondering if 1.2 was still in the plans?

#84 - Inferis - 261w ago
Inferis's Avatar
Gonna give this thing a shot. Thanks a lot for sharing, and keep up the good work!!!

#83 - fonzi09 - 261w ago
fonzi09's Avatar
Running this under mono behind XBMC on an Acer Revo HTPC and it works perfectly! Dodges 3.21 no problem



#82 - Transient - 261w ago
Transient's Avatar
I believe 1.1 R3 is the latest, although NZHawk did have a screenshot showing 1.2. I don't believe he ever released it though.

#81 - PSPSwampy - 261w ago
PSPSwampy's Avatar
Ingersoj - NZHawk is the guy to ask since this is his puppy.

- I was just thinking about this today too (in light of recent announcements) have you done any further work on this?
If not i can understand (I've loads of little projects myself that i've not had time to work on). Maybe you might consider releasing the source code for others to build on your work?

Either way, I'll also be interested in any news you have.


#80 - ingersoj - 261w ago
ingersoj's Avatar
Hi guys,

Because of the latest news about Sony taking away the OtherOS option with the 3.21 update, now more than ever we need the latest version of the PS3 Proxi, to avoid having to download the latest firmware version to sign into PSN.

The latest version I have is 1.1 R3 but I have seen screenshots elsewhere in this thread of version 1.2.

Is anyone aware of what the latest version is of this application? Thanks!

#79 - mx3 - 276w ago
mx3's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by PSPSwampy View Post
Quick guide, althought it' been covered in more detail elsewhere and i'm not about to go through all the steps with you (search the forums if necessary although i think PS3NEWS was kind enough to even provide a link earlier in this thread!)

I have 3.01 , i am going to try this way with the Life with Playstation and report if it work or not on the firmware...

#78 - Siggy12 - 276w ago
Siggy12's Avatar
Really thank you for your help

well, I have a network setup in my home with a router but unfortunately not access to internet so I think that I can fit in this guide provided from you

anyway I have the firmware 3.0 like you , not remember now if I have folding at home or life with playstation but life with playstation is what my mind tell me now to have.

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