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September 27, 2010 // 7:13 am - Update: PS3 PKG Tool has now been updated by cfwprophet to v0.6 for those interested followed by PS3 Acid v1.0 as detailed HERE!

Hi folks, Today I wanna release my little batch PS3 PKG Tool v0.5 which can do a lot of things:

Download: PS3 PKG Tool v0.5

• Installing of MinGW, msys, msysDTK and setting the environment for msys
• View PKG info
• View PKG Contents
• Unpack PKG
• Decrypt EBOOT.BIN
• Edit .ELF
• Encrypt .ELF
• Edit SFO
• Generate PKG config file
• Repack PKG

It's a command line tool and will automate some task and make the job of pkg modifying and generating a much easier. It's not perfect and I'm not a coder but when I have time and you guys like it I will update the tool.

Just unpack the .rar to .exe and install it where you want.

Have Fun!

PS3 PKG Tool v0.5 is Now Released!

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#52 - Deviouz - October 8, 2010 // 6:40 pm
Deviouz's Avatar
yes i did both of that, and still no pkg file for me.

that why i ask if the SDK is required to be installed for that app to fully work..?

#51 - modmate - October 8, 2010 // 6:32 pm
modmate's Avatar

Did you read it carefully??

You need to install MSYS environnement and add make_package_npdrm.exe.

#50 - Deviouz - October 8, 2010 // 6:10 pm
Deviouz's Avatar
Is your next release gunna be like this "SmallLoader Configuratatator"...?

I try to use that app too, but still it not make me any PKG file..? Does this "SmallLoader Configuratatator" app also require the SDK to be installed..? It seems so simple to use but something I am missing I thinks..

what is the Runtime Installer from sereby suppose to do..?

#49 - timartinelli - October 8, 2010 // 5:33 pm
timartinelli's Avatar
Friends here is giving the following error in the Repak PKG

! ERROR: Somenthig goes wrong was generated in PKG!

#48 - cfwprophet - October 8, 2010 // 2:32 pm
cfwprophet's Avatar
For XMBoot yes you will need the sdk to be installed. But i will change this with the next release. But for my pkg tool you dont need the sdk to be installed.

If you dont have it then download the Runtime Installer from sereby.

Which error message you get?

#47 - Deviouz - October 8, 2010 // 2:22 pm
Deviouz's Avatar
I try this new "PS3 ACID" but still it not make me any PKG file..?? I install all the "wingw,msys,msysdtk" + Variables.. Ect..

Follow all the directions in the XMBoot ReadMe, editing all the correct files ect.. use option 9 to make PKG file but still no PKG is made..??

Using this apps from inside XP Pro x86 VM.. Does the SDK need to be installed as well for this thing to work properly..?

What am I missing here..?

#46 - PS4 News - October 8, 2010 // 1:55 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by cfwprophet View Post
Update: PS3 ACID formally PS3 PKG Tool comes in the version 1.0

Thanks cfwprophet, I have added it to the first post now also!

#45 - cfwprophet - October 7, 2010 // 11:44 pm
cfwprophet's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by mcx997 View Post
should I do something here to solve it ?

No i haved the same message and everything run fine. Which runtimes and languages do you have installed?

First deinstall wingw,msys,msysdtk and then... get AiO runtimes from serebydotorg but for x64 and let it install.

Search online for mingw64, msys64, msysdtk64 (if available) then set the environment and try again.

Hope that helps.

#44 - cfwprophet - October 7, 2010 // 11:35 pm
cfwprophet's Avatar
Update: PS3 ACID formally PS3 PKG Tool comes in the version 1.0 and is a AIO (All In One) Tool.

I have implemented a EBOOT.BIN verifying app.We use a database.ini as source to compare the SHA1 hash checksum's of knowen and working SELF's.

You can open the .ini with notepad and edit it if needed outherwise i will try to keep the database updated.I use a new version of the compiler and hope that now everything works fine.Its tested, not perfect but do its job and run fine.

I have to say sry for the missing readme and credits. I will add this and work on a update version every free time i have.

Special THX goes out to Jurai2 for his great XMBoot, the original agbx360 autor, tripllex for opening the thread and inspire me to write the agbPS3

the community who have contributed information's and checksum's about here eboot.bin's to CJ and for sure to the Boss for kicking me in the past for 3 times to learn how to behave in a community to reach this level

#43 - mcx997 - October 7, 2010 // 10:50 pm
mcx997's Avatar
I ran this app on Core i7, 4GB.

Above message is from Windows 7 x64 PL

Also tested it on XP SP2 EN x86, same error (now complete in ENG):

Generating Your PKG File...

'head' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

make_package_npdrm requires MSYS environment. (unix type of find command.)
please install MSYS and set search path before system find command.
(or please use --find-path option.)

I installed everything in default paths with proper order and used option "0" to do this.

Normalizing your MSYS environment.

You have script /bin/awk
You have script /bin/cmd
You have script /bin/echo
You have script /bin/egrep
You have script /bin/ex
You have script /bin/fgrep
You have script /bin/printf
You have script /bin/pwd
You have script /bin/rvi
You have script /bin/rview
You have script /bin/rvim
You have script /bin/vi
You have script /bin/view
You have both /bin/ftp.exe and /bin/ftp.
Removing /bin/ftp.

Oh joy, you do not have c:/MinGW/bin/make.exe. Keep it that way.

should I do something here to solve it ?

tnx for Your reply