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243w ago - Update: PS3 PKG Tool has now been updated by cfwprophet to v0.6 for those interested followed by PS3 Acid v1.0 as detailed HERE!

Hi folks, Today I wanna release my little batch PS3 PKG Tool v0.5 which can do a lot of things:

Download: PS3 PKG Tool v0.5

• Installing of MinGW, msys, msysDTK and setting the environment for msys
• View PKG info
• View PKG Contents
• Unpack PKG
• Decrypt EBOOT.BIN
• Edit .ELF
• Encrypt .ELF
• Edit SFO
• Generate PKG config file
• Repack PKG

It's a command line tool and will automate some task and make the job of pkg modifying and generating a much easier. It's not perfect and I'm not a coder but when I have time and you guys like it I will update the tool.

Just unpack the .rar to .exe and install it where you want.

Have Fun!

PS3 PKG Tool v0.5 is Now Released!

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#42 - cfwprophet - 241w ago
cfwprophet's Avatar
On what machine your running this app?

#41 - mcx997 - 241w ago
mcx997's Avatar
I installed MINGW, MSYS, MSYS DTK, Environment Variable and I see:
Generating Your PKG File...

Nazwa 'head' nie jest rozpoznawana jako polecenie wewnętrzne lub zewnętrzne,
program wykonywalny lub plik wsadowy.

make_package_npdrm requires MSYS environment. (unix type of find command.)
please install MSYS and set search path before system find command.
(or please use --find-path option.)

It means "head command is unknown" (is this proper on Windows machine ?)

My added path is: Path=c:\msys\1.0
And ofcourse I installed MSYS in that path.

What I'm doing wrong ?

#40 - brushless - 241w ago
brushless's Avatar
um maybe im a bit behind the times here, but how come this won't app wont work for me? i keep getting b2e.exe has stopped working.

#39 - H1Vltg3 - 241w ago
H1Vltg3's Avatar
Thank you very much for all the hard work. It is much appreciated!

#38 - cfwprophet - 241w ago
cfwprophet's Avatar
At Karl69
Uhmm... Retail games have retail EBOOT.BIN's.

The SDK is a Software Development Kit so it generates DEVELOPMENT aka DEBUG SELF's.

Since the Jailbreak puts the RETAIL ps3 into DEVELOPMENT modus you can develop a EBOOT.BIN and generate a installable PKG file for your Jailbreak ps3 with my Tool.

Is it now clear?

#37 - IndyColtsFan84 - 241w ago
IndyColtsFan84's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by cfwprophet View Post
I can do with no prob. Next release will have a folder with all the files i use.

thanks man, would like to play around with it a bit.

#36 - Karl69 - 241w ago
Karl69's Avatar
Does that I mean that I can't package and launch compiled ELFs from the SDK on a JB PS3?

#35 - cfwprophet - 241w ago
cfwprophet's Avatar
You CANT use retail SELF's !!! Its a Hombrew App for Hombrew use.This means you need to use a Dev SELF.

Unless we are able to dump an decrypted SELF aka ELF out of the RAM we will not be able to re-encrypt it as a Debug/Dev one to use with JB.

Just crap a debug/homebrew pkg and extract it.Change some things in the decrypted SELF and re-encrypt it.

You will see it works fine

#34 - Karl69 - 241w ago
Karl69's Avatar
Nice tool! everything works fine up to "9"...

I get a message saying "./USRDIR/EBOOT.BIN is not a supported NPDRM SELF. (SYS_PROCESS_PARAM is required)" and no pkg is created

#33 - cfwprophet - 241w ago
cfwprophet's Avatar
I can do with no prob. Next release will have a folder with all the files i use.