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September 10, 2010 // 6:32 pm - Update: PKGView BETA 2 Extractor is now available, which includes a few fixes as outlined HERE.

Today ifcaro has released PS3 PKGView BETA 1 and naehrwert has released UnPKG with source code, both are PlayStation 3 PKG file extractors / unpackers.

Download: PS3 PKGView BETA 1 Extractor / UnPKG with Source Code

To quote, roughly translated: PKGView is a file extraction tool to debug PS3 PKG files. This tool 100% legal it contains no code Sony.

PKGView has a graphical interface that simplifies the extraction of both individual files and the complete package.

Note: This version is very limited and only allows you to extract individual files, it can not remove folders or create PKG files.

Finally, UnPKG requires the VC++ Redistributable Package to run the exe file linked above. Props to emot for the news!

PS3 PKGView BETA 1 Extractor & UnPKG with Source Code Arrive

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#29 - ifcaro - September 12, 2010 // 8:16 pm
ifcaro's Avatar
New version available:,193.htm

FIX: Folders appear also as files
FIX: Check if pkg opened is debug
Enabled folder extraction
Improved extract algorithm

#28 - Osirisx - September 11, 2010 // 10:32 pm
Osirisx's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by metwank View Post
So tell me something. Can i "open" the .pkg games files loaded ages ago on the net with this program? will it work with the current exploit?

if you are refering to the games/themes/demos and addons here then no. as you still need to have payed for them with your psn account 1st. i doubt there will ever be a way to make content from the above link active on the system the .pkg is installed on you can install them but they won't work.

#27 - metwank - September 11, 2010 // 5:49 pm
metwank's Avatar
So tell me something. Can i "open" the .pkg games files loaded ages ago on the net with this program? will it work with the current exploit?

#26 - peshkohacka - September 11, 2010 // 5:39 pm
peshkohacka's Avatar
It's funny to see how people are ungrateful. ifcar0 is one of the people that code nicely and have experience with PS3, so why instead of trolling say simple Thank You for what are doing. Cause there are not that many people to move the PS3 scene.

#25 - Cilow - September 11, 2010 // 5:26 pm
Cilow's Avatar
Yeah me too... seems that its only for PSN Games and nothing more.

#24 - longhornx - September 11, 2010 // 4:24 pm
longhornx's Avatar
I'm trying extract a .pkg from a dynamic theme and gives me a error

#23 - frogfire - September 11, 2010 // 3:48 pm
frogfire's Avatar
I think i find a way to Decrypt Retail PKG. The Source Code contains
#define PKG_TYPE_RETAIL 0x80000001

You can copy
typedef struct _pkg_header
u32 magic; //pkg magic ("\0x7FPKG")
u32 type; //pkg type
u32 header_size; //pkg header size
u32 unk1; //some pkg version maybe
u32 unk_size1; //size of block at end of data starting at 0x100
u32 file_count; //count of contained files
u32 pkg_size_h; //pkg size high
u32 pkg_size_l; //pkg size low
u32 file_tab_h; //file table offset high
u32 file_tab_l; //file table offset low
u32 data_size_h; //data size high (data at 0x100 - 0x80 bytes)
u32 data_size_l; //data size low
s8 titel_id[48]; //title id
u8 qa_digest[16]; //the encryption/decryption key for debug pkgs
u8 unk2[16]; //unknown, maybe some key
} pkg_header;

And Change it to typedef struct _pkg_file_header
I know there is still "qa_digest" Problem but you can read it out with Sero.exe:

If the PKGViewer detect Retail it open a Window and ask for QA..
Enter QA and PGK do the rest :-P

*enjoy* p.s My Progskills are too bad

#22 - Sostanco - September 11, 2010 // 12:10 pm
Sostanco's Avatar
Good news! Keep up the good work! Maybe i can start doing something with this tool..

#21 - sxcevo - September 11, 2010 // 10:46 am
sxcevo's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by tjay17 View Post
With this soon or later we might see jailbreak dlc or psn games. It is at least the first step in that possible direction.

jailbroken PSN games are already avalible, but DLC indeed maybe soo!

#20 - Cilow - September 11, 2010 // 10:14 am
Cilow's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by arm5ky View Post
Same with me, tried running as administrator and also win xp compatibility, still not responding.

Same here. No Responding. Using Win7 64bit. I tried to open a Wallpaper-PKG File... unfortunately, nothing happened.