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164w ago - Following up on my previous revision, today a new PS3 PKGView Extractor homebrew application version 1.3 update is available.

Download: PS3 PKGView v1.3 Extractor

PKGView is a tool for extracting files from PS3 PKG. Tool is 100% legal it contains no code Sony.

PKGView also has a graphical interface that simplifies the extraction of both individual files and the complete package.

PS3 PKGView Version 1.3 Changelog:

  • Added support to psx/psp packages.
  • Added Windows 7 Taskbar progress.

PS3 PKGView v1.3 Extractor Homebrew Application Update Arrives

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#75 - JimmysModz - 26w ago
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#74 - tictoctic - 27w ago
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its so helpful

#73 - remcly - 28w ago
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#72 - hjp1304 - 28w ago
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#71 - larsenv - 28w ago
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#70 - Ismas - 31w ago
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ok cool

#69 - sharkbait263 - 32w ago
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#68 - caiogsa - 32w ago
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#67 - bimasudiro - 32w ago
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wow, I really need this.


#66 - KiKO4LiFE - 33w ago
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Hopefully it will work as winrar, drag and drop